Sunday, October 10, 2010

Clay’s Kick-A Triathlon

So Nick got Clay involved in Triathlons a week and a half ago, and Clay did one this weekend!  Can you believe it? He did the US Open Sprint Triathlon in Rockwall.  And here I struggle to walk a mile around the pond pushing Lola.  I was pretty excited and no doubt thought it was awesome that my husband can add this to his list of recent athletic accomplishments!  Have you seen Clay lately??  One sexy, lean mean fighting machine!  I was a bit nervous about his 1/2 mile swim, but when he came out of the water I felt better about it because he looked so strong… although can’t say he felt quite as good as he looked!  His bike seemed good and he got back pretty fast from it to transition into his run- and then 22 minutes later he crossed the finish line!  :)  I need to get some pics from others, but I took quite a few too.  Nick also did the Olympic version, but took it a little easy since his big 1/2 ironman race is next weekend.

I am so proud of you Clay!!!  He won’t totally give in and say how he feels about the overall race because he wants to know his time :)  Such a man thing. 

The base of the race- The Harbor

019   Nick with his arms out getting ready to dive in.


Clay being mean (lovingly) flipping off me because I was snapping pics after spotting him quite a distance aways!  :) 


Love getting them coming out of the water and yes I missed Clay… I wasn’t expecting him to come out so soon- and er- missed it. 



Clay coming out of the water… why, oh why did I miss that shot?


On to the bike transition:






Last, but not least- the run:


138 141


And my favorite picture of Clay because he is embarrassed!  Such a classic Clay face! :) I am framing this one!



My dad’s friend- Jerry Lewis:


Here is Nick- he actually heard us yelling at the top of the hill and turned to wave:



And maybe mom’s favorite picture?  Such a classic picture of their relationship- Mom cheering Nick on from the side lines and Nick loving it!  Hehe.  I think this picture is rather sweet!


And Dad cheering him on:


And on the way back in- 20 feet from the finish:




249 254

DONE! YAYAYAYAYAYA!  Way to go you two!


Lola did an awesome job looking for her daddy and Uncle Nick and was so excited to see Clay until she realized he was soaking wet! ;)


The fans!

Lola was just so good- here she sat for just a minute so she could recharge to keep playing!  Isn’t that sweatshirt cute for $7.  I have really starting liking Kohl’s more and more for her.  Good toddler clothes.

082 078

With us is Evi and her little girl who was so great with Lola!  They were so cute together!  Reminded me of Kebby and me because Abigail and Lola are 7 years apart and instantly adored each other! 



Mother and me and our contrasting hair! Oh my!


Clay’s mom and Aunt were there too rooting him on and it took all of us to keep up with Lola!  Popper showed up later- but Gram and I decided he doesn’t count since he did none of the work or cheering ;)  And Lola looks baby-ish in this picture still so I love it. 


Way to go y’all!  I speak for all of us to say we are so proud!  Although mom and I really got thrown from our normal games now keeping up with two boys.  No look-alike games, guessing age games, patch games… :(  Maybe next time.

(I’ll edit this post later with more pics I get.- I know it has tons already but I don’t want to leave out parts of the race.)

P.S. TIMES ARE IN AND IN CLAY’S AGE GROUP- ONLY 4 PEOPLE FINISHED AHEAD OF HIM!  IMPRESSIVE!  Which come to find out means he placed and even earned Dallas Triathlon a point!  And in his division he finished 61 out of 307!  That’s insane he did that good, if I say so myself.  Really am in awe of him today.


Yours Truly said...

Way to go Clay!!

Yours Truly said...

Oh that comment was from me...the "yours truly" thing is a long story, I will have to tell you later, ha ha.

Mark and Brenda Bryan said...

Awesome job Clay!!! You look great!