Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holy Smoly

Jillian left me a comment letting me know Janie and Jack typically carry really cute swimsuits for babies. I checked it out and she was completely right! I can't believe I haven't found these on the web yet! They are by far the cutest. I only had a minute to look and I saw only a few, but all were prefect for Lola to make a debut in at the lake house. Big thanks to Jill for letting me in on this... (She also told me about the rhinestone pacifiers... AND SHE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE KIDS YET) Check it-

Okay here's what is happening... I said after Christmas I would get full swing into the nursery and no lie. I have. Mom and I found a great deal on a chandelier. I got a solid brass chandelier that has old school charm (may be old) for $30. Pretty excited. Mom painted it for me and I have dazzled it up some. My Paw-Paw (bless him) came over to hang it today. I could no longer look at that ugly fan in there. It was a bazaar, funny fan. It was tricky to hang for several reasons so thank goodness for Paw-Paw's and Maw-Maw's. Also, I bought the paint. BUT it isn't going to work. We decided to go with a soft lavender and not too much to my surprise I hate it. Even after getting a sample pint and testing it first, which it seemed great...after painting half the wall with it, it's awful. This is when Clay and I differ. He would rather kind of like it or make do with it then buy a new can, but not me. Every penny counts but a bad purple, is just that, a bad purple. I either will have the paint store make a better purple from it (to save the can) or just go with a pretty brown. My mom and husband are painting the shelves tomorrow (which I'll have to be gone all day since it is an oil base paint) which will hopefully help me to decide which color to go with on the wall. I am leaning back towards a brown. Next I have actually completed one side of the crib skirt. It's gorgeous and I have to admit I am very proud of my self. I wanted it to look well-made but also be well-made. I read a lot of instruction booklets on how to make nursery decor and I think it helped. And last I have picked up some really cute things to go on the nursery shelves. It's a good start. Oh and did I mention I have the rug too? My mom got me that for Christmas and I love it! It looks vintage so I am really playing off of it! I'll keep a nursery cam going if not for anyone but Jill and me and Lola.

Oh and my next blog will have to be all about my mother painting for me and putting up with my picky self since my Christmas blog was more about dad. She didn't mind telling me how sweet I talked about dad but not her. I told her she normally makes all the blog posts and it was dad's turn. I know she was only giving me a hard time, but just wait! Everyone be prepared for my next blog about my sweet, loving, gracious, selfless mother. I'll post pictures and video soon!


Saturday, December 27, 2008

I'm in for a BIG surprise!

I am absolutely floored at how big my stomach feels and really can't believe I have 3-4 more months! I am almost through my entire 6 month so I am happy to report I'll be in my 7th month soon! I am full-term at the end of March but my due date isn't till April 25th and the last sonogram showed a due date of April 23rd. My Doctor told me not to worry if I go into labor in March. So Lola, when will you be here?

Clay and I were talking and we would like the nursery to be completely completed by Spring Break. And I'll load the car seat around then too, just to be on the safe side. Lola, your momma' is ready... so grow and get super healthy so we can meet you!

She is already so strong and moves constantly. Some days not so much, but over the last week she must have been excited for Christmas because I felt like she was trying out for Dancing with the Stars. Her kicks are getting so strong and the other day I swear I saw my stomach move. I always have to tell Clay to feel when she is kicking, but the other day we were snuggling and she happened to kick while his hand was on my belly and it shocked him for some reason. He cut his eyes over to me and said "Was that a kick?" I don't know why he was so funny because he has felt her several times... I guess he got to experience what I experience every day. Just chilling, almost forgetting a little human is growing inside me and then BAM, a kick to remind me and now him. "Hey Daddy, it's me Lola. I'm in here!" It was pretty humorous for me!

I hope to have the nursery painted soon! I just can't wait any longer. I may go buy the paint this weekend. I still haven't decided what color on the wall. My bathroom is a real pretty green and lavender and to my surprise I am absolutely in love with it! But I don't want to play up greens in our nursery. I thought about doing a really soft lavender that was real subtle on the wall so I may try a patch of that or go with something more neutral. The bad thing is the texture that is on the wall is on the ceiling as well, so I would have to put up crown molding so I don't have to paint the ceiling the same color as the wall if I don't want to. Oh darn, crown molding. Hahaha.

Well now that I have my mind back on the nursery I think I will go work on it some. I can clean it out so when the painting starts it will be much easier!

Friday, December 26, 2008


I have been looking at newborn bathing suits since Lola will get to experience the lakehouse this summer! I love searching for super cute ones. And cute new born bathing suits are very hard to find believe it or not. I have been wondering if I could manage to make a few. I have been on tons of websites and only have seen 2 or 3 that are worth buying and this is one of the ones that I think would be pretty cute on Lola. I can see her chillin' out on the dock with me. I already registered for newborn sunscreen so I can teach her how to sun bathe! LOL! For all of those who may be freaking out, I was swimming at 3 months, so we were born with the love of water and sun. Just kidding, but we will be careful. She just has to experience the joy of the dock. I'll have to have several suits for her! This may be one of those addicting and probably pointless things to buy... but what fun!

Love you Lola Lou~

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Hey! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the start of the new year!

We had such a fabulous Christmas. It was super nice spending time with my family as it's hard for us all to get together and completely relax! My dad shared some special stories and verses with us to start Christmas morning off. It wouldn't be the same without his words of love and wisdom. My dad is so genuine, calm, and compassionate that I always get emotional when he gets so sincere with his words and feelings. He really is the most Jesus-like man I have ever met. Even though he may not realize it, he always sparks my curiosity just to see him be him. Dad surprised Clay and I with a car seat. We really like the one he got, as it is great for an infant, yet suitable for when Lola gets bigger (up to 40 pounds). Kebby and I were laughing because she could have fit in it when she was in the second grade! Speaking of Keb... Kebby is a brunette now, which is super cute on her, but took me awhile to get use to! We all love it and it's so close to her natural hair color. She's not a natural blonde like her sister! She looks much more like mom now!

Clay and I got completely spoiled this Christmas by everyone and are very appreciative. But more than gifts we enjoyed the time with everyone. There is so much love around us. It's easy to forget how much love is to be given and received when everyone gets so busy. It was nice to relax. And Clay and I have really enjoyed our time together as he looks for new opportunities. It's been so fun and we treasure every minute together, well, almost every minute ;)

I hope to get the nursery completely painted from top to bottom next week so pictures will start showing up on the blog so everyone can see the progress. Clay and I received the Flip Video Camera from Clay's parents so maybe I can make a "Nursery Cam" of the progress.

Well Little Momma' (that's me!) needs to get some rest and some much needed beauty sleep. AND Soon I will be relaxing at the Spa as my husband completely surprised me with a day of pregnancy pampering, all for me! I can't wait and look forward to it very much. When shall I go?? Maybe Clay will take me and come back to pick me up so I don't even have to drive... I'm betting he will as he has been a super husband. It was kind of funny, because I was reading on one of my websites about these women complaining of how their husbands don't respond well to their opinions or feelings saying "It's all hormones," yet Clay has been a dream husband during the pregnancy. He hasn't used the ol' hormone thing with me and really works hard to keep me stress free, relaxed, and one happy girl. I appreciate that. I should tell him that too. Are you reading my blog Clay? lol.

Well I'm off to crazy dream land-

Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas to Me!!!

My new furniture arrived today! I felt like it was Christmas morning. Then I was too excited after the furniture arrived and I couldn't go back to sleep! I picked out furniture at a furniture store in Dallas two months ago, so I hadn't seen it in awhile so today it was like a mini surprise. I also ordered the furniture in a different fabric then what is shown in the store so I was nervous to see what the one inch by one inch fabric swatch looked like on the couch and ROCKER! Regarding the ROCKER part, that's why I am so excited about the furniture. Instead of spending our money on a nice rocker for the nursery I decided to try and find one that would go in our den that was neutral so we could use it with several kids. This particular rocker I found just happened to have a couch that goes with it... so Wa La! We sold our old furniture last week, which thank you Jesus. Literally, thank you. I have had it on Craigslist for 8 weeks and I was getting anxious to sell it. Someone I knew ended up purchasing it just last week, which seem to work great for the both of us! It was kind of weird because I didn't know when this furniture would arrive. They just said allow approximately 8 weeks. So last Thursday I sold our furniture and Friday morning I got the call that we would receive our furniture within a week. I love stories that work out this good! Clay never saw the furniture in the store, which seems crazy but he said his little momma' seemed convinced the furniture was meant for her and he had a feeling even if he didn't like it that I would be able to persuade him, so he gave me the permission to order it. AND... he likes it! He loves the color and fabric, so yay for me! And I think he's pretty captured that there is a rocker in our den. :)

All smiles. I actually have to go to work earlier than normal today, because the girls get out early. Hopefully this just means I'll get off earlier and Clay and I can enjoy the afternoon!

