Monday, September 29, 2008

Homemade Cards-

Something I hadn't done in awhile was make a card for someone. About a year ago I decided to make cards instead of buying them. I figured I could make them for no more than they cost and with my all my scrapbooking stuff I needed to use more than I was. I scrapbooked our wedding and knew I wouldn't scrap much until it was baby time... which is now. So I used all my fun girly things to make cards! I wish I took pictures of all the cards I made because my favorites have been given out to friends and family. But I have a few pictures of manly cards I made for Clay.

This card was fun to make because I knew I wanted it to go with the theme of Clay's birthday last year. He wanted a record player so I wanted the card to have a record type theme. After looking all over I couldn't find a card so I decided to make it. I put a record player on it and made the inside go with the whole theme. Then on the back I stamped "Do what you love, Love what you do" which became my trademark, you could say. This got stamped on almost all my cards since. I then made an envelope to go with it (which I don't have pictured) that was an old Bob Dylan Record Cover. See what you think of the card:
And by the way- the whole record player was a hit and just since May he has collected over 200 really amazing records! And you better believe we are loaded with Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash!

The next card I just made for a family I have prayed a lot for. The Groh Family. Stacy, my good good friend, has been dating this sweet guy for a long time now and his dad was paralyzed from the neck/chest down from a tragic bicycle accident on a public trail. I wanted to send them a special note, although Clay and I have only had the pleasure of meeting Eric, I know there family has to be great. So I got busy making cards again, and forgot how fun it was! Check out their card... (I skipped the inside picture because it was mostly writing!):

Okay this card didn't turn out as cute as I wanted, but I was in a hurry, it was late, and I had already made the real thing... a cherry pie. I made Clay a homemade cherry pie since he is working so much and decided to make a card to match... it said "Cute as Pie" and the inside said "And Even Sweeter" with a special note.

The next card was just a card to Clay to say he is wonderful. I choose to use a bad word because I found it humorous and only intended for my husband to see it, but I like it- so I'll show it. Most of these you see aren't real girly because they were for Clay...I so wish you could see my other ones! Excuse the bad word:

And last (oh how I wish you could see others) is a boring one, but fit a guy well that just was saying Thank You to Clay for being so wonderful. It is definitely boyish:

I'll have to start making more and taking pictures of the ones I think are super cute! As soon as I get my office finished (it's so close) I'll take a couple of pictures!

I have been playing around with different looks for my blog- so sometimes it may look odd if it's under construction! Hehehe!

Love Nat

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Long Time No Talk To!!!

Hey Everyone!

Well it has been awhile since I have given any updates. I am in my tenth week and my next doctor's appointment is less than two weeks away. I am excited to start my second trimester. My nausea is a lot better and I seem to be able to keep it all under control with the help of food! Although my sense of smell has heightened and the wrong smell can make me sick fast. This soup I fix for Clay (no soup for awhile) made me really sick a couple of weeks ago and Clay had wings for the Cowboy game and unfortunately I had to beg him to eat them outside because they smelled so stinky. The smell was infesting the whole house and I just couldn't bare it. He wasn't happy but I popped him some popcorn for the game and he forgot all about it!

I haven't written in awhile because I've been up to something. Read carefully: Clay's office is being moved to my office and my office is being moved to our sitting/record room and the record room is being combined into the den and Clay's new office, and Clay's old office is being cleaned out to become the nursery. The furniture in the record room I sold to a friend and will help pay for things I want in the nursery. Although I don't want too much stuff. A comfy upholstered rocking chair, a jenny lind crib (I am going to paint it and probably glaze it), a rug, and a chandelier. The rest will be small stuff. I would like to find an old short dresser drawer and paint it a cute color to sit next to the crib. I can put super cute knobs on it! I don't want it to be tall, so it doesn't block the view of the crib- you know this crib will be cute and the chandelier will hang over it! I also don't want a changing table. Some may think I'm crazy but come to find out my mom never wanted one either and didn't have one for any of us. Like mother, like daughter.

I need to post pictures of my new office. It's finally been organized (well kinda') and I need to do some finishing touches but then I can post some pics. Clay's new office is going to be killer. I can't wait to put it all together. I think it will have a mature look, like a daddy, but still have his creative personality showing through it. I think he will really enjoy the big window in that room!

