Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lakehouse Weekend

Gotta’ love Lakehouse Weekends!  Between Lola and Clay working, we just don’t get to make it up there as much as we would like- or should I say as Lola would like?  Hehe!  We all had a great time.  Clay got to work on his swimming, cycling, and running.  I got to go to the antique stores and garage “shittin” with Rox (we renamed it since it was all super junky this time around), and Lola got to play, fish, play, eat, play. 

Here’s Rox and me at Pandora’s Box where she bought me a sign, and she got the same one.  It reads “Happiness is not a destination.  It is a way of life.”  We loved it.  But we decided to take pictures of this instead.


And of course I brought my camera hoping to learn something new and take lots of pictures- but that didn’t really happen.  Luckily for Nonna the only time I used my camera I actually got some cute shots of her and Lola Lou. 

Nonna was trying to fish, but that didn’t last long…


Lola wanted her turn! :)


And Lola actually got to see a fish or two Nonna caught! 




Oops- we had to put on the life jacket after forgetting!


Lola found Nonna’s cup and went to town:




This face was a popular one over the weekend- she was always amazed or just couldn’t believe something.  Awe- so much personality! We were looking for Butterflies.


While Clay was busy, busy burning who knows how many calories, Mom and I went into Tyler and look how good Lola was:


Ha!  She slept through the entire shopping experience!  I have to admit- I could get use to that! Hehe.

Well this picture sums up our entire weekend (read sign)!  Haha- I know, I know- some of you crazies might disagree. 


Even though I never met Grandpa Price- I am willing to bet my whole life on how proud and in love he is of Nonna and Lola.  :)

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Nonna said...

Grandpa price would of loved my little fisherman! I sure enjoyed my weekend with her and everyone else! Even though Lola and I missed Aunt KK! Fun times!!!!!