Lola, Lola, Lola

Lola, your momma' is going to have so much fun adding sparkles to your wardrobe in every way possible! Nothing is better than a rhinestone pacifier... here's lots too look at, plus one rhinestone clip so you don't loose the expensive little things:
The football one is great for when Lola watches football with her daddy, yet she still keeps the girly charm with the football being in rhinestones! Lol
I love cupcakes so I liked this one for Lola Lou!
Classy. I like the style... plus this would go with most of her outfits.
This one is when she is in one of those "I'll kick your bottom moods." Her momma' gets in these moods sometimes too.
Who doesn't love anything monogrammed... especially your own pacifier in rhinestones... JUST FABULOUS THIS IS!
This one is just sweet and girly, probably much like Little Lola Lou. Did we mention we love her already?
And this is the cute clip so you don't loose your pacifier or so the garbage men don't steal it... that's what happened to mine when I was three years old. I watched them come everyday and gave them the evil eye! That is what happened, right mom?

I was looking at cute boy things before we knew this baby was a girl, but I have to admit, girl things are quite addicting to look at... this is only a taste of what I have begun looking at... the Internet is a dangerous place. Clay put my bank card in a bag of water and froze it so I didn't break the pig buying rhinestone pacifier, ruffle bottoms, and Bugaboo strollers. He's a smart man. Lola and I love him.


My friend Ginni has a really cute blog and she did this Christmas survey on hers and I really enjoyed reading it so I thought I would copycat and try it out as well:

Christmas Survey

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? As tempting as bags can be I normally gift wrap, with ribbon and handmade tags. I enjoy wrapping gifts while watching a holiday show.

2. Real tree or artificial? Clay would love to have a real tree but I am going to have to go with artificial since my nerdy little self is allergic to the real trees!

3. When do you put up your tree?
This year I put mine up before Thanksgiving! Insane- but it was great coming home from the lake with my tree already done up!

4. When do you take the tree down? Normally the day after Christmas.

5. Do you like eggnog?
Love it! Clay went to the grocery store to buy me some right now! I love being pregnant! When you want something you can pass it off as a "craving." I'm sure Clay sees right through me! Hehehe.

6. Favorite gift received as a child? My pink Barbie convertible. Although we lived in a neighborhood with untrusted neighbors, so I probably was only allowed to ride it down our hallway in the house.

7. Hardest person to buy for?
Normally my mom. Nick and I definitely always have to think a little harder when shopping for her.

8. Easiest person to shop for?
Clay, he is not shy about what he wants for Christmas and he always has a lengthy list of great things to choose from!

9. Do you have a nativity scene?
Yes, my Maw-Maw gave it to me!

10. Mail or email Christmas cards?
Neither... but if someone gets a card from me it is normally handmade. Does that count for something? :)

11. Worst Christmas gift you ever received? A laundry hamper... you know who you are!! Haha.

12. Favorite Christmas movie?
Christmas Vacation- we watch it every year!

13. When do you start shopping for Christmas? This year I started before Thanksgiving, but every year it depends.

14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? Guilty, but I am not as bad as my mom... wow, I just threw her under the bus!

15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? Well when I was a child it was Crispas, but now I love hot chocolate, eggnog, and divinity (only my mom's though!).

16. Lights on the tree?
Do some people not do this?

17. Favorite Christmas song?
The Little Drummer Boy is one of my all time favorites. A fun one I enjoy is: I want a hippopotamus for Christmas by Gayla Peevy. I hope Lola likes this one.

18. Travel at Christmas or stay home? Traveling abroad would be fabulous, or to the lake. :) We always stay home though so we can share time with both sides.

19. Can you name all Santa's reindeer?
Can I blame this on "Baby Brain Drain?" I was about to try, but I am too tired. Eh.

20. Angel on the tree top or a star?
This year I ended up with nothing somehow... I guess the nursery is getting full precedent over the Christmas Decor... but I think I will go with angel. My bedroom tree has a cool "S" at the top!

21. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning?
OH MY GOODNESS- Morning! Santa comes during the night- duh.

22. Most annoying thing about this time of year?
This is my favorite time of year, so I try to enjoy and not stress.

23. Favorite ornament theme or color? Sentimental ornaments are my favorite this year... Little Lola is already aging me!

24. What do you want for Christmas this year?
I only tell Santa!

Merry Christmas!

Love Little Momma'

Monday, December 15, 2008


Well... the secret is out and we are expecting a GIRL! Little Lola Lou. We couldn't be more excited and Clay and I have had the best weekend being able to celebrate together. We told our families throughout the weekend and I was able to tell my family while celebrating my Maw-Maw's birthday, which was special because Lola Lou is named after her. Several has asked if I will call her Lola Lou or just Lola and I think just Lola is fine, but I am sure I will catch myself calling her Lola Lou too. I also say "Little Lola" often, even now. I really love the name.

We got bad news late this week. Clay was laid off, yet thankfully not with the job that carries our insurance. I knew he was upset and I knew he would be worried about how upset and stressed it may make me, especially being pregnant. I wanted us to be able to enjoy the holidays without too much stress or sadness so right before he got home from work (his second job) I decided to open the envelope. I knew it would just make him the happiest man on earth and it did. About ten minutes after I opened the envelope, he arrived home and I was standing up smiling ear to ear... he looked confused, but knew something exciting was up and I blurted out "I OPENED THE ENVELOPE. IT'S A GIRL!" He tackled me on the couch and we were so giddy all night. All weekend was filled with joy for us. I have already been designing and shopping for the nursery and can't wait to get it painted. My dad and Clay plan on painting the nursery very soon! So I wanted to let everyone know we are expecting a little girl.

On another note though, please pray that God will open new doors after closing this one. We have faith that there is a plan, yet it doesn't always make the situation feel easier. For right now we are trying not to stress, and are being thankful for still having insurance and being able to actually spend some time together. It's nice that he is no longer working 70 hour weeks. At his second job, now main job, he hopes to start back there full-time as soon as possible and is working on freelancing and other opportunities. Thanks for those who are keeping us in their prayers. Don't forget to pray for Little Lola too!

I am getting bigger and bigger every day and my appetite is definitely increasing. For the most part I feel pretty good, although Lola is sitting really low which can be incredibly uncomfortable. I am really thankful though my pregnancy has been so easy. I am definitely worried about the weight gain. At 22 weeks which is a couple of weeks into my six month I have gained 10 pounds. I don't want it to be more than 12 at my next appointment preferably still 10, but I seem to grow so much with each passing day. No lie. Here's a picture one week ago at 21 weeks. The picture at the top is also at 21 weeks (same day).

I will post a picture of the sweet envelope soon. It's great and I'll have to frame it. I have the rug, crib, and an antique rocker for the nursery along with lavender fabrics to start the bedding. I still need to buy the linen to make the bumper but a sale is suppose to take place in January so I'll wait to buy the rest of the fabric. I also bought the Robert Best Barbie illustrations which I knew I wanted if the baby were a girl... and surprise- a girl we have. Here is one of the four I have. I may not need all four after all, but I didn't want to take a chance. I'll write more soon. It had been a while so I am glad I could catch everyone up and have exciting news on top of it!