Well back to the pregnancy... my back is killing me and some days it feels like it is broken. Come to find out my mom confessed that when I was in high school, the doctor told her at one of my scoliosis appointments, that a pregnancy would be hard on my back. Well, I know back pain can start early, well before you show, but this is pretty intense... so I am more eager to get to the doctor. Laying down is actually the most comfortable position for my back... well have to see what he says.

Well I don't have to work today so I am going to finish all the things on my to do list! Talk to everyone soon!

Love Nat

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thanks Meme and Papa...

I shout out to my grandparents in Arkansas! They sent me the cutest, softest bear for the baby that says My First Friend. It's so cute and gets me even more excited when I see it! Sometimes I can actually forget my body is growing a baby so it's the sweetest little reminder! (Trust me, I don't forget for very long! :) )

Thanks Meme and Papa! We are so glad you are apart of this incredible experience!

Love y'all!


Monday, September 15, 2008

Nightmare. Schmightmare.

It was going to be a dreadful day, but little did we know just how dreadful of a day it would be. Despite the dread we were dreading, we were all going to be a bit relieved once the verdict was announced. Of course we hoped for and expected a guilty verdict with life sentencing (no chance of parole) or the death sentence, which it all seemed an easy way out for him.

The court room looked like a pile of leeches, everyone slithering around wanting the ending to this terrible story, just sucking the air out of the place. Every media man on earth was there and the population that didn't show up was glued to their television, from the busy, multi-tasking twenty year olds to the retired, hard of hearing grandparents. The family, the poor family. It's comparable to when that lucky son of a b... wins the lottery every stinking person they have ever encountered comes crawling out of the closet to just to say hi and put on a show of how needy they are... same thing. Everyone the family knew came to "support" but it only caused a frenzy. The Whitten family didn't need a frenzy. They needed justice... and frankly they needed the kind of justice that the United States Court System couldn't deliver... only God could. And instead of cursing this man on trail, everyone should be praying for him. He's going to get what's coming, sooner or later.

My father was in the zone today, in fact he has been in zone for the last several months as this was and needed to be the only case, the only thing he put his attention on. The cameras and uproars in the court room never phased him and my mother never attended the trail until today.

I sat back as my job wouldn't come until later wondering how these bastards that call themselves lawyers, went to Harvard Law, raised by honest, hard-working folks could defend this creature. You almost hate to call him a man, because he's clearly not the kind of man you think of when you hear the word "man"... whether you think of a pervert whistling at you as you walk by feeling the horniness radiating from him or you think of a man who loves unconditionally, patient with gentle hands. Well this creature, this male isn't either and certainly is not nor never will be the latter of the two.

The court room was brought to silence. Everyone stilled. The last day of the trial begin and each side made their point to the 12 jury members so they could decide the fate of this trial, this creature, all of the hard work, and provide partial justice. The judge never seemed bored as you might imagine during a trial this lengthy but instead seemed like God, high and mighty on His throne. God nodded to each side, seemed oddly fair in a situation that no one else could be, and really took in all the evidence and witnesses to help regulate what when on and what was decided. God? Do you think that God ever sits in a court room to see how we humans are managing the good and evil? Whether He is physically sitting in a court room or not, I believe He does check in on us to see how we do handle the good and evil of this world.

The closing arguments were complete opposite in approach, which one may expect. The defense team went for sympathy, pleaded insanity for his client, talked about whatever good he had managed to do during his short lifetime and somehow tried to show how the evidence just didn't add up, but my dad, the prosecutor, attacked the man, shedding his layers to reveal his raw, disgusting nature, not that it was hard to reveal. He made a chilling closing argument that made anyone want to scream, "GUILTY. GUILTY. TO THE DEATH CHAIR." The most upsetting, but convicting evidence of all were the pictures and videotapes that were shown privately to the jurors as it was crucial for media not to get ahold of or anyone for that matter. The Whitten's were given the option to see it, which baffles me, but Mr. and Mrs. Whitten choose not to and requested the tapes be burned after the trail. I don't think the request was granted but I believe the family was assured all the evidence would be secured.

The Whitten's set right behind my father, with the rest of the world behind them. The day was long with an hour break, call it a lunch a break, then a few more hours to fight. Around four o'clock it came time for the jury to deliberate. Sometimes this can take days but in our case, two hours tops. My job has now begun.

I was in charge of reading the final verdict and with much relief I was able to read guilty. Really no surprise to me, but the rest of the world needed to hear it. Not the Whitten family and not my family, as we knew what the outcome would be and it would never take back this horrific crime, but the rest of the world, they did. They needed it.

