Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holy Smoly

Jillian left me a comment letting me know Janie and Jack typically carry really cute swimsuits for babies. I checked it out and she was completely right! I can't believe I haven't found these on the web yet! They are by far the cutest. I only had a minute to look and I saw only a few, but all were prefect for Lola to make a debut in at the lake house. Big thanks to Jill for letting me in on this... (She also told me about the rhinestone pacifiers... AND SHE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE KIDS YET) Check it-

Okay here's what is happening... I said after Christmas I would get full swing into the nursery and no lie. I have. Mom and I found a great deal on a chandelier. I got a solid brass chandelier that has old school charm (may be old) for $30. Pretty excited. Mom painted it for me and I have dazzled it up some. My Paw-Paw (bless him) came over to hang it today. I could no longer look at that ugly fan in there. It was a bazaar, funny fan. It was tricky to hang for several reasons so thank goodness for Paw-Paw's and Maw-Maw's. Also, I bought the paint. BUT it isn't going to work. We decided to go with a soft lavender and not too much to my surprise I hate it. Even after getting a sample pint and testing it first, which it seemed great...after painting half the wall with it, it's awful. This is when Clay and I differ. He would rather kind of like it or make do with it then buy a new can, but not me. Every penny counts but a bad purple, is just that, a bad purple. I either will have the paint store make a better purple from it (to save the can) or just go with a pretty brown. My mom and husband are painting the shelves tomorrow (which I'll have to be gone all day since it is an oil base paint) which will hopefully help me to decide which color to go with on the wall. I am leaning back towards a brown. Next I have actually completed one side of the crib skirt. It's gorgeous and I have to admit I am very proud of my self. I wanted it to look well-made but also be well-made. I read a lot of instruction booklets on how to make nursery decor and I think it helped. And last I have picked up some really cute things to go on the nursery shelves. It's a good start. Oh and did I mention I have the rug too? My mom got me that for Christmas and I love it! It looks vintage so I am really playing off of it! I'll keep a nursery cam going if not for anyone but Jill and me and Lola.

Oh and my next blog will have to be all about my mother painting for me and putting up with my picky self since my Christmas blog was more about dad. She didn't mind telling me how sweet I talked about dad but not her. I told her she normally makes all the blog posts and it was dad's turn. I know she was only giving me a hard time, but just wait! Everyone be prepared for my next blog about my sweet, loving, gracious, selfless mother. I'll post pictures and video soon!


Saturday, December 27, 2008

I'm in for a BIG surprise!

I am absolutely floored at how big my stomach feels and really can't believe I have 3-4 more months! I am almost through my entire 6 month so I am happy to report I'll be in my 7th month soon! I am full-term at the end of March but my due date isn't till April 25th and the last sonogram showed a due date of April 23rd. My Doctor told me not to worry if I go into labor in March. So Lola, when will you be here?

Clay and I were talking and we would like the nursery to be completely completed by Spring Break. And I'll load the car seat around then too, just to be on the safe side. Lola, your momma' is ready... so grow and get super healthy so we can meet you!

She is already so strong and moves constantly. Some days not so much, but over the last week she must have been excited for Christmas because I felt like she was trying out for Dancing with the Stars. Her kicks are getting so strong and the other day I swear I saw my stomach move. I always have to tell Clay to feel when she is kicking, but the other day we were snuggling and she happened to kick while his hand was on my belly and it shocked him for some reason. He cut his eyes over to me and said "Was that a kick?" I don't know why he was so funny because he has felt her several times... I guess he got to experience what I experience every day. Just chilling, almost forgetting a little human is growing inside me and then BAM, a kick to remind me and now him. "Hey Daddy, it's me Lola. I'm in here!" It was pretty humorous for me!

I hope to have the nursery painted soon! I just can't wait any longer. I may go buy the paint this weekend. I still haven't decided what color on the wall. My bathroom is a real pretty green and lavender and to my surprise I am absolutely in love with it! But I don't want to play up greens in our nursery. I thought about doing a really soft lavender that was real subtle on the wall so I may try a patch of that or go with something more neutral. The bad thing is the texture that is on the wall is on the ceiling as well, so I would have to put up crown molding so I don't have to paint the ceiling the same color as the wall if I don't want to. Oh darn, crown molding. Hahaha.

