Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

This year might have been one of my top favorite Christmases. Hope everyone else has a blessed holiday- more pictures and details to come!


And yes, we have on matching pajamas from Gram and Popper… and yes, Lola made us put them on right then and there, so we all got tickled and took a family picture! Lola’s last Christmas as an only child! ;) Hope she enjoyed it! I think it’s safe to say we all enjoyed it very much.

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Best Friends

Today Lola and I killed some time by eating a late lunch at our favorite place, Chick-fil-A until Aubrey and Laura came over to exchange Christmas gifts. 

After we ate, Lola went to socialize on the playground. A little boy approached her to inform her that the other other kid playing was his friend.  And Lola responded, “Well I am waiting on my best friend, Aubrey. (She turns to me…) Rightttt, mom?  Oh and that’s MY mom.”  I kind of smiled/smirked because when she ended with "that’s MY mom” it seemed as though I was suppose to be impressive.  Moments like that remind me how much she loves me back and I hope she still says things like that at 16.  (If not I will just reread this post in 14 years… haha… and make her read it too!) 

Well we get back home and finally our BFs come over and Laura took pictures while I decided to video it since I still have my mom’s video camera… they are so cute.  Why don’t I take more videos?  Oh yes, my Flip broke. But we put in a special request to Santa :)

Enjoy the videos of these two sweet girls… They crack me up.  When Aubrey was 4 months old and Lola was a newborn- Laura and I talked about how we couldn’t wait for these moments!  And they are so cute- although they have their bad moments too.  Can’t believe Aubrey is now 3 years old~  Happy Birthday!  We loved celebrating with you this week.

Video time…


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

25 Weeks/Belly Picture- Dun, dun, dun…

Well I start my 26th week tomorrow and 14 weeks to go just doesn’t seem far away at all… but when I think about how much the baby will grow in 14 weeks, I can’t imagine being and feeling that much bigger!  Two nights ago I slept for 13 hours and last night hardly 5 hours.  Went to bed after 1 a.m. and woke up at 3:30 a.m. with really bad indigestion or something of that nature and couldn’t go to sleep.  Lola and Clay are on either side of me snoring and I just wanted to get up and sew… I knew if I did I would never go back to sleep and I need my sleep these days…although I have always been one to need my sleep- it’s just worse now! ;)  Lack of sleep while pregnant means I have zero tolerance… and that’s not good and obvious to everyone around me.  Oops.  Sorry family and friends…

But- here’s a belly picture!

I forgot to have Clay take one so I took one with my camera on timer and Lola was playing around me…  About this time in my pregnancy I always want to cut my hair off and last time I did, but bc I promised Clay and bc Laura keeps reminding me it will make this L&D look different in pics, I am leaving it to grow.  


She soon caught on and quickly jumped in the picture and later I realized she posed too!  Haha- so cute!


I have a doctor appt next week and will be 27 weeks then… Interested to see my latest weight gain.  I think it’s rising fast now. BTW these are my favorite pregnancy jeans.  Gram bought this for me (Gap) and they are the ones that have not much of a band at all.  Last pregnancy I hated these and wanted the full band and this pregnancy I hate the full band and LOVE these!  They are pretty darn comfortable and will easily fit the entire pregnancy. Thanks Gram! Gap always seems to pull through on maternity jeans/pants.

Lola may just go to the next appt with me.  She has been dying to and I think it’s a good thing for her.  She has been the sweetest big sister already… although she isn’t a big fan when we are working on the nursery… She starts to want a little more attention than normal. Hoping that is better when there is a baby here for her to love on and not worse.  She still talks to my belly all the time and definitely is well aware that my tummy is getting bigger and bigger by the week.  She says the cutest little things about it that only your two year old daughter could get away with saying.  Oh Lolie- I love you.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lola’s Christmas Program (Plus Baby Loving)

Lola had her school Christmas program this week and it was pretty cute.  The 2 year old class is brought in at the end to help sing the closing song- She did great, although not much singing! She just looked around at all the other kids like “what are you all doing?”

On the way to school, I told her I would for sure be there and couldn’t wait to see her on stage.  She happily responded with “Are you going to take pictures of me and all my friends?”  I assured her I was!

Here she is entering the sanctuary and she seemed to be looking for me, so I decided to catch her on the way down the aisle and say hi!  It distracted her but she seemed so happy to know where we were sitting…. I videoed it so everyone could see (because I know it’s just what y’all have always wanted…jk)

  019  027

She stood there pretty good and only a few times handed her candle to her teacher so she could step down. Lol


Sorry for the crazy videoing, but Kebby did that (she has moved back home-hooray!)… maybe not her strong point.  ;)  The video does have a funny highlight- one of the little girls was pushed off the stage by the falling boy behind her-

I love this short video at the end- she really loves me… don’t grow out of this Lola!  She ran right to me and she had such a proud smile on her face…adorable!

