Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Carole!

A little bird told us it’s your birthday and Lola and I couldn’t miss telling you Happy Birthday on the blog!  We love you and your family!  Hope your day was great!

Nat and Lola

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Etsy again.

I love Etsy.  And I agree with my mom that it is fun to purchase off of it thinking you are supporting a stay at home mom or just someone following their passion.  I bought something too cute for Aunt Kebby but of course can’t show you since it would ruin the surprise factor for her… but I can show you this adorable necklace Kebby’s best friend, Emily, has on her Etsy store (EMbroiders).  I fell in love with it, but one problem-  I don’t really wear jewelry.  I kind  of just want it to hang on the wall and look at- so I thought I would share it since it’s so cute.  February is national Embroidery month so why not enjoy an embroidered necklace!

Embroidered flower necklace

Oh but I did get this… I am pretty much addicted to the cute ones…Lovely Vintage  Embroidery Sampler

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Nothing like the face of a sleeping baby. I love these quiet and still moments when I can just marvel over Lola. Makes me really feel the presence of God in my home.

Feeling stitchy…

Prudent Baby just posted something really similar to what I have already been making!  Woohoo! I am getting addicted.  Some I use stamps on and others I like practicing hand embroidery with.  I made this for Lola and showed it in my earlier post, but I ended up taking out the heart and mom and then added the trim around it and a little purple ribbon.  I guess when we have more kids I will just give it to the best kid each day. Haha- just kidding.   


Wonderful Weekend

So Kebby came in town this weekend and stayed with us!  It was great to have her all weekend and we just had a great time!  We got a little crafty too!  I am slowly bringing her over to the side of sewing, stamping, felting, etc…

We made this together and we love it!  (See the sneak peak of my new craft room/Kebby’s room?  Kebby loves it which  makes me feel good!  About to make changes to the old craft room so it needed to be emptied.)


I made this one first and realized I meant to use the word “kind.”  Bummer. 


This one isn’t done yet, but I made it to hang over Lola’s nightstand.  It’s really tiny.


Lola, Kebby, and Me! I just love how Lola reaches her arm across all of us!  Haha!


I can’t wait till Lola wants a little sewing machine… She is definitely intrigued by mine!


Nick joined in on Sunday for a nice Sibling Lunch.  Homemade Fettuccini Alfredo with Chicken.  Yum. Kebby decided to stay Sunday night and leave at 5 am the next morning for her 8 a.m. class.  So I was up early to see her off… the things sisters do.  Smile 

Clay ran 16 miles Sunday!  Can y’all believe that?? I love when people ask how is Clay so skinny- bc I say diet and exercise.  Haha- it really works.  Now only if I can get my treadmill.  I get up early- let Lola eat breakfast while I run- then we get ready for the day… I think it’s something I can really accomplish.  She’s by far the most content in the morning.  (Lola- maybe you will be a runner like your daddy!)

Well about to put Lola down- a little later than normal.  I need to consistently wake her up every morning around 8 a.m. so she will start going to bed earlier. 

The First Bad Behavior Note

Lola is definitely learning so much lately, but one thing she picked up is pushing.  Lola got her first bad behavior note from school this week.  I told her it made mommy sad and we talked about things that are sweet like hugging, sharing, and being kind.  She knew that I was referring to her getting in trouble at school.  039

Clay hung on to Lola for the night so I could go out with Laura and asked Lola what she did it school thinking she would say “play” or show him her artwork hanging on the refridge, but she told him  “push.”  Time-out is being extended to two full minutes to try and reinforce the point that pushing is bad.  I think she kind of likes time-out so the pushing thing is a game.  She playfully pushes me so she can sit in time-out, but then I make her sit longer than she intended and it isn’t as funny to her all of a sudden. Ha! 

It’s funny how babies become toddlers and you really start seeing their true personalities form.  It’s so weird because Lola is a crazy girl at home or with close friends and family, but as soon as I get her in a large group of people she isn’t around much and want attention from her- she refuses.  She’ll hide or just ignore the people.  It’s so weird to think she has a shy side too.

Lola got ahold of my boots and thoroughly enjoyed walking around the house in them!  I can’t believe she got them on all by her self and managed to stand up.




