Sunday, December 11, 2011

Prudent Baby Stocking…

Prudent Baby had a contest that I surely knew I would enter… but this pregnancy feels like a drug and not the kind that makes you all giggly and hyper, but the kind  that makes you want to sleep (and eat… a lot).  But thanks to an extended deadline and some Prudent Baby energy being sent my way (Their website and their prize will energize you too!) I got my unmotivated pregnancy booty in my sewing chair for… um…. hours.  And I am finally finished with a stocking I am proud of!  The contest gist- make a stocking using knit fabric in some way… and the prize… a Brother serger… Really excited about the prize, but not so much with sewing with knit.  Something I have been putting off.  It wasn’t terrible, but definitely not my go-to choice of fabric!  Stretchy stuff… not my sewing friend.  Oh but the things we will do for a good PB Contest! ;)

I’ll give a sneak peak of it finished on my work table…


And before long I will be sleeping like a baby Lola.


But first I must go set up for a work party, mingle a bit, come home to a nice long bath and cup of hot chocolate, then organize my closet.  Not putting it off a day longer, unless the pregnancy pill takes over again! ;)  At least the house and sewing room are all put back together with a fresh vacuum.  Awe.

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