Way to go LOLA!  I am so proud of you!

And we are thankful for her teachers so we made them cute bags to let them know we appreciate them!

010 013

So my dear friend Lisa came over yesterday and we finally got some girl time!  But of course she brought one of her 3 precious kids, Alexander…. he is so darn cute and Lola was so captivated by him!  Lisa was amazing with Lola and so glad she shared Alexander with her…


She wanted to tell him secrets…


and give lots of kisses…


and tickle him…


and tell him jokes…


and feed him! (from Lisa’s phone)


It was so overwhelming and sweet to see her so excited over a baby at the house… and she didn’t mind he was a boy even though she still firmly believes momma’s baby is a girl… Alexander fell asleep so we put him in the crib set up in the nursery (like the only thing set up in there) and it was so sweet to see a glimpse of my life in just a few months.  April 5th- hurry it up! I can’t wait! And apparently neither can Clay!  Him and Nick were at the house and offered to watch both kids while we got out!  What?! Amazing- so we ran out the door! Clay did great with two- but after we showed him all the pics of Lola loving on Alexander, him and Nick said they wouldn’t let her do that at all while they babysat!  Poor Lola! Haha…

So I know, I know- I need a bump picture… I am 25 weeks and definitely getting bigger! My bump seems so much bigger just in the last 3 days… and so does this baby!  It’s crazy what a week difference can make it the movements I feel.  Lola and I are going to Aubrey’s 3 year old birthday party today and are excited but I will get Clay to snap a picture of us before we leave so I can upload it later! Belly pictures are less fun this time around… why?  I don’t know- but they are.  But another baby is more exciting!  We all can’t wait!

Thursday, December 15, 2011



Well I placed in the top ten again with the Prudent Baby contest!  :)  One of these days I hope to win- but still am proud! Here’s my stocking!  Placing in the top ten means I get to pick out a yard of Fabric over at  Woo-hoo! 

I have to admit that I enjoyed using an old sweater to sew with and even used it as my bias tape around the stocking!  And was glad to get come practice at the Chevron quilting- not as simple as I thought… thinking I will use a different pattern for the baby quilt- which I need to start!

Speaking of baby- this baby is getting so big and strong!  I can’t believe just 3.5 months left.  I am so ready now so just think what I will be saying in March!  ;)  Hopefully things will continue to fly by!

Soon I can post nursery pictures… I need to finish a couple of key things before I can do any decorating- but want to show the room soon!

Lola’s Christmas program was today at school and hope to post a little video and some pictures soon!  She is so big, but so little at the same time.  Just love her.  Actually cried today thinking about how much I love and adore this little bitty person… I think I will be glad to have pregnancy hormones gone, but until then- I will enjoy my break-down moments.  Hehehehe…

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Prudent Baby Stocking…

Prudent Baby had a contest that I surely knew I would enter… but this pregnancy feels like a drug and not the kind that makes you all giggly and hyper, but the kind  that makes you want to sleep (and eat… a lot).  But thanks to an extended deadline and some Prudent Baby energy being sent my way (Their website and their prize will energize you too!) I got my unmotivated pregnancy booty in my sewing chair for… um…. hours.  And I am finally finished with a stocking I am proud of!  The contest gist- make a stocking using knit fabric in some way… and the prize… a Brother serger… Really excited about the prize, but not so much with sewing with knit.  Something I have been putting off.  It wasn’t terrible, but definitely not my go-to choice of fabric!  Stretchy stuff… not my sewing friend.  Oh but the things we will do for a good PB Contest! ;)

I’ll give a sneak peak of it finished on my work table…


And before long I will be sleeping like a baby Lola.


But first I must go set up for a work party, mingle a bit, come home to a nice long bath and cup of hot chocolate, then organize my closet.  Not putting it off a day longer, unless the pregnancy pill takes over again! ;)  At least the house and sewing room are all put back together with a fresh vacuum.  Awe.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Thanksgiving- When? What? Ooops.

I don’t know if I can blame this on pregnancy brain drain, lack of NO pictures, or simply not being my favorite holiday- but I totally didn’t blog or acknowledge Thanksgiving!  What in the world?

Well here is this year’s run down of the holiday- My side of the family did a Thanksgiving lunch the Sunday before since Nick would be gone on Thanksgiving- Where might you ask?  Only gone to Cozumel to become an Ironman!  Woohoo- which he did! So it was nice… didn’t get any pictures but my mom covered the table in paper and wrote our names down as place settings but everyone wrote something by your name telling why they are thankful for you… my dad wrote on Clay’s name “For putting up with Natalie”  Bauhahahaha… the rest were pretty sweet…. And I liked the idea a lot!  We had a great time and everyone liked the new recipes these year (except Lola and myself- we both agree it is weird to eat Turkey).

