Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

So Kebby came in town this weekend and stayed with us!  It was great to have her all weekend and we just had a great time!  We got a little crafty too!  I am slowly bringing her over to the side of sewing, stamping, felting, etc…

We made this together and we love it!  (See the sneak peak of my new craft room/Kebby’s room?  Kebby loves it which  makes me feel good!  About to make changes to the old craft room so it needed to be emptied.)


I made this one first and realized I meant to use the word “kind.”  Bummer. 


This one isn’t done yet, but I made it to hang over Lola’s nightstand.  It’s really tiny.


Lola, Kebby, and Me! I just love how Lola reaches her arm across all of us!  Haha!


I can’t wait till Lola wants a little sewing machine… She is definitely intrigued by mine!


Nick joined in on Sunday for a nice Sibling Lunch.  Homemade Fettuccini Alfredo with Chicken.  Yum. Kebby decided to stay Sunday night and leave at 5 am the next morning for her 8 a.m. class.  So I was up early to see her off… the things sisters do.  Smile 

Clay ran 16 miles Sunday!  Can y’all believe that?? I love when people ask how is Clay so skinny- bc I say diet and exercise.  Haha- it really works.  Now only if I can get my treadmill.  I get up early- let Lola eat breakfast while I run- then we get ready for the day… I think it’s something I can really accomplish.  She’s by far the most content in the morning.  (Lola- maybe you will be a runner like your daddy!)

Well about to put Lola down- a little later than normal.  I need to consistently wake her up every morning around 8 a.m. so she will start going to bed earlier. 

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