Love Little Momma and Lola Lou!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Kick, Kick, Wonder, Wonder

Baby Swartz has been VERY active the last couple of days, throughout the ENTIRE day and night. I have been able to feel him/her for a few weeks now. I guess this is the start of feeling more movements since he/she is growing so much. As I feel each thump and flutter I wonder if this baby is a boy or girl. I can't believe Clay knows and has to keep it all to himself, but he wanted to know and I wanted a surprise. I wonder how the decision is made for a girl or boy to be your first and then what follows.

I know I can be a wimp, but I can be a trooper sometimes too! But regardless of the two I have been very lucky so far through this pregnancy and I am so glad. I pray that Kebby and Nick's future wife have the same experience, because it makes it so much more exciting. You can allow your mind to be at ease and enjoy all the exciting thoughts of having a baby.

I picked up the onesie with the "C.S" on it for Cash Swartz and wondered if I was right or if I better get a move on with the "L.S" for Lola Swartz. I have four to even five more months, since you are really pregnant for ten months (40 weeks) to wait for an answer. I will be full-term and completely A-Okay to have the baby ANY time during April. So if Baby Swartz is ready then we could meet this little baby April 1st! I do hope I go early, but of course NOT too early! The doctor was even telling Clay and I not too panic if labor kicks in even earlier. He said everything would work out and to just relax. I was glad he said that because if I did go into labor in March I might panic, but he acted like it wasn't a reason to panic. I am hoping for labor to begin on April 1st so I can call everyone and they think it's an April Fool's Joke, but have to tell them it's for real, but have the baby born late into the night so the birthday falls on the 2nd. And that away the baby is here for all of the April birthday's, including mine, which would be a blast. I have to admit though, I really don't want to share my birthday. Baby Swartz, you gotta' wait and not fall on your momma's birthday!! But if you do, I'll get over it or lie to you and make you believe your birthday is the next day. :)

Well I was just pondering over the baby and pregnancy so I wanted to jot it down.

I need to get back to cleaning out my office-

Little Momma'

Monday, December 1, 2008

Drum Roll Please...

Baby Swartz is waving to you guys! Except with a clenched fist, but during the sonogram he/she was stretching out those little fingers!

Boy or Girl? Did we find out?

WELLLLLLL Kind of! Debbie and my Mom went with Clay and me to the Dr. appointment and we all went to watch the sonogram. We got to watch and see the baby for twenty minutes or so before the technician started doing any measurements and she was careful not to show the baby's private parts which wasn't hard because Baby Swartz woke up just in time to get his/her picture taken and was moving so much! It was so fun to see all the kicks, rotating, turning, hands rubbing eyes, arms stretching, belly flopping... he/she was just the cutest thing to see. We all four were shocked at what a clear picture we got and how well we could see all the features. At one point Baby Swartz looked like he/she was counting his/her fingers. I thought that was so sweet for some reason and the tears came at that point. I told the technician that the baby was really low, and sure enough I wasn't imagining things. His/her head was really low and his/her legs were around my bellybutton. So no baby above my bellybutton so I was trying to figure out why the weight gain... Can't I stay small there??

SOOOO.... the boy or girl part... I didn't give up the fight of a surprise. Both moms had to turn and face the wall so they wouldn't peak and I just watched Clay's face the entire time the technician looked to identify the sex because Clay looked at the sonogram so he could find out! SO HE KNOWS THE SEX OF OUR BABY AND I DO NOT ALONG WITH THE REST OF THE WORLD. He was in awe of seeing our baby, seeing how big he/she was, and all the movements along with finding out if he will be raising a son or daughter first and I was in awe of seeing this little one move versus only feeling the movements. I feel the baby everyday, all day now so it was wonderful to see inside the belly!

I love the way we did it, all though unusual, Clay got his way and I got mine! Thanks for all those who gave us their opinions. The final vote was 10 to 4, saying we should find out. Well, we partly did.

I made a really cute card and envelope to match. The gist of the card was for the technician to circle boy or girl and I put some other stuff on it. She circled one and put the picture that proved her choice in with it and sealed it up for me. It's laying on the counter now and it's fun to see it and know I could find out right now, but I don't. No temptation (yet). I think if I can wait this long then I can wait a few more months! The sonogram did think the baby might be a few days earlier which is exciting, although they don't officially change the due date.

And most importantly yesterday the baby was spot on with everything including heart development, fluids, bones, placenta, well everything! That was great to hear!

It was such a fun filled day for me. I was so excited and hyper all day and then around 7:00 I lost all energy. I slept solid and even slept in and feel good again today! I just can't believe I got to see the baby for so long.

Enjoy the baby pictures!
The last one shows a foot pretty clear and another foot that is moving. These pictures just don't do justice to what we all watched yesterday. It was truly a litle miracle... cheesy but so true!

Monday, November 24, 2008

What are you thankful for that might seem silly to someone else?

I am thankful for my silly little back brace. Just when I think my back must be broken, the back brace fixes me like new again.

Thanksgiving is only a couple days away and I am real excited. For those that know me well, it's definitely not because of all the food. Although the variety of food always looks fantastic, most of it doesn't fall under the five things I eat, except the macaroni and cheese. My mom manages to throw in some homemade macaroni and cheese, along with everything from Italian turkey to dressing, to every dessert in the book and then some- but the homemade mac is a real nice treat, a good break from Kraft. Back to me being excited... the excitement comes from seeing everything prepared just for us and knowing we get to spend some time together not focused on anything else, but our relationships and probably, football! :) We spend Thanksgiving at the lake which I look forward to every year. It's a great tradition.

This year Clay's side is getting together to celebrate on Saturday so we will get to enjoy the evening with them then. And lucky for me, since I am always craving Italian, they are going an Italian route with the food. Not traditional Thanksgiving meal, which excites me. I really am looking forward to the time with everyone and even though I get to relax most days, this is special relax time and better yet, I get to relax with my husband. I'm so glad he has a couple of days off. Maybe he'll get in the hot tub with me, but I doubt it. He's not good at relaxing unless football is on, so I'll have to count on Keb to drink hot chocolate and soak in the hot tub with me! (And for those who are thinking I am going to hurt the baby, my Doctor gave me the A-Okay to enjoy the hot tub... he said it will help my back (see previous post) and make my body feel better! AND it DOES!)

Back to food... Mom wants us girls to learn to make the traditional Italian turkey, but I just don't see myself doing that. I don't like to handle meat raw and certainly can't eat it after I have seen it raw, so when it is my turn to make Turkey I hope Clay takes an interest in fixing a really good Turkey and Ham. Sadly, it won't be me, but I will be glad to make all the desserts and probably the side dishes too!

Well less than a week now till we can find out and we just can't decide. It's killing me knowing we don't know what we are going to do yet. I might change my poll to see what everyone thinks... looks like majority think this baby is a boy, 13 to 7. Nice thing about my poll is that I can't see who voted what... although I wish I could!

The baby must be dancing away because I can feel the baby everyday and frequently during the day, especially in the morning and at night. Clay still hasn't felt the baby move although he tried tonight, but the little one's kicks just weren't powerful enough. There were a couple of kicks that I thought he had a chance of feeling, but nope. I felt bad. I know he will think it's pretty cool. He may even be speechless over it. He has really taken on a new outlook... I think he finally sees my stomach growing and thinks, Wow, my wife is really pregnant, not fat! Hahaha!

Well I have already put up my Christmas trees and decor and didn't over do anything, just enough that most of the house feels pretty "Christmas-y." I wanted to have it done before Thanksgiving so when we got home from the lake we had everything done. I think houses look even homier when people decorate for Christmas. A big thanks to Kebby because she helped me. She came over Saturday with donuts and I supplied the hot chocolate and we had a great time. We listened to several old Christmas records and we had to take turns flipping the records. I felt like I was in the 60's. I love Otis Redding and his Christmas songs, along with Stevie Wonder and even Elvis put out a good Christmas record. I need one from Johnny Cash. I wonder if Bob Dylan made one? I just love them!

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. Be careful if you are traveling! And for those who have to loosen their belts on Thanksgiving, don't be jealous of my Thanksgiving pants, our otherwise known as maternity pants! Thanks to Jill by the way for the sweet Thanksgving card. Clay and I loved it and it's on our fridge! I feel like I need to get better at sending cards. It's a real sign of maturity and growing older when you send out cards, and as I said- I gotta' get better. Haven't quite hit that level of maturity yet... but back to Jill- I got one coming to you (homemade specially for you) but I am going to send it on the second so you can have a copy of the next baby picture! I thought you would like that! Thanks for your prayers. We are excited that everything is going so well.