I suspect if for some odd reason my dad had failed, and this person was set free, Mr. Whitten wouldn't have let his freedom last long. He would have put an end to it, to his life.

The courtroom become unmanageable as the outcries and profanity became so loud they would pierce your soul although they were only aimed at one soul and that soul might as well be dead. He had none. He was cuffed around the ankles and they added chains to his cuffs, both top and bottom. He had no reaction through the trial and just gave a sly smile when the guilty verdict was read. It made you want to puke or just beat the life out of him. Maybe that's what we should have done, one by one, take our turns. All though the jurors spared his life, he had no chance of parole. He would be in the most secured prison in the world and not allowed a single visitor. He would live in a black hole. The jurors explained they felt like he should live with what he did, not try to be rehabilitated as they thought his chance were one out of the rest of the population and felt like the death sentence was an easy way out. The family thanked my father and left the courtroom through a back exit with a car ready. My father had no choice but to give a few words to the media and they were short and brief then we left as well.

After a long day and stress-filled half of a year, we were silent in the car, but happy. Dad's phone rang more than a help hot line, but it wasn't until the same number called a few times back to back when he thought it may be best to answer. Panic overtook his face. He became pale and sweaty and just kept saying, "Yes sir, Yes sir, I understand." A life sentence without parole frees us from retaliation fear, but we should have been smarter with this case. This fear we have had in the past had now became a reality and caused a physical reaction, not just an emotion. Somehow unexplained at the time, the guilty monster was able to free himself from the transporting and was hiding. He was back to his old games already. And his favorite we have found out is Hide and Seek.

We were immediately taken to a safe house that reminded me oddly of my dad's parents house they had lived in during my childhood. From the front it looks like a simple one-story, cute and quaint home, then the one story magically turns into a two story as it has been built on a rather large slope. The neat thing about this house it your upstairs has your main headquarters including the kitchen, and your downstairs consist of a large master and a few extra small rooms that could be offices, nurseries, or large walk-in closets. Their is a bottom and top deck which makes the master have a cabin feel as wood surrounds you from all angles, especially with the trees sprinkled throughout the back. The house helped me feel comforted as it brought back memories. That comfort wouldn't last long as a message was found letting the media and police know, He was free. He wasn't going to let some suited, grey haired man put him in prison for life, at least not without one more kill.

I didn't know how to feel. Confident they would catch him? Scared he was smarter than everyone had given him credit for? There was no reason for him to fear death, he had nothing to loose.

In a matter of time, unknown to anyone, he found us. After a brutal battle that lasted through the rest of the night and more lives lost, our lives were spared. God was watching in that court room seeing how we as people and believers handled good and bad and must have decided we had more to do or something like that. We were alive. My dad was in critical condition and whisked away and the rest of us knew we would spend a few days in a hospital but would be able to share this story, rather we wanted to or not.

As far as Mr. Hide and Seek, he might of found us, but didn't win. He didn't die either. Taking to his original destination, that black hole and as far as anyone knows, he made it. But for every one's sake, let's pray he indeed did make it and currently resides there...

Resides there, far away from here in a dream world, which all happened to me during a night this week around 3:30 a.m. I woke up out of breathe, ready to scream. I knew sleeping wasn't an option at this point, so got up and of course checked all doors. I then went ahead and fixed Clay's lunch as well as my brother's and left a note for Clay letting him know I put them in the refrigerator. Thirty minutes later I returned to bed and snuggled up to Clayton and whispered, "I had a nightmare. Will you snuggle up with me?" He mumbled and curled around me and played with my hair as he laid there snoring. I was never so glad to hear him snore or have him pull on my knotted hair. I feel asleep and dreamed pleasantly the rest of the night.

I have read that pregnancy can make your dreams more intense, more real-life, and more frequent. I have always had dreams that were full of action and people I knew, but this may have surpassed them all... so to you, I gave a glimpse of my dream world, and in this case, a Natalie nightmare. And maybe the longest post ever.

Congratulations to those of you who made it through. What true blogger friends!

And P.S. In the time it took me to write this- I think I grew a little. Next picture at the end of three months!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl...

Today is 9/11 and I still remember where I was and what I was doing when everything happened. You just have to take a moment of silence today and thank God for the good, even though there is so much bad and pay respect to the people we lost that day and since then.

