Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lola’s Christmas Program (Plus Baby Loving)

Lola had her school Christmas program this week and it was pretty cute.  The 2 year old class is brought in at the end to help sing the closing song- She did great, although not much singing! She just looked around at all the other kids like “what are you all doing?”

On the way to school, I told her I would for sure be there and couldn’t wait to see her on stage.  She happily responded with “Are you going to take pictures of me and all my friends?”  I assured her I was!

Here she is entering the sanctuary and she seemed to be looking for me, so I decided to catch her on the way down the aisle and say hi!  It distracted her but she seemed so happy to know where we were sitting…. I videoed it so everyone could see (because I know it’s just what y’all have always wanted…jk)

  019  027

She stood there pretty good and only a few times handed her candle to her teacher so she could step down. Lol


Sorry for the crazy videoing, but Kebby did that (she has moved back home-hooray!)… maybe not her strong point.  ;)  The video does have a funny highlight- one of the little girls was pushed off the stage by the falling boy behind her-

I love this short video at the end- she really loves me… don’t grow out of this Lola!  She ran right to me and she had such a proud smile on her face…adorable!

Way to go LOLA!  I am so proud of you!

And we are thankful for her teachers so we made them cute bags to let them know we appreciate them!

010 013

So my dear friend Lisa came over yesterday and we finally got some girl time!  But of course she brought one of her 3 precious kids, Alexander…. he is so darn cute and Lola was so captivated by him!  Lisa was amazing with Lola and so glad she shared Alexander with her…


She wanted to tell him secrets…


and give lots of kisses…


and tickle him…


and tell him jokes…


and feed him! (from Lisa’s phone)


It was so overwhelming and sweet to see her so excited over a baby at the house… and she didn’t mind he was a boy even though she still firmly believes momma’s baby is a girl… Alexander fell asleep so we put him in the crib set up in the nursery (like the only thing set up in there) and it was so sweet to see a glimpse of my life in just a few months.  April 5th- hurry it up! I can’t wait! And apparently neither can Clay!  Him and Nick were at the house and offered to watch both kids while we got out!  What?! Amazing- so we ran out the door! Clay did great with two- but after we showed him all the pics of Lola loving on Alexander, him and Nick said they wouldn’t let her do that at all while they babysat!  Poor Lola! Haha…

So I know, I know- I need a bump picture… I am 25 weeks and definitely getting bigger! My bump seems so much bigger just in the last 3 days… and so does this baby!  It’s crazy what a week difference can make it the movements I feel.  Lola and I are going to Aubrey’s 3 year old birthday party today and are excited but I will get Clay to snap a picture of us before we leave so I can upload it later! Belly pictures are less fun this time around… why?  I don’t know- but they are.  But another baby is more exciting!  We all can’t wait!

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