Thursday, April 24, 2008

inspired by mom

my husband is creative and likes to read and write... well i can't forget that i do as well...

so recently i let him in on a secret, partly. i am writing a book. inspired by mom. i feel like i am suppose to write it... the idea lies only between my mother and myself. and the world is in desperate need of this book. believe it or not.

i'll see how this one goes then my next work of art may be on something more embarrassing for my dad to tell people about... but this will have to come much later in life when i can officially be a pro on the topic.

although i am going out of order on the book writing- eh- does it really matter?


Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I could fall in love with you
But it's not my fault
'Cause you are the prettiest thing I've seen

Just stay awake for me
'Cause I can't fall asleep
I'll give you anything
To just stay awake, make love to me

Holding you so damn tight, unconditional
As you're fallen asleep in the dark

Baby hold on tight
Give me all you got tonight
And stay awake with me, make love to me

Monday, April 21, 2008


man oh man. i hate it when guys think girls are so moody- i'll be the first to say we are as moody as hell- which actually- hell isn't moody- it's just one big bad mood so moody as... moody as girls. but.... my point isn't about moody girls- it's about moody boys! man oh man. boys are just as moody as girls. and they have no excuse... although male pms exists. kebby and clay happen to be a little moody during our tennis challenge last night! it was comical although i felt bad for both of them and more so for nick g because he had to witness the whole sha-bang. i told clay he better apologize or he will become the "brother-in-law." she is cool now and clay admits he acts like an infant on the court.

incase i didn't mention kebby and i beat nick g and clay. 7 games to five. then they had the nerve to claim we cheated so nick g said if we could win one out of six he'd be cool. he's cool cause we did it.

thanks to dad i have a pro racquet (or is racket?) (hmm?) and a nice tennis bag- only thing- kebby and i decided that it is more embarrassing when you have the nice stuff and i better get better.

peace out


i'll fly away
to a dream more satisfying
something so good
i can feel it in front of me

come with me
i'll fly away
and hold you all the way there
i'll show you a new world

a sea of love
electricity between two
i've been sleeping awhile now
i'll fly away every day


Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Everyone needs a little "Kebby-ness".

Clay and I had her surprise birthday bash at our home and it was just thrilling. I had a wonderful time prepping for it with mom all weekend and couldn't wait for her to walk through the door and to see her bright eyes light up. (If anyone saw the SNL skit a couple of weekends ago- unfortunately, no lie, that was me.) To see the love she fills in people's hearts is really something that will make you pause and check your own life. Everyone just really seem to be excited with her and was honored to celebrate her birthday.

The big surprise was a super duper cute car that dad did a great job picking out. It fits her to a tee.

Being a little older it is much more enjoyable seeing her hit each new phase of her life. I appreciate it more. I think it gives me a glimpse of what having children will be like...and boy, oh boy, can I wait?

I really think people that have a chance to really be around my little sis will be convinced that some kind of magical thing happened. She just overflows with genuine kindness. So everyone does need a little "Kebby-ness."

Much love to her-
Drive on...Drive on...

~The big sis

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

creative minds do not come easy...

This can go two ways...

1. Creative minds are rare. Creative people work to feed their minds with more creativity and to always challenge their minds. A bakery will produce bigger and better cakes than before, good writers are current and witty, designers refresh their minds and stay one step ahead... Creativity is a gift yet it has to be attended to.

2. Creative people have to prove themselves and proving the magic in their creative minds isn't always an easy job, therefore great jobs for creative minds do not come easy...