Happy Thanksgiving-

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm trying new things...

Unfortunately not fruits and vegetables... SEWING. I have always sewn some but I am now advancing my level. I am making the bedding too so I want to learn. I have been looking for lessons. I know some stores offer group lessons but I was hoping to find someone to work with me one on one. If anyone knows someone who sews and would be willing to teach me I would love to do that! I think I would only need a few lessons.

Me: "So I am headed to my lessons."

Friend: "Oh, what instrument are you learning to play?"

Me: "Oh, no, it's sewing lessons..."

Friend: "Dorky."

If I actually can make pretty crib bedding that it won't be dorky, but if I can't then maybe a little dorky. :) I wish I was born in the early 1900's. I would like it!

If we don't find out the sex of the baby it bothered me we wouldn't have something girly or boyish to put on the baby when we take him/her home from the hospital so I wanted to make some plain onesies special. I wanted to sew different things on them including their initial.

I read up on some ways to go about it and have attempted my first one. I hope the future ones look a little better, yet I am really pleased with this one considering it's my first. I did a C.S. for Cash, but don't think I know and haven't told y'all... because I have pink fabric out right now to do a L for Miss. Lola.

If anyone knows how to do this and has tips I could use them! This is all from reading and watching clips off YouTube. Unfortunately the clips weren't as helpful as the old fashion reading.

Clay and I finally finished our registry at Babies R Us and that took some time, but so fun. We did half there and half online. Everything is pretty much good for a girl or boy. Then when can use a lot of it with the next four kids! Haha! Now that I finished it, I want to start going to buy stuff off it just so baby stuff is here at the house. It's so fun just to have these white onesies laying around.

Well I love this time of year! I already am playing Christmas records (yes, old records) and am putting up our trees tomorrow! How exciting! Well I gotta go eat lunch!

Love Little Momma'

Monday, November 17, 2008

On a high...

Well for the past couple of weeks now I have been feeling butterfly feelings in my stomach, yet not the kind I got when I met Clay- actual flutters from our little one kicking, punching, or both! BUT TODAY- was a really neat day for me!!!! I felt the baby kick from the outside too! I set at my computer trying to work on a nursery look that would work for boy or girl and I noticed the baby was kicking away. After a few minutes I felt one that seemed pretty powerful for this 7 ounce little baby... so I decided to see if I could feel the kick if I put my hand on my stomach- I DID! LIKE FIVE TIMES! It was so precious! I can't wait to feel the movements more often! I yelled for Clay for a couple of minutes as I didn't know where he was in the house and I was too afraid to move so finally he yells back. He was sleeping. So I ran and crawled in bed so he could feel. But what do you know, baby's got jokes. No kicks, no nothing, nada. So sad. But now that I know it's possible I'll have to be on guard so Clay can feel the baby move! It really is mind-blowing... there is a baby, our baby, growing in my uterus! AGHHH!!!

I'll have to post tummy pictures soon because I am growing every day... a lot. I still haven't gained too much weight which I am excited about but I have a feeling once the holidays pass I will weigh quite a bit more. I think I am at 4-5 pounds heavier... which is a little less than a pound a month so far. I think that is good... if and when I occasionally get sick I tend to loose a couple of pounds immediately but it never fails to take a day or two to gain it back! It is nice to eat more often now and not feel like a total slob about it. The baby growing seems to burn a lot of calories in itself, but I hope to get a little more active now. The weather is cooling down and I love it! I tend to be on the hotter side. I was burning up the other night and no lie, it was 64 degrees in the house. Weird, I know.

Two weeks to the day and we see the doctor. We will get our sonogram pictures which I am so excited about and (if we choose) find out the sex of the baby. If we decide to find out, my mom and Clay's mom will join us, but if not I guess we will just make a date of it with us two. We are leaning on not finding out. I definitely don't want to know, but Clay kind of does. He sees the fun it waiting, but he is anxious to know. Two more weeks to decide. Debbie had a really cute idea she heard about- have the doctor right it on a piece of paper and put it in a sealed envelope, never telling the couple what the sex was. Then the husband took the envelope to a bakery and had them make a cake with the INSIDE of the cake blue if it was a boy and pink if it was a girl. Then he picked the cake up, never peaking, and brought it home for the whole family to enjoy. They cut it all together so everyone found out and celebrated together. Isn't that super cute??? I liked this idea. I have heard about the envelope thing but not to that extent. Mainly so the couple can find out when and where they want. One couple lived by the beach and went on a romantic date there and opened their envelope. So cute. But nothing can beat the doctor holding the baby up saying "You got a girl" or "It's a boy!" I love it. So old fashioned and romantic.

I dream about it... it actually takes a little of the worries away from delivering the baby. :)

Some people don't like reading blogs (esp mine) because it's sometimes personal, well if you are one of those, you probably won't like this entry and a few others! But I do this so I can look back and family can enjoy what I am thinking... hopefully enjoy!

Love y'all-
Little momma

Monday, November 10, 2008

Debbie and Myself are cooler than y'all...

Why? You ask. Because we have our picture next to our comments. That qualifies us as cool, ya know.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Just a few great reasons...


Lately I have been catching myself day dreaming of all the reason why I love my husband and then I realized that I have been doing this unconsciously for awhile. So, I decided to jot a few reasons down, which you guys get the pleasuring of reading too. Enjoy-

I love that he is willing to work so hard and so many hours to support us and allow me to only work part-time and relax being pregnant. And I love more that he never once has complained. Never.

I love his ability to survive on few hours of sleep at night. I need eight to nine. I will love this more when the baby arrives!

I love his lips. They are so full and complimented by a cute nose and eyes that draw me in.

I love the joy he finds in his hobbies.

I love his thirst for knowledge, education, and history.

I love his freckles that peek through after a day in the sun.

I love his selflessness. Always selfless.

I love his new found love for records that comes from his old love of music.

I love his athletic nature.

I love that he is an anti-conformists.

I love his creativity. Rare in a man.

I love that he is learning not to pee on the toilet seat.

I love that he is a writer.

I love that his imagination is greater than any child's.

I love his ghetto booty. He's got a black boy booty!

I love that he is modest and humble.

I love his brain doesn't turn off. In his sleep, he talks and thinks of more ideas.
And I love that he keeps a little notepad by the bed just for those busy dreams of his.

I love that he is my husband, my better half, and now my baby daddy.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Let the cravings begin!!!

Okay, Okay- my body just refuses to like anything healthy. I thought being pregnant maybe I would finally start to like fruits and vegetables but nah. I like Slurpees from Seven Eleven and Tangy Taffy. Beware though, not laffy taffy... big difference! Trust me! So I love getting the two hand in hand! And when I am in a bummer mood I tend to pick up a couple of scratch offs too!

I did that the day Clay couldn't make it to the doctor appointment. I walked in the waiting room with a Slurpee, Tangy Taffy Bar, and Scratch Offs...

Hmmm... the other moms were probably talking about me. Oh well. It was delicious and made me one happy girl! Also the great thing about Slurpees is that you get to pick the color of straw you want which I always change it up. Yesterday I was a pink straw! The Dr. Visit required a blue straw! :) The nice thing is that I do crave meat more so I am getting some protein. Other than that it seems to be the same old, same old. I am finding my appetite to really start to increase. I don't typically eat more at a time, just a lot more frequent. I feel better about the weight gain as my stomach is taking on more of a shape and really firming up. I have felt the baby move a couple of times. It's quite amazing but I can't wait till others can feel as well. It's just enough movement that I know it's the baby but it's only for a second. By the time I realize I don't feel much more. It's very exciting to know you are carrying your child that you and your husband made. It makes me emotional and I am glad I am a woman so I can experience this. Kind of cheesy but it all seems so miraculous.

