Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It’s true!!

So it’s 8:04 p.m. and Lola is asleep in her bed already and I am already out of her bed!  :)  Sure beats last night and this was so easy!  How did she pick up on this so fast??  I know, I know- I will have some rough nights too, but nights like these really boost me up for the rough nights-hopefully there won’t be many.  I read her a book in her room and it was barely lit and during the middle of the book, she rubbed her eyes and went towards her bed.  Ha!!  I couldn’t believe it, so we said our prayers and she was asleep in like 5 minutes, but played with my hair for quite awhile after.  So bazaar.  But anyways- I feel so great.   I actually may go to bed early tonight too!

I am really thankful for one of Lola’s teachers, Ms. Heidi, for really encouraging me to use the toddler bed and giving me so much support.  She said Lola was very capable of doing it and sleeping in that bed and she was right!  Also big thanks to everyone who has had to endure the sleeping, break-down, stressed talks from me, especially Laura and Maw-Maw.  I am sure there will be more, but hopefully we are on a much better path for both of us. 

Lola Lou- I am so proud of you for learning to fall asleep in your own bed.  You are an amazing baby… keep on being you girl!

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Jillian Knutson said...

So awesome. Way to go Lola (and mama too)!