Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Lola, Clay and I walked to a local Pumpkin Patch to get a pumpkin to make a Jack-O-Lantern tonight!  Lola loved it!

On the way- she got to practice saying “trick-or-treat” to a neighbor and she got candy.  Too bad a minute later she got really choked and I had to dig chocolate out of her mouth and throat and I was working hard to stay in calm mood.  She was trying to cough it out and spewed chocolate all over me.  :)


Sharing a sucker with daddy- good thing I brushed her teeth extra good for church this morning! hehe.

008  017


She was a little worn out by the time we made it home, so dad was stuck carrying her and the pumpkin!


So maybe I like Halloween more than I thought??  Haha

Happy Halloween!


Lola and I were able to get some great shots before Trunk-or-Treat Saturday night!  I love this age!  You may not, because it means irresistible pictures and overload on the blog.

213 172 272 261 267 231

244 236 170 225

289 244 240 278 242


151 260 234 233 152133 287 132  105168

Now off to Trunk-or-Treat!



328 (2) We were greeted with so much love because both grandparents were there and Lola’s Great Grandparents too!  What a lucky girl! 

313 314Lola is starring at Nonna because she just doesn’t know what to think.  It probably took a minute or two of Nonna talking to Lola before she knew what that was!  Haha!  

 326 323 324 322

She came around of course! (Ba is another story though!)


333341   Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw got to see Miss Lola dressed up!  (I thought I got a pic of her and Paw-Paw and sadly did not!

305And Lola was sure excited to see them! 


Carmen and Lola


I think I am scared that my dad likes to be a creepy old man every year.  Should this concern us?  Lol360

361Yep- Gram did the ultimate Grandma move that moms just won’t do… go down the tunnel slide…twice. 

352 348

Lola liked the playground- but she did get into this game with Mrs. Aimee Lewis!  I was so glad she got to see Lola!

342 344    

All in all it was a fabulous night and Lola got a quick bath and was

out, sleeping soundly.  :)


How’s this hug and lovin’ for a big thank you and I love you Momma!  Nothing beats it!



Lola and me last year:



Hopefully I’ll get some pictures of Lola and Aubrey today and Lola may be Elmo instead if I can get her to wear it!

So yep, more pics!  :)

(A big happy birthday to Laura- we have done a good job stretching it out over a few days! Gotta’ love that!)