Thursday, December 15, 2011



Well I placed in the top ten again with the Prudent Baby contest!  :)  One of these days I hope to win- but still am proud! Here’s my stocking!  Placing in the top ten means I get to pick out a yard of Fabric over at  Woo-hoo! 

I have to admit that I enjoyed using an old sweater to sew with and even used it as my bias tape around the stocking!  And was glad to get come practice at the Chevron quilting- not as simple as I thought… thinking I will use a different pattern for the baby quilt- which I need to start!

Speaking of baby- this baby is getting so big and strong!  I can’t believe just 3.5 months left.  I am so ready now so just think what I will be saying in March!  ;)  Hopefully things will continue to fly by!

Soon I can post nursery pictures… I need to finish a couple of key things before I can do any decorating- but want to show the room soon!

Lola’s Christmas program was today at school and hope to post a little video and some pictures soon!  She is so big, but so little at the same time.  Just love her.  Actually cried today thinking about how much I love and adore this little bitty person… I think I will be glad to have pregnancy hormones gone, but until then- I will enjoy my break-down moments.  Hehehehe…

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Jillian Knutson said...

Why are you holding that (gorgeous!) stocking in front of the baby bump? Need to see some maternity pics, mama!! :) ps fantastic job, you are talented!!