On Thanksgiving day we had a nice time at Debbie and Rocky’s house with Clay’s side.  It was nice not having to split up the day-  Took Lola awhile to warm up to extended family she doesn’t see as often, but once she did- she was very entertaining and had a great time.  Once again, lots of good food and good times…  Clay stayed awhile after us to watch the game and keep hanging out, but Lola was ready after several hours, so we headed home and c-r-a-s-h-e-d.  My pregnant self gets outlasted by Lola a lot now- but at the end of the day we both equally love to crash.

I really am much more of a Christmas girl though and am looking forward to the next couple weeks.  My oven is broken (tears falling…) and so hopefully we can fix it soon so I can keep baking holiday cookies.  They are my favorite.  Lola and I will need to make some Spritz cookies!  Such a sucker for sweets.  Hoping it’s nothing major- and just the element thing at the top… half the oven works still!

Well- despite Thanksgiving not being my favorite and slipping by me- I am a very thankful girl this year. 

1. A new baby arriving less than 4 months away (Do you like how I said arriving as if he or she will pleasantly be dropped in my lap and I don’t have to actually push the baby out of my vagina!?)        

2. Clay has a wonderful new job as an Editor for Boy’s Life Magazine… he started the first of this month and seems to already really enjoy it!  We are really excited about the change… Clay is good at landing job’s when I am pregnant!  Seems to be a pattern now! :)

3. Of course I am always thankful for Lola- extra thankful that she seems so excited about being a big sister though!  I know she will be the best big sister!

4. Thankful for so many other things this year too: family of course, Sew Creative, CFA job, my home, health, and just the joy over the fact that 2012 already seems to be falling into place for everyone.  It’s going to a be damn good year and excited to see what God has in store for everyone- including if this kick-boxing baby of mine is a boy or a girl!  Woo-hoo!   

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dear Silent Reader-

This isn’t to a secret lover people- but this one silent reader will hopefully get a kick out of my funny (but loving) jokes today….

Love, Natalie


Monday, December 5, 2011

Merry Christmas from Sew Creative

It feels quite odd, but this year, for possibly the first year in my entire life, I don’t have a tree in my own bedroom… Our second big tree I decided to put in the Sew Creative Studio (my craft room) since I spend so much time sewing and creating in what now is my favorite room in the house (even though every room is quite favorable to me!).  I thought the girls taking lessons would enjoy it too!  Can’t wait for them to see!

Thought I would share pictures of my room and crafty Christmas tree that I actually didn’t decorate- my mother did!  Kind of a trade off- I went with Kebby to help register her for Spring classes (good ol’ college advising- do not miss that!) and mom stayed at my house to entertain Lola and… she got crafty and decorated my tree.  I didn’t want to spend the money on ornaments for it and thought at some point this month I would make some… mom to the unmotivated, pregnant girl’s rescue!

Okay I will show the tree first!  Not one penny was spent on decorating this tree…



031 032

My mom may have bought the little red frames she painted- so maybe a few dollars?

036  042

Pictures of the entire room! Absolutely love that I turned this into a crafting and sewing room! (Ignore Lola trying to put her panties and pants back on in my foyer- crazy, sweet girl)


My ironing board gets used religiously and I think I should just leave it set up- similar to bed making- why make it every day when you get back into it at night?  Just makes you feel better to make it I guess… so I hang it back up.


Ginni and I managed to shove this $25 bookshelf into her car and so glad we did.  I have loved it and even grew to really like it stacked on top of the dresser donated by Clay’s parents and painted by me!


Still love the green shutter solution to hide to Lowe’s garage type shelf when entering… but still love the Lowe’s garage type shelf for storage.  It works perfectly.

030 025

002 (3)

The room has gotten tons of use and imagine it will only get more and more through the years.  Everyone seems to so enjoy it like I do and that makes me happy to share it.  Also, love that other lovelies are developing a passion to sew and create!

005 030 023 (3) 007 (2) 073 (2)

For more pictures and information on Sew Creative, visit Sew Creative.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Little Baker

Lola is so darn cute right now and has so much life in her.  She just doesn’t like to switch to off mode very much.  I am hoping once she adjust to a baby being around it will help her feel more settled and give her a play buddy.  Her sweet nurturing side may really enjoy having a baby around but her energized, moving body may get frustrated the baby can’t play with her. 