Well now that I have my mind back on the nursery I think I will go work on it some. I can clean it out so when the painting starts it will be much easier!

Friday, December 26, 2008


I have been looking at newborn bathing suits since Lola will get to experience the lakehouse this summer! I love searching for super cute ones. And cute new born bathing suits are very hard to find believe it or not. I have been wondering if I could manage to make a few. I have been on tons of websites and only have seen 2 or 3 that are worth buying and this is one of the ones that I think would be pretty cute on Lola. I can see her chillin' out on the dock with me. I already registered for newborn sunscreen so I can teach her how to sun bathe! LOL! For all of those who may be freaking out, I was swimming at 3 months, so we were born with the love of water and sun. Just kidding, but we will be careful. She just has to experience the joy of the dock. I'll have to have several suits for her! This may be one of those addicting and probably pointless things to buy... but what fun!

Love you Lola Lou~

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Hey! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the start of the new year!

We had such a fabulous Christmas. It was super nice spending time with my family as it's hard for us all to get together and completely relax! My dad shared some special stories and verses with us to start Christmas morning off. It wouldn't be the same without his words of love and wisdom. My dad is so genuine, calm, and compassionate that I always get emotional when he gets so sincere with his words and feelings. He really is the most Jesus-like man I have ever met. Even though he may not realize it, he always sparks my curiosity just to see him be him. Dad surprised Clay and I with a car seat. We really like the one he got, as it is great for an infant, yet suitable for when Lola gets bigger (up to 40 pounds). Kebby and I were laughing because she could have fit in it when she was in the second grade! Speaking of Keb... Kebby is a brunette now, which is super cute on her, but took me awhile to get use to! We all love it and it's so close to her natural hair color. She's not a natural blonde like her sister! She looks much more like mom now!

Clay and I got completely spoiled this Christmas by everyone and are very appreciative. But more than gifts we enjoyed the time with everyone. There is so much love around us. It's easy to forget how much love is to be given and received when everyone gets so busy. It was nice to relax. And Clay and I have really enjoyed our time together as he looks for new opportunities. It's been so fun and we treasure every minute together, well, almost every minute ;)

I hope to get the nursery completely painted from top to bottom next week so pictures will start showing up on the blog so everyone can see the progress. Clay and I received the Flip Video Camera from Clay's parents so maybe I can make a "Nursery Cam" of the progress.

Well Little Momma' (that's me!) needs to get some rest and some much needed beauty sleep. AND Soon I will be relaxing at the Spa as my husband completely surprised me with a day of pregnancy pampering, all for me! I can't wait and look forward to it very much. When shall I go?? Maybe Clay will take me and come back to pick me up so I don't even have to drive... I'm betting he will as he has been a super husband. It was kind of funny, because I was reading on one of my websites about these women complaining of how their husbands don't respond well to their opinions or feelings saying "It's all hormones," yet Clay has been a dream husband during the pregnancy. He hasn't used the ol' hormone thing with me and really works hard to keep me stress free, relaxed, and one happy girl. I appreciate that. I should tell him that too. Are you reading my blog Clay? lol.

Well I'm off to crazy dream land-

Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas to Me!!!

My new furniture arrived today! I felt like it was Christmas morning. Then I was too excited after the furniture arrived and I couldn't go back to sleep! I picked out furniture at a furniture store in Dallas two months ago, so I hadn't seen it in awhile so today it was like a mini surprise. I also ordered the furniture in a different fabric then what is shown in the store so I was nervous to see what the one inch by one inch fabric swatch looked like on the couch and ROCKER! Regarding the ROCKER part, that's why I am so excited about the furniture. Instead of spending our money on a nice rocker for the nursery I decided to try and find one that would go in our den that was neutral so we could use it with several kids. This particular rocker I found just happened to have a couch that goes with it... so Wa La! We sold our old furniture last week, which thank you Jesus. Literally, thank you. I have had it on Craigslist for 8 weeks and I was getting anxious to sell it. Someone I knew ended up purchasing it just last week, which seem to work great for the both of us! It was kind of weird because I didn't know when this furniture would arrive. They just said allow approximately 8 weeks. So last Thursday I sold our furniture and Friday morning I got the call that we would receive our furniture within a week. I love stories that work out this good! Clay never saw the furniture in the store, which seems crazy but he said his little momma' seemed convinced the furniture was meant for her and he had a feeling even if he didn't like it that I would be able to persuade him, so he gave me the permission to order it. AND... he likes it! He loves the color and fabric, so yay for me! And I think he's pretty captured that there is a rocker in our den. :)

All smiles. I actually have to go to work earlier than normal today, because the girls get out early. Hopefully this just means I'll get off earlier and Clay and I can enjoy the afternoon!