Man, oh man. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to this "morning" sickness. I was great until around 2 p.m. today. My dad is taking me to Tino's soon so hopefully some hot sauce will settle the little baby down! I promise Baby Swartz when you are born I won't hold all of this sickness against you- you'll be so worth it!

I think it would be fun to be pregnant the same time as a friend, or sister, or sister-in-law. I'm officially older than he is since I am married and now pregnant! We get a good laugh over it. We also laugh about me being pregnant with the third when he's just working on number one! Nick and Kebby will catch up though, we have vowed to each have five! Nick is the least on board, but maybe his wife will want a big family or maybe they will get five little surprises... I'm praying for either! Nick's wife will be lucky because I tell him so much so he'll be ahead of the game and be a wonderful and charming husband... I think. Maybe I should pray for that too! Lol. I think my five will be done by the time Kebby gets pregnant! Hahaha! Let's think: if she gets pregnant at my age (23) then I would be 30... and maybe have four, not five by then. Two years apart sounds good, but if we all go for 5 that makes 15 babies between the three of us and the odds of having twins are...well, I just did the math and according to what I read and with 15 babies we have a %45 chance of having twins in the mix. We should have some kind of bet or deal for the one who produces twins!!!

I am so excited about the number of votes I have received! I don't know who all these readers are, but totally hyped. For those of you who don't know how to leave comments ;) just e-mail me! It's fun that people read your meaningless thoughts about a whole lot of nothing!

"I would like to first thank God, then my manly husband, then my family, then my blog readers...I couldn't have done this without you. I will treasure...." HAHAHAHA! Just kidding.

Shout out to all my readers since I only tend to do shout outs to my family! Love y'all!

Hopefully dad will be done working out soon so he can take me to dinner. Clay is working tonight but we look forward to seeing Burn After Reading tomorrow night on our little date. Anyone who reads this pray for my nausea tomorrow so I can finally enjoy some husband time! Throw up would really ruin the evening! Hahaha!

Until the next time you read-
Little Momma'

Hehehe. Thought this picture would be a nice touch...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just day dreaming...

I love to just day dream of the day when Clay and I get to hold this baby. I picture what the baby will look like, if the baby has Clay's smile or eyes, if the baby is going to be a curly blonde or dark hair. I wonder if the baby will be smart like his/her daddy or smarter like his/her momma! ;) It's so fun to imagine it and knowing that it's all happening. I was so sick yesterday but not really today. I have to force myself to eat in the mornings and immediately or it's over. I read to keep chocolate by your bed (instead of crackers) for when you wake up... this sounds like my kind of remedy. I will try it. Just wanted our baby to know I day dream of the day we get to bring you home! I wanted to add this picture because it makes me happy. When Clay and I celebrated our first year of marriage on our way home we popped open this new drink we saw at the grocery store and made a toast then took a big gulp and choked. It wasn't as delicious as it looked to us, but it was really funny and marked the end of a great time of celebration for us! And now we have so much more to celebrate! For some reason I am happy that we were married a year before we had this pregnancy. I didn't know when, but I am glad it wasn't sooner. We have learned so much in one year and I can't imagine what pros we will be in twenty years. Ohhhh whattt fun!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


A message from Baby Swartz


You can put comments under each post and leave me messages... kind of like facebook! I like getting them!

First Baby Photo

Lookie, Lookie! Isn't this cool? I couldn't get the photo any bigger, but it wouldn't matter much anyways because little Baby Swartz is itty bitty anyhow. Although the picture doesn't seem to show much, it means the world to Clay and me, because we saw a heartbeat and it confirmed a healthy pregnancy well on its way.

I changed the pregnancy counters to reflect the new due date! My mom said this baby is going to fall on my birthday, but to be honest... I am not into sharing my birthday... so I am praying against Baby Swartz falling on any of the April birthdays which only seems to leave a few days available for the Baby! Haha...

Clay's day at work seemed good, but I only got to chat to him on the phone for a minute. So I am still looking forward to seeing and talking to him later tonight!

Well for the last hour or two I have been okay, but I am about to run to Neighborhood Wal-mart then crash!

Hope you all like the picture!

Love Nat

What a day keeps nausea away?