Hope everyone educated themselves on the candidates and have or will vote today. It's important everyone takes an active role in supporting our country and make an educated decision on who they would like to take the role as President. Clay and I voted together four years ago so it's fun to think back on something like that- we were just really good friends then and we were so in love but didn't peep a word of it. :) Well the cat is out of the bag now! hehe. I decided in the midst of this paragraph to pull out this special little binder I have with all of our e-mails in it from the beginning. I must have known he was the one because who in the hell saves every e-mail. If you got e-mails like I got you would have saved them too. They were always the highlight of my day. I found one that I remember being so funny and sweet that he wrote after we voted together. I thought I would share it with everyone because it's so genuine from his heart. I hope he doesn't mind, but it's so fun to read. Enjoy:

"Hey there silly moose,

Today was really cool, I loved it. I am sooooooo glad I voted, and even more glad it was with you. I have really enjoyed hanging out with you so much, and surprisingly it has gotten better and better. Normally the fun level goes down as people get to know each other, but as I have gotten to know you things have been cool as Popsicles.

This makes me wonder how long it will keep getting better and better, I hope a long time. I think for some reason it will. You make me laugh cause you are funny as geese flying crooked. I wonder how it is we have gotten so close and become such good friends, cause normally it isn't like this...right. At least for me I don't meet coolness like you ever. DO you think that it is cool too? You better.

So we need to do more on our to-do list. It is cool we have a to-do list.

Is it gay that I look forward to seeing you, cause I do, and you do not disappoint, I have sooo much fun with you, just as if I were floating in a big balloon with boxers on.

Earlier I had a bug on my head and I did a cartwheel to get it off.

Your favorite Clay,

Well, that was us not peeping a word of our love for each other. He wrote that at 5:32 a.m. because later I found out he isn't a morning person as I thought when I saw this but a very, very late night owl. That was him writing right before he went to bed. Me being a morning person, he must have hated my 9 am calls as he must have pretended to be awake. Haha! What we do for love. A couple of days after this e-mail since obviously I didn't get the hint, he wrote another one but not so subtle to me.

I realized with the next e-mail he was in love. And I loved realizing it. The clip from the e-mail read:

"If your world is rainy I promise you I will be there to put sunshine it it.
If you need a shoulder to lean on, mine will be waiting comfy as a pillow.
If you need to laugh, I will write a joke.
If you need a million bucks, I will start saving.
If you need something from Japan, I will buy it from Wal-mart and pretend."

I think when I read the fourth line, I really realized. Then on the fifth and last line I got completely tickled. So Clay. And I loved it. The rest is history.

Now that I think about it I would love to put this in the nursery in a really cool way. My brain must start thinking away!

Hope everyone enjoyed hearing words from Clay!

Love y'all!

Friday, October 31, 2008

New Parents in Awe...

Can everyone believe this? This is the video of Baby Swartz' heartbeat! I recorded it today for one main reason... my sweet husband couldn't make it at the last minute. He was upset as well as myself, so I checked Kebby out of school early and she joined me. She loved going and recorded the heartbeat for me, so Clay could hear along with my family and friends. It was pretty exciting to have Kebby there, although I was so looking forward to Clay hearing the heartbeat. He loved seeing the video. I hope everyone else enjoys it as well. I have probably listened to it a hundred times... I had to do a lot of editing and cut the picture from the audio. It was fun to learn how to edit video but it took a lot of time. I spent a while just putting this clip together so I am proud.

As you hear from the tape the baby's heart beat is on the high side of normal which an old wives tale claims that means a girl, but I am still calling a boy!

Clay and I went on a date tonight. We were both tired but wanted to get some time with the two of us so we went to a good Italian restaurant then we were going to the movie but had too much time in between so we ended up changing our plans. We decided to adventure over to Babies R Us, which we really enjoyed. It surprised us both, but we were there for an hour just looking at everything down every aisle then picked out several clothes we liked if they baby were to be a boy or a girl. Then we came back home to watch a scary movie for Halloween... by the way... Happy Halloween! Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween.

BIG NEWS: December 1st we will find out the sex of our baby! We are both so excited! Well everyone is excited! Family has wondered about buying us baby stuff for Christmas and we kind of went back and forth but now getting further into the pregnancy we are excited to get baby items for Christmas if that is what loved ones want to do. It will save us money in the near future as well. I will just be counting down the days till December 1st. It will feel like Christmas day to me. This holiday season has a much different meaning and joy to me than any other. I already feel less guilty about curling up with my special hot chocolate with marshmallows and a little whipped cream. I weighed in today and I have gained 4 1/2 pounds in 15 weeks. I was a little bummed about that, but I better get use to it, ay? I know the worst is definitely yet to come. But hey- it's so exciting so I guess I don't care all that much, ESPECIALLY since I found some maternity jeans I really like. I thought that would never happen. These don't even have the big band around them... an actual button! :) YAY!

Well I gotta' go curl up with my husband!

Love Little Momma' Swartz

Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm an early bird...

I am one happy pregnant lady because this baby is back to being a morning baby! Every morning for the past week I have been waking up in the 8 o'clock range vs the 11 o'clock range and feel really good! My energy level is rising and I am sleeping better with my new pillow that's bigger than me! Hooray! I'm feeling more and more like my normal self! Although my belly button hurts- and that's a strange part of the body to have hurt. Yuck. Lol.

I love this baby being a morning baby! This morning I may bundle up and wash my car. It's long overdue.

I did have a doctor visit that was unscheduled but everything is fine. When I I went, I was able to hear a glimpse of the heartbeat. It sounded so strange for that noise to becoming from my body and to know it's not my heartbeat. In one more week Clay and I go back to the doctor to listen again and this time I'll be prepared to take it all in! He didn't go last time so he will be shocked and just as excited to hear the heartbeat. What a fun experience for us. I'll never forget. How could I? I blog about it to strangers so I'll always be able to remember! :)

So long for now- oh and in one more week baby Swartz will start responding to sound so the record player has to be turned up. I've already picked the first songs I want this baby exposed to and hopefully this baby is a fan of Bob Dylan. I have some great ones! I know she/he will love it!!!! One kick for no, two kicks for yes!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Baby Brain Drain

On a lighter note, baby brain drain keeps happening to me. The sad thing is I am no longer very good at solving the puzzles on Wheel of Fortune. It's embarrassing when one letter is missing and I still can't think of what the word could possibly be. I'll just blame this on the weird phenomenon of "Baby Brain Drain."

People with Passion

My brother and I had a great conversation today that really sparked my thinking in "passion."

We discussed how important it is to have passion for what you do and who you are. If you are passionate about what you do, then you are creating a better and happier life for you and those around you along with creating a great sense of work ethics. Some people have fabulous work ethics, but hate what they do. What good is that to them? When you work a lot with no passion it does more harm than good, because you eventually get so tired of it due to the lack of passion. This will cause a stagnant life.

Nick has been able to see in his field (commercial real estate) men working in their later years and being extremely successful in worldly terms and in their own terms. They are still full of energy, life, and PASSION. They love what they do, they educate themselves on the latest information, and they work hard. This is especially important to men because they seem to build much more around their careers than a lot of women, although that seems to be changing more and more everyday.

I think people who know me well, know I am "old-school." I believe the woman should be home raising children, taking care of the house, and making sure she is doing the best to multiply her husband as a person and spouse. I know this idea isn't for everyone, but it's what I feel is best for me and my family.

It's funny because Clay works an awful lot and he doesn't complain and he is proud to be taking care of our family, yet he rarely tells me about work. I think it's because his true passion lies in his stories and ideas he thinks up. He is an amazing writer, fiction or non-fiction, but his fiction would amaze anyone. His stories are unique and entertaining. He and a buddy are working on some projects and when he tells me about those he never leaves out a detail and I feel I can literally see his brain working away trying to think of the next line or how the story would look on a camera. His passion for this seems to feel his body. Now I know if someone said to Clay, "We love your stories and we want to pay you for a full year to write a story." My husband would become an instant workaholic by choice and night and day be thinking of the next rhyme or picture or dialogue. His keyboard would have to be replaced monthly from all the writing. He would be watching a football game on Sunday and have to stop to jot something down. There would be a notepad always next to the bed after a brilliant dream. At dinner he would ask what I thought about this ending or story idea. His life would be filled with happiness and purpose that suits him. That energizes him.