Lola, Lola, Lola

Lola, your momma' is going to have so much fun adding sparkles to your wardrobe in every way possible! Nothing is better than a rhinestone pacifier... here's lots too look at, plus one rhinestone clip so you don't loose the expensive little things:
The football one is great for when Lola watches football with her daddy, yet she still keeps the girly charm with the football being in rhinestones! Lol
I love cupcakes so I liked this one for Lola Lou!
Classy. I like the style... plus this would go with most of her outfits.
This one is when she is in one of those "I'll kick your bottom moods." Her momma' gets in these moods sometimes too.
Who doesn't love anything monogrammed... especially your own pacifier in rhinestones... JUST FABULOUS THIS IS!
This one is just sweet and girly, probably much like Little Lola Lou. Did we mention we love her already?
And this is the cute clip so you don't loose your pacifier or so the garbage men don't steal it... that's what happened to mine when I was three years old. I watched them come everyday and gave them the evil eye! That is what happened, right mom?

I was looking at cute boy things before we knew this baby was a girl, but I have to admit, girl things are quite addicting to look at... this is only a taste of what I have begun looking at... the Internet is a dangerous place. Clay put my bank card in a bag of water and froze it so I didn't break the pig buying rhinestone pacifier, ruffle bottoms, and Bugaboo strollers. He's a smart man. Lola and I love him.


My friend Ginni has a really cute blog and she did this Christmas survey on hers and I really enjoyed reading it so I thought I would copycat and try it out as well:

Christmas Survey

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? As tempting as bags can be I normally gift wrap, with ribbon and handmade tags. I enjoy wrapping gifts while watching a holiday show.

2. Real tree or artificial? Clay would love to have a real tree but I am going to have to go with artificial since my nerdy little self is allergic to the real trees!

3. When do you put up your tree?
This year I put mine up before Thanksgiving! Insane- but it was great coming home from the lake with my tree already done up!

4. When do you take the tree down? Normally the day after Christmas.

5. Do you like eggnog?
Love it! Clay went to the grocery store to buy me some right now! I love being pregnant! When you want something you can pass it off as a "craving." I'm sure Clay sees right through me! Hehehe.

6. Favorite gift received as a child? My pink Barbie convertible. Although we lived in a neighborhood with untrusted neighbors, so I probably was only allowed to ride it down our hallway in the house.

7. Hardest person to buy for?
Normally my mom. Nick and I definitely always have to think a little harder when shopping for her.

8. Easiest person to shop for?
Clay, he is not shy about what he wants for Christmas and he always has a lengthy list of great things to choose from!

9. Do you have a nativity scene?
Yes, my Maw-Maw gave it to me!

10. Mail or email Christmas cards?
Neither... but if someone gets a card from me it is normally handmade. Does that count for something? :)

11. Worst Christmas gift you ever received? A laundry hamper... you know who you are!! Haha.

12. Favorite Christmas movie?
Christmas Vacation- we watch it every year!

13. When do you start shopping for Christmas? This year I started before Thanksgiving, but every year it depends.

14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? Guilty, but I am not as bad as my mom... wow, I just threw her under the bus!

15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? Well when I was a child it was Crispas, but now I love hot chocolate, eggnog, and divinity (only my mom's though!).

16. Lights on the tree?
Do some people not do this?

17. Favorite Christmas song?
The Little Drummer Boy is one of my all time favorites. A fun one I enjoy is: I want a hippopotamus for Christmas by Gayla Peevy. I hope Lola likes this one.

18. Travel at Christmas or stay home? Traveling abroad would be fabulous, or to the lake. :) We always stay home though so we can share time with both sides.

