Friday, June 27, 2008

Ring around the rosie...

Clay and I are now hooked on Jon & Kate Plus 8. I think the show is sooo cute and very interesting to see how they live with 8 children, all so young. Clay didn't like it at first but now really enjoys watching it... and believe it or not watching all 8 children somehow makes him want one of his own. One day Clay will be my baby daddy. :) Gotta' love that!

Okay I know it's been awhile- but since my blog is mainly for me, I don't think it matters.

A lot has happened though.

The biggest- we are moving! Yeah! It's this adorable house next to one of my best friends, Ginni. You know how you and your girlfriends always talk about how neat it would be to be neighbors and yada, yada, yada- well it's actually coming true and I am in shock. The good kind of shock. I hope she really meant how fun it would be if we lived next to eachother because in three weeks we will officially be neighbors. Shout out to Ginni! I love ya girl and definitely want your help with the house! Here we go again with paint colors...if it isn't you, it's me...if it isn't me, it's you! Do we love the life we live?? (yes.)

I need to recruit some help for moving day. I have started packing... only three weeks to go! I'm trying to keep Clay from having to pack up anything, so he can save his strength for the Uhual. I think that will work best. And I think I will be a better packer and he will be a better unloader! haha! (Women- do what I did... marry a man with muscles- big ones!) :)

The biggest may not have been the move after all- it would be our anniversary- the big one year... and as Caille said this is "When the magic starts happening." I wasn't for sure what magic she was talking about, but I am all open for more magic- bring it on! Clay and I got away for a couple of days and it was just lovely. We really had a good time and both were glad we got away to celebrate. He was just a doll to me. I get to pick up our anniversary cake Saturday. The bakery that did our wedding cupcakes is making us a six-inch anniversary cake. yum, yum- extra working out this week so I can enjoy the cake!

Well I need to go wake up Caille- she has slept extra extra long today!

Almost weekend time! Yeah!