I hope everyone is taking part in something that they have a passion for. Some things don't come easy and we have to go after what we love at full force and enjoy life through each moment trying to get there. But passion shouldn't be put off as something we will do only as a hobby or maybe when we retire, but something we can live out energetically.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Is this my body?


It's been awhile. (Mom- are you saying it??)

Okay- well, it has been awhile. But I think I have dreaded writing because it's definitely time for a belly picture but I feel like they may not be a good idea as I just look fat and kind of pregnant. My mom and I are really feeling a boy hence the weight gain everywhere. My torso is rather short (I'm envy of people with long torsos) so I figured the baby would be high and low because there's no one or the other with me. And he is. I'm definitely growing and I feel my stomach really stretching now. I still haven't gained much weight, a couple of pounds... but that's deceiving because I look like I have gained at least ten. My mom says I'll have a rude awakening during my last couple of months- and I am sure of that. I'm bracing myself as I type. By the way, six weeks till we find out if I am right about this baby being a boy. I can't wait either.

Unfortunately here's the picture. I know I could just not post it, but it's all part of being a pregnant woman and I want to be able to look back and see the good, bad, and ugly.

Does the black and white help my cause any? I felt like it did, so ta da.

I am starting to wear my more fitted T-shirts because I do think it might be more noticeable that I am pregnant and not just gaining weight. For awhile I just stuck with T-shirts and loose shirts because I was in a horrible in between state. In six more weeks I think it will be a better prego belly. We hope.

Well this weekend was kind of odd because I started cramping real bad and had to wake Clay up around five something to go get some Sprite and for support. He was soooo kind. I finally got everything under control and decided to call the doctor later that day and he thought I might be coming down with a flu that causes a lot of cramping. Kind of weird. But sure enough he was right because Sunday I took a turn for the worse. I think by tomorrow everything will level back out some. I'm eating lunch right now, which may be deadly soon.

Something happened that deserves it's own post so I won't write much now... plus you'll have to see a picture so you can experience the joy I did. The crib has been bought and three sides of the crib were a gift from Clay's parents and we bought one side. Haha! It was kind of them because we have a dream crib and the baby will feel like a king or queen! I'll post a picture soon and give you all the details on the crib and direction of the room.

I have a great idea. It's actually an invention. Someone smarter than myself should invent sonogram goggles. Pregnant woman can put them on and see their baby at anytime. I always wonder what my little baby is doing and I just want to take a peek so bad... but that's impossible. Our next appointment is on Halloween and we get to hear the heartbeat, but I don't know how he does that so I am guessing we won't see the baby. Then in 4 more weeks we will get another picture that should be plenty clear enough to see if we are having a baby boy first or a little girl! Clay did say he thinks he would like to have a boy first, but I really don't care. I have my reasons for wanting both. Clay will be fabulous with a boy or girl and I can't wait to see him interact with his baby.

I take back my post about Murphy because he has ruined my carpet/area rug. Yes, you can imagine what he has done. He is house-trained but apparently decided against all rules and let loose. The carpet is outside in the driveway after being cleaned with everything recommended by the internet and it's going to stay there so the sun can help dry it and air it out. It's a stain master carpet which seems nice, but in reality I have all these stains that are invisible but stink like well pee.

If you ever come over, the carpet is clean now and if it does still smell then it's being trashed. Sad, sad day. Throwing away money.

So back to my anti-Murphy self... I do love him, but not more than our hard-earned money. If he keeps this up he'll be going. Clay and I are purchasing him a nice bed and possibly a crate to keep him in while we are asleep and while we are both gone. I think it's good for him to learn this new way especially when baby Swartz arrives. Clay doesn't love the ideas but it's his only chance of survival here, Clay and Murphy.

Well, I ate and now I am going back down for awhile. Cream potatoes didn't taste as good as they sounded.

-Little Momma'

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Well after the doctor appointment, the doctor sent me to a place that specializes in different support items, like back braces, support hose, etc. My scoliosis and pregnancy don't mix well and my back is getting worse. It isn't exactly curable but there are things to help such as a "corset." Don't picture a sexy, silky, light pink corset that pushes your breasts up to your chin and laces real pretty in the back... nope, not what I am wearing. I asked the doctor if they could make them a little more like that- he thinks I am crazy. So I got it and despite the ugliness it feels really good. It doesn't bother my stomach and the bulk of it is in the back. I have it under a dress right now and I don't think it is real noticeable. I have an important dinner tonight so if my family can tell I have it on then I'll ditch it. BUT I actually want to wear it because it feels really nice. I would have never found this place on my own so if anyone needs support hose or support for there back then the place is called Close to You. It's in Dallas and they are very kind. They also specialize in a lot of support for after surgeries from cosmetic surgeries to breast cancer.

My Dad has been with CFA for 20 years now and corporate is taking us all out to III Forks tonight to celebrate and honor him. It should be a real good time and I hate Clay is going to miss it and the good food! My baby loves steak! Now only if I could actually eat an entire steak. I guess I'll give it a try tonight since I am not picking up the tab! :) I seriously doubt it. Maybe Mom will split it with me!

Speaking of Mom we are going to go look at a new counter top tomorrow that is granite and recycled material combined. It's newer to the market and my mom's granite guys swears by it. I am pretty excited to see it. Also next week I think I am learning how to lay tile. My mom's tile man (she's a pimp) said he would teach us. He said if I got real good I could strap my baby on my back next year and work for him. My mom told him not to tempt either one of us. We have been dying to learn how to do this. We think it looks easy so I'll let you know. I can lay a hardwood floor though! My grandparents and dad can vouch for me on that.

Gun update. Rocky looked at the gun I like and agreed it would be a nice little gun for me. Although I found out some news. No shooting while pregnant. Some say yes, some say yes until the 20th week, and some say no. But I looked up the reasons why not to do it and they are pretty serious. The main reasons are shooting ranges have high levels of lead and the noise from all the shooting can affect your baby. Both can cause terrible outcomes even miscarriage. Also, women who are pregnant in law enforcement are not allowed to participate in shooting practice during pregnancy and if they are breast feeding. That's enough of a reason for me to say I can wait awhile to shoot the gun, although I think I still will get it. It will make me feel safe and in the case I needed it to save my life and my child's (sorry kid, you are attached to me) I would not hesitate.

Well I need to look at some hair cuts because I am changing mine up some on Friday, but don't worry family- no length shall be lost!

Love Y'all!
Little Momma'

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

No exciting news yet...

The doctors visit went just great although it wasn't the most pleasant visit. I had to get my blood work done and go through a million questions. And not mention I had a few questions of my own. My doctor and nurses are just great and they always put me at ease and make me laugh! He made sure he answered all my questions and didn't rush me. I appreciate that because I always like straight-forward but thorough answers.

My next appointment is Halloween and Clay and I will be able to hear the heartbeat. I will be starting my fifth month that day! Sounds crazy! Then right around Thanksgiving we will find out if this baby is a boy or girl! We both like the idea of surprising ourselves but everyone is so excited and I know both grandparents are dying to shop so we are going to find out. In about one more month I will really get going on the nursery starting with paint and restructuring the closet! I have a great idea that mom gave me that will be too cute and affordable. That closet is a little bit of a nightmare because of it's shape. But I will fix it!

Well today I didn't feel well and it took me awhile before I got up and going. Thanks Clay! But before I went to work I headed to the gun store. I picked out a few revolvers I liked that I feel would be a good choice for home protection in the house. Clay is a little more resistant to the idea but we are going to get one. I will feel much more protected and confident. Rocky is going to look over some I like. I don't want to buy one immediately just to own one, but I would like to purchase it soon. A little scary and surreal going into a gun store knowing you feel the need to own a gun in case you need to stop someone who is in your home threatening the life of your baby, spouse, or self. It's scary. What happen to the days when no one locked the door and 911 didn't even need to exist? I could go on and on about this as I have been doing a lot of research, but it's such a weird topic and not one I will continue on my blog.

I'll write later!