19. Can you name all Santa's reindeer?
Can I blame this on "Baby Brain Drain?" I was about to try, but I am too tired. Eh.

20. Angel on the tree top or a star?
This year I ended up with nothing somehow... I guess the nursery is getting full precedent over the Christmas Decor... but I think I will go with angel. My bedroom tree has a cool "S" at the top!

21. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning?
OH MY GOODNESS- Morning! Santa comes during the night- duh.

22. Most annoying thing about this time of year?
This is my favorite time of year, so I try to enjoy and not stress.

23. Favorite ornament theme or color? Sentimental ornaments are my favorite this year... Little Lola is already aging me!

24. What do you want for Christmas this year?
I only tell Santa!

Merry Christmas!

Love Little Momma'

Monday, December 15, 2008


Well... the secret is out and we are expecting a GIRL! Little Lola Lou. We couldn't be more excited and Clay and I have had the best weekend being able to celebrate together. We told our families throughout the weekend and I was able to tell my family while celebrating my Maw-Maw's birthday, which was special because Lola Lou is named after her. Several has asked if I will call her Lola Lou or just Lola and I think just Lola is fine, but I am sure I will catch myself calling her Lola Lou too. I also say "Little Lola" often, even now. I really love the name.

We got bad news late this week. Clay was laid off, yet thankfully not with the job that carries our insurance. I knew he was upset and I knew he would be worried about how upset and stressed it may make me, especially being pregnant. I wanted us to be able to enjoy the holidays without too much stress or sadness so right before he got home from work (his second job) I decided to open the envelope. I knew it would just make him the happiest man on earth and it did. About ten minutes after I opened the envelope, he arrived home and I was standing up smiling ear to ear... he looked confused, but knew something exciting was up and I blurted out "I OPENED THE ENVELOPE. IT'S A GIRL!" He tackled me on the couch and we were so giddy all night. All weekend was filled with joy for us. I have already been designing and shopping for the nursery and can't wait to get it painted. My dad and Clay plan on painting the nursery very soon! So I wanted to let everyone know we are expecting a little girl.

On another note though, please pray that God will open new doors after closing this one. We have faith that there is a plan, yet it doesn't always make the situation feel easier. For right now we are trying not to stress, and are being thankful for still having insurance and being able to actually spend some time together. It's nice that he is no longer working 70 hour weeks. At his second job, now main job, he hopes to start back there full-time as soon as possible and is working on freelancing and other opportunities. Thanks for those who are keeping us in their prayers. Don't forget to pray for Little Lola too!

I am getting bigger and bigger every day and my appetite is definitely increasing. For the most part I feel pretty good, although Lola is sitting really low which can be incredibly uncomfortable. I am really thankful though my pregnancy has been so easy. I am definitely worried about the weight gain. At 22 weeks which is a couple of weeks into my six month I have gained 10 pounds. I don't want it to be more than 12 at my next appointment preferably still 10, but I seem to grow so much with each passing day. No lie. Here's a picture one week ago at 21 weeks. The picture at the top is also at 21 weeks (same day).

I will post a picture of the sweet envelope soon. It's great and I'll have to frame it. I have the rug, crib, and an antique rocker for the nursery along with lavender fabrics to start the bedding. I still need to buy the linen to make the bumper but a sale is suppose to take place in January so I'll wait to buy the rest of the fabric. I also bought the Robert Best Barbie illustrations which I knew I wanted if the baby were a girl... and surprise- a girl we have. Here is one of the four I have. I may not need all four after all, but I didn't want to take a chance. I'll write more soon. It had been a while so I am glad I could catch everyone up and have exciting news on top of it!

Love Little Momma and Lola Lou!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Kick, Kick, Wonder, Wonder

Baby Swartz has been VERY active the last couple of days, throughout the ENTIRE day and night. I have been able to feel him/her for a few weeks now. I guess this is the start of feeling more movements since he/she is growing so much. As I feel each thump and flutter I wonder if this baby is a boy or girl. I can't believe Clay knows and has to keep it all to himself, but he wanted to know and I wanted a surprise. I wonder how the decision is made for a girl or boy to be your first and then what follows.