I love that Lola is a mommy’s girl.  Her sleeping is a little better as she falls asleep in her own bed while I lay with her… it takes on average 35 minutes.  I am looking forward to it taking 10 someday Smile Still not making it in her bed all night, but I’ll take what I can get.  Lately she seems to refuse to wear her diaper yet won’t pee on the potty so maybe I outta just put her in some panties and she realize she can’t go in them and be willing to use the potty.  I still am not in a huge hurry but apart of her seems really ready- if I can just get her to feed the fishies.  (I told her we go to the bathroom and it flushes to the ocean to feed Nemo!) Bauhahahahahaha.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Input Please

Not showing all the pics yet- but do you guys like the kitchen or the table in between the bookshelves better?



I like the green table against the purple curtains, but I think the kitchen may look cleaner… hmmm… the bottom picture shows a small floor lamp to the left and that had to go with the kitchen under the window…. sad…. yet Lola seems to like it better in the top picture…

So leave me a comment and let me know which way you like it better.  I just can’t decide. 

My Lovebug

Lola’s cute Valentine shirt is from Walmart! I just loved it and bought it awhile back… perfect for Heart Day.



How do you teach your child to naturally pose and naturally smile? Hahahahaha


At school they are learning the shape heart, so she is pointing out her heart on her shirt!


I love this picture of my two favorite people… well most of the time.  My mom went to top of the list again when she stayed over on Tuesday for almost 5 hours fixing our backed up kitchen drain.  No plumber bill for us!  A praise and a big-fat-mom-of-the-year-award to mom.  Did you know Draino will burn your skin real bad- just look at my mom’s hand! Sad smile  Back to the cute-o picture… 055

Gram and Popper came to visit last night and Gram informed us Lola is an iTot.  Haha… a toddler who is iPad efficient.   She definitely has mastered using her pointer finger!




Such a smart girl!  I think I need a new post about all the things I love about Lola right now and maybe a post about all the crazy things she can do too! 

Oh and did I ever mention Valentine’s being good minus the plumbing problem that night?  :)  This is what my sweet husband got me for Valentine’s Day… I specially requested it weeks before and a great friend might have slipped him a hint again ;)

Right up my alley! Thanks babe! Well gotta get dinner going for the FOURTH consecutive night!  Woo-hoo!

Allergy Smallergy…


My tight-budgeted self splurged for the sake of Lola’s allergy-crazed self.  I have pretty much determined that she is allergic or has extreme sensitivity to Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) which is in tons of things including soaps, detergents, lotions, make-up, etc… The bath always seems to flare up the itchy skin and hives which even her most sensitive soaps I had purchased still had SLS.  As well as her lotions, toothpaste, and detergent despite the label “hypoallergenic.”  So I went on a hunt for SLS-free soaps.  Here is what I found and what I think:


Waska Herbatergent is amazing for being SLS-free!  It smells wonderful and yet has no fragrance.  Some things I found that were SLS-free still had fragrances added which isn’t good for children with such sensitive skin, so I figured if I am going to dish out the cash, I want the one that will provide Lola with the most relief.  This detergent gets 5 stars for sure.





Okay now on to Burt’s Bees… I definitely have a new found appreciation for this company.  Most of their soaps and products are SLS-free which is amazing!  I went with the SLS-free and fragrance free soaps as well and have noticed an immediate difference in the bathtub.  NO HIVES and way less itching, if any.  (Lola wants Burt’s Bees for her birthday… Just what she said to me the other night…) :)


I also bought the Baby Bee Oil and I LOVE it!  I seriously want a bottle for me, but for now it’s all Lola’s and seems to really help moisturize her skin.  For the first time in a long time her skin feels like baby skin… so soft and smooth.  I have been putting this on her after her bath, but it can also go in her bath.  Burt’s Bees also makes a bubble bath soap for baby’s that I love because now Lola can have a bubble bath that doesn’t cause hives, itching- just a lot of fun with bubbles in the tub!

And I told you guys about and here are Lola’s new diapers.  I really like them and considering they are pretty much the same price, even cheaper than normal diapers when caught on sale- I would say they are worth it for sure!

SLS takes the moisture out of your skin then companies add things to soaps and lotions that puts moisture back in your skin.  Well children with eczema obviously have a problem with dry skin, so something that removes even more moisture, creates a reaction that doesn’t seem pleasant.  I am glad to finally find some products that should help for awhile and hopefully Lola grows out of this or at least isn’t so sensitive. 

You think all this itchy skin would make her cranky but nope.  She is one happy girl- although the Terrible Twos is creeping up on us fast. 