Love Nat

Friday, October 3, 2008

Clay's Dog and Me

I do love Murphy- finally after four years his little cut-off tail and shedding self has rubbed off on me and he has become my little friend. Every time my mom comes over she notices his chew toys out, hair on the furniture, and the way he smells and when she starts to say something... I have to remind her I am now a dog owner and yes these things stink, they are the cons, no good, but I am a dog owner, so what are we gonna' do about it? Haha! I spend a lot of time with Murphy Mervin so I think we are closer than him and Clay, although when Clay got home last night, Murphy went bonkers and exploded with excitement. At that moment I kind of wished dogs could talk... I wonder what Murphy would have said.

"Oh, Clay. I missed you so much. When I went pee today I thought about how I watch you through the gate play basketball with Natalie and I wanted to cry. I wondered how much longer till you came home? Then when I slept for half the day I dreamed about you giving me treats behind Natalie's back and how sweet that is of you. Then when I realized I was starving I wished you were here because Natalie forgets to put food in my bowl until she gets home from babysitting. Oh Clay, but you are finally here and I will never leave your side. Will you sneak me on the furniture and cover me up so you can secretly still pet me? I love you Clay."

Hehe! Clay and I have a Murphy voice so when I wrote what Murphy would say I was using his made-up voice in my head!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Homemade Cards-

Something I hadn't done in awhile was make a card for someone. About a year ago I decided to make cards instead of buying them. I figured I could make them for no more than they cost and with my all my scrapbooking stuff I needed to use more than I was. I scrapbooked our wedding and knew I wouldn't scrap much until it was baby time... which is now. So I used all my fun girly things to make cards! I wish I took pictures of all the cards I made because my favorites have been given out to friends and family. But I have a few pictures of manly cards I made for Clay.

This card was fun to make because I knew I wanted it to go with the theme of Clay's birthday last year. He wanted a record player so I wanted the card to have a record type theme. After looking all over I couldn't find a card so I decided to make it. I put a record player on it and made the inside go with the whole theme. Then on the back I stamped "Do what you love, Love what you do" which became my trademark, you could say. This got stamped on almost all my cards since. I then made an envelope to go with it (which I don't have pictured) that was an old Bob Dylan Record Cover. See what you think of the card:
And by the way- the whole record player was a hit and just since May he has collected over 200 really amazing records! And you better believe we are loaded with Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash!

The next card I just made for a family I have prayed a lot for. The Groh Family. Stacy, my good good friend, has been dating this sweet guy for a long time now and his dad was paralyzed from the neck/chest down from a tragic bicycle accident on a public trail. I wanted to send them a special note, although Clay and I have only had the pleasure of meeting Eric, I know there family has to be great. So I got busy making cards again, and forgot how fun it was! Check out their card... (I skipped the inside picture because it was mostly writing!):

Okay this card didn't turn out as cute as I wanted, but I was in a hurry, it was late, and I had already made the real thing... a cherry pie. I made Clay a homemade cherry pie since he is working so much and decided to make a card to match... it said "Cute as Pie" and the inside said "And Even Sweeter" with a special note.

The next card was just a card to Clay to say he is wonderful. I choose to use a bad word because I found it humorous and only intended for my husband to see it, but I like it- so I'll show it. Most of these you see aren't real girly because they were for Clay...I so wish you could see my other ones! Excuse the bad word:

And last (oh how I wish you could see others) is a boring one, but fit a guy well that just was saying Thank You to Clay for being so wonderful. It is definitely boyish:

I'll have to start making more and taking pictures of the ones I think are super cute! As soon as I get my office finished (it's so close) I'll take a couple of pictures!

I have been playing around with different looks for my blog- so sometimes it may look odd if it's under construction! Hehehe!

Love Nat

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Long Time No Talk To!!!

Hey Everyone!

Well it has been awhile since I have given any updates. I am in my tenth week and my next doctor's appointment is less than two weeks away. I am excited to start my second trimester. My nausea is a lot better and I seem to be able to keep it all under control with the help of food! Although my sense of smell has heightened and the wrong smell can make me sick fast. This soup I fix for Clay (no soup for awhile) made me really sick a couple of weeks ago and Clay had wings for the Cowboy game and unfortunately I had to beg him to eat them outside because they smelled so stinky. The smell was infesting the whole house and I just couldn't bare it. He wasn't happy but I popped him some popcorn for the game and he forgot all about it!

I haven't written in awhile because I've been up to something. Read carefully: Clay's office is being moved to my office and my office is being moved to our sitting/record room and the record room is being combined into the den and Clay's new office, and Clay's old office is being cleaned out to become the nursery. The furniture in the record room I sold to a friend and will help pay for things I want in the nursery. Although I don't want too much stuff. A comfy upholstered rocking chair, a jenny lind crib (I am going to paint it and probably glaze it), a rug, and a chandelier. The rest will be small stuff. I would like to find an old short dresser drawer and paint it a cute color to sit next to the crib. I can put super cute knobs on it! I don't want it to be tall, so it doesn't block the view of the crib- you know this crib will be cute and the chandelier will hang over it! I also don't want a changing table. Some may think I'm crazy but come to find out my mom never wanted one either and didn't have one for any of us. Like mother, like daughter.

I need to post pictures of my new office. It's finally been organized (well kinda') and I need to do some finishing touches but then I can post some pics. Clay's new office is going to be killer. I can't wait to put it all together. I think it will have a mature look, like a daddy, but still have his creative personality showing through it. I think he will really enjoy the big window in that room!

Well back to the pregnancy... my back is killing me and some days it feels like it is broken. Come to find out my mom confessed that when I was in high school, the doctor told her at one of my scoliosis appointments, that a pregnancy would be hard on my back. Well, I know back pain can start early, well before you show, but this is pretty intense... so I am more eager to get to the doctor. Laying down is actually the most comfortable position for my back... well have to see what he says.

Well I don't have to work today so I am going to finish all the things on my to do list! Talk to everyone soon!

Love Nat

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thanks Meme and Papa...

I shout out to my grandparents in Arkansas! They sent me the cutest, softest bear for the baby that says My First Friend. It's so cute and gets me even more excited when I see it! Sometimes I can actually forget my body is growing a baby so it's the sweetest little reminder! (Trust me, I don't forget for very long! :) )

Thanks Meme and Papa! We are so glad you are apart of this incredible experience!

Love y'all!


Monday, September 15, 2008

Nightmare. Schmightmare.

It was going to be a dreadful day, but little did we know just how dreadful of a day it would be. Despite the dread we were dreading, we were all going to be a bit relieved once the verdict was announced. Of course we hoped for and expected a guilty verdict with life sentencing (no chance of parole) or the death sentence, which it all seemed an easy way out for him.

The court room looked like a pile of leeches, everyone slithering around wanting the ending to this terrible story, just sucking the air out of the place. Every media man on earth was there and the population that didn't show up was glued to their television, from the busy, multi-tasking twenty year olds to the retired, hard of hearing grandparents. The family, the poor family. It's comparable to when that lucky son of a b... wins the lottery every stinking person they have ever encountered comes crawling out of the closet to just to say hi and put on a show of how needy they are... same thing. Everyone the family knew came to "support" but it only caused a frenzy. The Whitten family didn't need a frenzy. They needed justice... and frankly they needed the kind of justice that the United States Court System couldn't deliver... only God could. And instead of cursing this man on trail, everyone should be praying for him. He's going to get what's coming, sooner or later.

My father was in the zone today, in fact he has been in zone for the last several months as this was and needed to be the only case, the only thing he put his attention on. The cameras and uproars in the court room never phased him and my mother never attended the trail until today.

I sat back as my job wouldn't come until later wondering how these bastards that call themselves lawyers, went to Harvard Law, raised by honest, hard-working folks could defend this creature. You almost hate to call him a man, because he's clearly not the kind of man you think of when you hear the word "man"... whether you think of a pervert whistling at you as you walk by feeling the horniness radiating from him or you think of a man who loves unconditionally, patient with gentle hands. Well this creature, this male isn't either and certainly is not nor never will be the latter of the two.