I know I can be a wimp, but I can be a trooper sometimes too! But regardless of the two I have been very lucky so far through this pregnancy and I am so glad. I pray that Kebby and Nick's future wife have the same experience, because it makes it so much more exciting. You can allow your mind to be at ease and enjoy all the exciting thoughts of having a baby.

I picked up the onesie with the "C.S" on it for Cash Swartz and wondered if I was right or if I better get a move on with the "L.S" for Lola Swartz. I have four to even five more months, since you are really pregnant for ten months (40 weeks) to wait for an answer. I will be full-term and completely A-Okay to have the baby ANY time during April. So if Baby Swartz is ready then we could meet this little baby April 1st! I do hope I go early, but of course NOT too early! The doctor was even telling Clay and I not too panic if labor kicks in even earlier. He said everything would work out and to just relax. I was glad he said that because if I did go into labor in March I might panic, but he acted like it wasn't a reason to panic. I am hoping for labor to begin on April 1st so I can call everyone and they think it's an April Fool's Joke, but have to tell them it's for real, but have the baby born late into the night so the birthday falls on the 2nd. And that away the baby is here for all of the April birthday's, including mine, which would be a blast. I have to admit though, I really don't want to share my birthday. Baby Swartz, you gotta' wait and not fall on your momma's birthday!! But if you do, I'll get over it or lie to you and make you believe your birthday is the next day. :)

Well I was just pondering over the baby and pregnancy so I wanted to jot it down.

I need to get back to cleaning out my office-

Little Momma'

Monday, December 1, 2008

Drum Roll Please...

Baby Swartz is waving to you guys! Except with a clenched fist, but during the sonogram he/she was stretching out those little fingers!

Boy or Girl? Did we find out?

WELLLLLLL Kind of! Debbie and my Mom went with Clay and me to the Dr. appointment and we all went to watch the sonogram. We got to watch and see the baby for twenty minutes or so before the technician started doing any measurements and she was careful not to show the baby's private parts which wasn't hard because Baby Swartz woke up just in time to get his/her picture taken and was moving so much! It was so fun to see all the kicks, rotating, turning, hands rubbing eyes, arms stretching, belly flopping... he/she was just the cutest thing to see. We all four were shocked at what a clear picture we got and how well we could see all the features. At one point Baby Swartz looked like he/she was counting his/her fingers. I thought that was so sweet for some reason and the tears came at that point. I told the technician that the baby was really low, and sure enough I wasn't imagining things. His/her head was really low and his/her legs were around my bellybutton. So no baby above my bellybutton so I was trying to figure out why the weight gain... Can't I stay small there??

SOOOO.... the boy or girl part... I didn't give up the fight of a surprise. Both moms had to turn and face the wall so they wouldn't peak and I just watched Clay's face the entire time the technician looked to identify the sex because Clay looked at the sonogram so he could find out! SO HE KNOWS THE SEX OF OUR BABY AND I DO NOT ALONG WITH THE REST OF THE WORLD. He was in awe of seeing our baby, seeing how big he/she was, and all the movements along with finding out if he will be raising a son or daughter first and I was in awe of seeing this little one move versus only feeling the movements. I feel the baby everyday, all day now so it was wonderful to see inside the belly!

I love the way we did it, all though unusual, Clay got his way and I got mine! Thanks for all those who gave us their opinions. The final vote was 10 to 4, saying we should find out. Well, we partly did.

I made a really cute card and envelope to match. The gist of the card was for the technician to circle boy or girl and I put some other stuff on it. She circled one and put the picture that proved her choice in with it and sealed it up for me. It's laying on the counter now and it's fun to see it and know I could find out right now, but I don't. No temptation (yet). I think if I can wait this long then I can wait a few more months! The sonogram did think the baby might be a few days earlier which is exciting, although they don't officially change the due date.

And most importantly yesterday the baby was spot on with everything including heart development, fluids, bones, placenta, well everything! That was great to hear!

It was such a fun filled day for me. I was so excited and hyper all day and then around 7:00 I lost all energy. I slept solid and even slept in and feel good again today! I just can't believe I got to see the baby for so long.

Enjoy the baby pictures!
The last one shows a foot pretty clear and another foot that is moving. These pictures just don't do justice to what we all watched yesterday. It was truly a litle miracle... cheesy but so true!