We got the pleasure of seeing Rachel and her little 4 month old boy, Jackson today.  Lola just wanted to hold him so bad and luckily got to!  She might have held him all day if she could and if we would let her.  She was patiently waiting to hold him and finally said to everyone at the table while she reached her arms out as far as they would reach “Can I have that?” I reminded her that the baby wasn’t a that, but a baby boy named Jackson.  She said his name so cute.  Love seeing her around babies!

Lola and I baked sugar cookies yesterday and rolled them out and the mess she made with flour was unreal.  It was everywhere!  And I laughed as she rolled the rolling pin just like Nonna does.  You never realize someone has rolling pin style until you see someone else copy them.  It was crazy how I instantly knew that was the exact way my mom rolls out her cookie dough… I need a video of this.  BUT I did manage a few pictures…

She was thrilled to be making a mess sugar cookies.



Probably a half of cup of flour fell from her shirt.


Love her eyes… oh and nose… and really her lips too.


Lola thought it may kill her to wait for them to cool.


A little sun coming through the blinds… whoops.


Wait, our yellow iced cookie needs PINK sprinkles.


A PILE of pink sprinkles!


Thought she still looks baby-like in this picture… kind of like it.  Don’t grow up Lola!


She seems to really like the sugar cookie, but I’ll go ahead and admit that they didn’t turn out as good as their ratings.  I tried a chewy sugar cookie recipe and didn’t care for them.  We still had fun and she wasn’t too picky.  Lola and I are a sucker for icing.

We will have just as much fun trying a new recipe soon!


Have I mentioned Lola hates dirty hands and her clothes getting wet even if it is barely any water.  I tried to assure her it was okay just to lick the icing off her fingers…


So she gave it a honest try, but it didn’t work.  Had to put the camera down and wash her hands, face, and change her shirt so she could be happy again.  Then she wanted me to feed her the cookie so she didn’t have to touch it… crazy girl!


Last but not least, Aunt Kebby spent the night recently and Lola was ALL ABOUT AUNT KEBBY!  It was so cute and I kept telling Lola it was bedtime and she kept squeezing Aunt Kebby’s face and telling me “I am talking to Aunt Kebby.  Not ready for bed…”  Then Lola would proceed to whisper and giggle to Kebby.  Pretty cute… don’t you think they look so much a like?


Uncle Nick got a dose of Lola’s loving too.  He came home after finishing the IRONMAN (more on this later) and made me promise to leave Lola up past her bedtime so he could see her.  He walked in and she ran down the hallway super fast screaming his name and leaped into his arms.  Nick was so excited and proud and couldn’t believe his welcome!

Maybe she is digging my siblings because she realizes she is about to get one of her own!  4 months to go people!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Baby Sonogram and Update

Finally!  The sonogram was moved 5 times due to emergency surgeries then a broken sonogram machine! Laura was still able to go with me and neither one of us were tempted to find out! We did good and didn’t peek, despite it feeling so weird to be able to know, but choose not to.  I compared it to a piece of vanilla wedding cake sitting in front of me and not being allowed to try it, except more intense.  Hahaha…. I am actually feeling pretty proud that I can wait the whole time since it isn’t very common.  Clay passed on going because he knew he would have to find out and he is actually enjoying the surprise factor more than he thought.

Pictures and videos from the day are really cute. 

This one makes me think it’s a boy because this looks like a boyish profile.  Clay says I am ridiculous but Lola’s profile didn’t look anything like this and much different head shapes.  But then I think it’s a girl simply because Lola always says the baby is a girl.  My actual intuition doesn’t tell me one way or another.  Doctor promised it would definitely be a he or she! Haha…


Here the baby is looking at me, which always seems to be the case.  Profile shots are rare with this baby unlike Lola which I only got profile shots.  (Love profile shots!)  I was shocked at how long the baby was and how much it stretched across my belly.  Definitely growing good and strong!  The due date is 4-5 and Doctor showed 4-4 today.  Maybe this baby will just be a few days early and I’ll end up with a March baby.  But better mentally prepare for 40 FULL weeks unlike last time! ;)

16-12-49 16-17-01

I love seeing the hands and arms.  It’s my favorite part.


Video of baby and baby opens mouth and moves head- it’s kind of freaky but makes it all so surreal.


Another video Smile

Well at 23 weeks, I have gained… drum roll… 9 pounds!  I wish it was closer to 5 to be honest, but the doctor acted like it was all baby related weight between 50% more blood, chest, placenta, fluid, baby, etc… So I hope I can keep pacing the weight for the rest of the time.

Definitely feeling tons of movement now and the kicks and punches get stronger and stronger.  Clay has felt the baby move already and excited for Kebby and Laura to feel too!

Have energy back for the most part, but have a lot more aches and pains this time around in my belly and hips.  Nursery is in full progress!  Ready for the next 4 months! Woohoo!