Saturday, February 12, 2011

I decided to jump on board with today to save some money on expensive diapers I was wanting to try out for Lola.  Since her sensitivity level seems to be stronger now than ever, I thought I would try hypoallergenic diapers to see if it helps with the scratching at night.  They are more expensive so I took advantage of offering 30% off diapers for 3 months plus free shipping!  I ended up getting a deal!  And they gave me a code for my friends to use that will get you 15% off your total!  (The 30% is off diapers and 15% off the rest of the site!)  

Here is the code: NAT.7931

If anyone enters my code, then I get more savings too and you will as well!  It’s amazing!

This site is a great site and I can’t believe I just now started using it!  I think I will always buy diapers this away now!  It will make the normal ones I buy much cheaper.     

Thought I would share! 

P.S. I want to push potty training hoping the soft underwear will be less itchy for Lola.  Next week I may stick her in some normal underwear and make consistent trips to the bathroom with her.  I challenged myself not to spend any money for the month of February and so far I have done great!  So with potty training being my main focus at home next week, it should keep me on track with my money goal. 

P.S.S.  Thanks Carole for praying for Lola- mom said it was your new prayer!  After all the reading I have been doing so many of her symptoms and reactions seem to really overlap and make more sense now.  Looking forward to seeing the specialist in April. 

P.S.S.S. If anyone has grandkids at a distance I think this is a great gift. Order diapers and have them shipped directly to their house.  Gift wrap is an option too!  Let’s face it- us moms will take diapers over anything else!  ;)

Can't sleep...

Can't sleep after waking up to move Lola to her own bed. I've been reading so much on allergies, hives, and rashes. Lola is definitely getting worse as she is getting older and is a daily problem now. I have read more useful information tonight than ever before. I want as much knowledge as possible before seeing the allergist.

She definitely has my chronic hives caused by temperature changes and pressure but hers don't stop there.

Well I certainly need to try to fall asleep again. I hate laying in bed wide awake. :(

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Potty Training and Bedtime

Potty Training in progress- well kind of.  She hates wearing a dirty diaper, she knows the jar of M&M’s in her bathroom is for “tee-tee on potty” only, she will taker her diaper off unless you put pants on her, and she wakes up with dry diapers… but she won’t handle her business on the potty yet.  So maybe not quite yet- pretty soon I am going to commit to a 3 day weekend of potty training her and just stick her in some big girl Elmo panties.  I have heard a lot of success stories with this.  I’ll wait just a couple more months though.  No point if she isn’t ready.  That will be amazing though when we aren’t buying diapers every other day!  :)  


So bedtime was going better and Lola was falling asleep faster without being rocked but the last few nights have been awful again.  I think with the snow schedule we got lazy and slept in one too many days.  So I think I will start waking her up early every morning now so she will go down easier at night.   Starting tomorrow!  If the weather wasn’t so cold we could get up and go exercise- oh treadmill- I hear you calling my name :)  Why is everything on my wish list right now so expensive?  013

A glimpse of Lola’s big girl bed!

Dog Allergy

So Lola’s list of allergies is getting longer and longer… the latest is DOGS!  That cute little dog I showed you guys a couple weeks ago my parents got- well, bad news for Rudy.  Lola is allergic… we wondered if it was a newer allergy so took her by to see Murphy and boom- hives too.  We see an allergy doctor in April since the list is getting a bit long and to see what all this means.

This is a glimpse at what your child may look like if she or he is allergic to something… this was taken with my phone, but the hives are whelped up and have weird dots in them like she has been bitten and I could outline each hive with a marker.  They definitely bothered her unlike her normal hives.  They started spreading down her body, but thankfully the Benadryl kicked in and they went away.  We tried 3 different times with Rudy and all 3 times, hives appeared within 30 minutes of contact with him.  Same with Murphy.


Looking forward to seeing the Allergist and getting his thoughts on all of this.  So far Lola is allergic to Peanuts and we believe Amoxicillin, some other medications, and maybe eggs…

I was talking to the allergy nurse today and she just recommended Lola staying away from anything that would cause her hives and said that she may have to have blood work instead of the prick test because it seems she has the same type of hives I have which would make the prick test read positive either way.

Sad smile

Snow Days

I have to admit- I love snow!  If it’s going to be this cold- I would just prefer it snow too! :)




Kaylee and Lola!


Aubrey and Lola