The court room was brought to silence. Everyone stilled. The last day of the trial begin and each side made their point to the 12 jury members so they could decide the fate of this trial, this creature, all of the hard work, and provide partial justice. The judge never seemed bored as you might imagine during a trial this lengthy but instead seemed like God, high and mighty on His throne. God nodded to each side, seemed oddly fair in a situation that no one else could be, and really took in all the evidence and witnesses to help regulate what when on and what was decided. God? Do you think that God ever sits in a court room to see how we humans are managing the good and evil? Whether He is physically sitting in a court room or not, I believe He does check in on us to see how we do handle the good and evil of this world.

The closing arguments were complete opposite in approach, which one may expect. The defense team went for sympathy, pleaded insanity for his client, talked about whatever good he had managed to do during his short lifetime and somehow tried to show how the evidence just didn't add up, but my dad, the prosecutor, attacked the man, shedding his layers to reveal his raw, disgusting nature, not that it was hard to reveal. He made a chilling closing argument that made anyone want to scream, "GUILTY. GUILTY. TO THE DEATH CHAIR." The most upsetting, but convicting evidence of all were the pictures and videotapes that were shown privately to the jurors as it was crucial for media not to get ahold of or anyone for that matter. The Whitten's were given the option to see it, which baffles me, but Mr. and Mrs. Whitten choose not to and requested the tapes be burned after the trail. I don't think the request was granted but I believe the family was assured all the evidence would be secured.

The Whitten's set right behind my father, with the rest of the world behind them. The day was long with an hour break, call it a lunch a break, then a few more hours to fight. Around four o'clock it came time for the jury to deliberate. Sometimes this can take days but in our case, two hours tops. My job has now begun.

I was in charge of reading the final verdict and with much relief I was able to read guilty. Really no surprise to me, but the rest of the world needed to hear it. Not the Whitten family and not my family, as we knew what the outcome would be and it would never take back this horrific crime, but the rest of the world, they did. They needed it.

I suspect if for some odd reason my dad had failed, and this person was set free, Mr. Whitten wouldn't have let his freedom last long. He would have put an end to it, to his life.

The courtroom become unmanageable as the outcries and profanity became so loud they would pierce your soul although they were only aimed at one soul and that soul might as well be dead. He had none. He was cuffed around the ankles and they added chains to his cuffs, both top and bottom. He had no reaction through the trial and just gave a sly smile when the guilty verdict was read. It made you want to puke or just beat the life out of him. Maybe that's what we should have done, one by one, take our turns. All though the jurors spared his life, he had no chance of parole. He would be in the most secured prison in the world and not allowed a single visitor. He would live in a black hole. The jurors explained they felt like he should live with what he did, not try to be rehabilitated as they thought his chance were one out of the rest of the population and felt like the death sentence was an easy way out. The family thanked my father and left the courtroom through a back exit with a car ready. My father had no choice but to give a few words to the media and they were short and brief then we left as well.

After a long day and stress-filled half of a year, we were silent in the car, but happy. Dad's phone rang more than a help hot line, but it wasn't until the same number called a few times back to back when he thought it may be best to answer. Panic overtook his face. He became pale and sweaty and just kept saying, "Yes sir, Yes sir, I understand." A life sentence without parole frees us from retaliation fear, but we should have been smarter with this case. This fear we have had in the past had now became a reality and caused a physical reaction, not just an emotion. Somehow unexplained at the time, the guilty monster was able to free himself from the transporting and was hiding. He was back to his old games already. And his favorite we have found out is Hide and Seek.

We were immediately taken to a safe house that reminded me oddly of my dad's parents house they had lived in during my childhood. From the front it looks like a simple one-story, cute and quaint home, then the one story magically turns into a two story as it has been built on a rather large slope. The neat thing about this house it your upstairs has your main headquarters including the kitchen, and your downstairs consist of a large master and a few extra small rooms that could be offices, nurseries, or large walk-in closets. Their is a bottom and top deck which makes the master have a cabin feel as wood surrounds you from all angles, especially with the trees sprinkled throughout the back. The house helped me feel comforted as it brought back memories. That comfort wouldn't last long as a message was found letting the media and police know, He was free. He wasn't going to let some suited, grey haired man put him in prison for life, at least not without one more kill.

I didn't know how to feel. Confident they would catch him? Scared he was smarter than everyone had given him credit for? There was no reason for him to fear death, he had nothing to loose.

In a matter of time, unknown to anyone, he found us. After a brutal battle that lasted through the rest of the night and more lives lost, our lives were spared. God was watching in that court room seeing how we as people and believers handled good and bad and must have decided we had more to do or something like that. We were alive. My dad was in critical condition and whisked away and the rest of us knew we would spend a few days in a hospital but would be able to share this story, rather we wanted to or not.

As far as Mr. Hide and Seek, he might of found us, but didn't win. He didn't die either. Taking to his original destination, that black hole and as far as anyone knows, he made it. But for every one's sake, let's pray he indeed did make it and currently resides there...

Resides there, far away from here in a dream world, which all happened to me during a night this week around 3:30 a.m. I woke up out of breathe, ready to scream. I knew sleeping wasn't an option at this point, so got up and of course checked all doors. I then went ahead and fixed Clay's lunch as well as my brother's and left a note for Clay letting him know I put them in the refrigerator. Thirty minutes later I returned to bed and snuggled up to Clayton and whispered, "I had a nightmare. Will you snuggle up with me?" He mumbled and curled around me and played with my hair as he laid there snoring. I was never so glad to hear him snore or have him pull on my knotted hair. I feel asleep and dreamed pleasantly the rest of the night.

I have read that pregnancy can make your dreams more intense, more real-life, and more frequent. I have always had dreams that were full of action and people I knew, but this may have surpassed them all... so to you, I gave a glimpse of my dream world, and in this case, a Natalie nightmare. And maybe the longest post ever.

Congratulations to those of you who made it through. What true blogger friends!

And P.S. In the time it took me to write this- I think I grew a little. Next picture at the end of three months!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl...

Today is 9/11 and I still remember where I was and what I was doing when everything happened. You just have to take a moment of silence today and thank God for the good, even though there is so much bad and pay respect to the people we lost that day and since then.

Man, oh man. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to this "morning" sickness. I was great until around 2 p.m. today. My dad is taking me to Tino's soon so hopefully some hot sauce will settle the little baby down! I promise Baby Swartz when you are born I won't hold all of this sickness against you- you'll be so worth it!

I think it would be fun to be pregnant the same time as a friend, or sister, or sister-in-law. I'm officially older than he is since I am married and now pregnant! We get a good laugh over it. We also laugh about me being pregnant with the third when he's just working on number one! Nick and Kebby will catch up though, we have vowed to each have five! Nick is the least on board, but maybe his wife will want a big family or maybe they will get five little surprises... I'm praying for either! Nick's wife will be lucky because I tell him so much so he'll be ahead of the game and be a wonderful and charming husband... I think. Maybe I should pray for that too! Lol. I think my five will be done by the time Kebby gets pregnant! Hahaha! Let's think: if she gets pregnant at my age (23) then I would be 30... and maybe have four, not five by then. Two years apart sounds good, but if we all go for 5 that makes 15 babies between the three of us and the odds of having twins are...well, I just did the math and according to what I read and with 15 babies we have a %45 chance of having twins in the mix. We should have some kind of bet or deal for the one who produces twins!!!

I am so excited about the number of votes I have received! I don't know who all these readers are, but totally hyped. For those of you who don't know how to leave comments ;) just e-mail me! It's fun that people read your meaningless thoughts about a whole lot of nothing!

"I would like to first thank God, then my manly husband, then my family, then my blog readers...I couldn't have done this without you. I will treasure...." HAHAHAHA! Just kidding.

Shout out to all my readers since I only tend to do shout outs to my family! Love y'all!

Hopefully dad will be done working out soon so he can take me to dinner. Clay is working tonight but we look forward to seeing Burn After Reading tomorrow night on our little date. Anyone who reads this pray for my nausea tomorrow so I can finally enjoy some husband time! Throw up would really ruin the evening! Hahaha!

Until the next time you read-
Little Momma'

Hehehe. Thought this picture would be a nice touch...