Ohhh, the doctor appointment went fabulous, but sickness has followed. My morning sickness has lasted all day today but I wanted to write a little since I have been to the doctor. Clay and I had a blast and felt very blessed that everything went so well. The doctor told us he believes we may be a week earlier in the pregnancy based off the size of the measurements he took. The new due date is April 25th, 2009. About a week off. We saw the precious little heartbeat of our little baby and it made it seem more real, although the throwing up has made the whole pregnancy really come to life. Before I was feeling pretty good, just tired so sometimes I even wondered how I could be pregnant? Maybe this is God's way of reassuring me I am. Although it stinks I know it will be worth it... and I can't wait!

I'll post the picture we got at the doctor's office up soon! Very.

Clay started his new job today. We both were up around 6:45. I took Caille to school this morning (not an everyday thing!) and Clay went to work out before he started his new job. I was just so proud of him. I was making his lunch when I just started getting super sick! I am having to drive with a bowl in the car now. Gross. I know. I can't wait for him to get home so I can hear about his day. He's working some nights at Half Price Books still. He really likes it there and wanted to keep a part-time position. I think he does this so he can get his records really cheap. You know he has so many now and he just got the record player for his birthday this past May. There has to be over a 100. If anyone has old records stored in their attic... please pass them our way. Clay just loves them. Hence the name Cash. He picked the boy name. I just am so excited for him to be home so I'll have to work hard to stay up!

Tomorrow I hope I feel better because I would love to get a pedicure! Clay's parents hooked me up with a pedi/mani, massage, and Northpark gold. Every girl's dream.

I found a super cute rocker at Weir's but they are so dang pricey and that's the closeout sale. Mom suggested finding one that may be ugly, but cheap and paying someone to recover it. She thinks I'll come out with a better deal. I have a feeling the rocker is one of the first things we will actually get and build the room off of it. The one I saw is great because it can very much be feminine or masculine. It's a pretty sage-y green with creams, browns, and a little gold- striped. It is kind of a fabric that seems a little wrinkled which I liked because you know it's the fabric. The ones at Pottery Barn are all slip covered which after seeing them in person seems a little cheap looking, especially since they have such a hefty price tag. And the slip covered you would always have to straighten. I tried to find a picture of the rocker but I couldn't. I could put a feminine color with it if it was a girl and play up the browns for a boy. I am going to keep my eye out for a rocker very similar. If anyone knows of a place with upholstered rockers please let me know!

Well I'll have to let everyone know how Clay's job went and post the picture!

Sick Little Momma'

Saturday, September 6, 2008

You are lucky voters...

It doesn't show who votes what so all the voters are in the clear... but I do wonder who voted which way!!! :)

Friday, September 5, 2008


I'll admit...

I'll admit that tummy pictures are kind of gross and weird but everyone deal with it or don't tune in... I'm pregnant... I'll cry if I want to... I'll post tummy pictures if I want to... :)

Is there a way to create a poll where people can vote on your blog if tummy pictures are gross or cute... I hate to say this but everyone just thought it... it may depend on the tummy (person) being pictured. And it would be sad because I think I would only get like three votes total. Least it wouldn't be a tie. Hey I'm just the glass is half full type of girl. (Smirking)

Jibber Jabber and The First Picture

Drum Roll Please.... Picture is up! That was taken first thing in the morning before I had a chance to balloon up and look five months pregnant! So decide for yourself if the baby bump is present... but I say it is!

I walked into CFA tonight and I hadn't been by in awhile and everyone is real friendly but then they do the "downward glance." Staring at the belly. I had just ate roast, potatoes, mac and cheese, and rolls so they probably thought I was showing but nope... just the food showing! hahaha! By the way that was my dinner and my dinner alone because my poor hus has the worst tooth ache and slept through the evening (and night) after drugging himself because his dentist appointment isn't till tomorrow morning. Bless his heart... I hate teeth. My brother and I always seem to compete on cavities because we always have a mouth full. I take a stand on my blog right now and blame this on mother because she must not have taken us to the dentist as kids. Clay got a sealant put on his teeth at a young age and has never had a cavity. Well, except now... but it isn't a cavity- his back tooth broke off a little over a year ago and he never got it really taken care of... he is paying for it now. I hate to say I'm the kind of wife that said to my husband in pain "I told you so" but you know me... I said it... like three times... As soon as I get in my second trimester (four weeks) I have to make the dreaded dentist trip too. My teeth are always bothering me! Like I said I hate teeth.


Oh and since I blamed my Mom for our bad teeth I will go ahead and point out that she can slide on that because she has been such a help with the new house. She came and helped me paint my bathroom cabinets today as I started the project a couple of days ago and these days I'm just a slower mover. Still not done but much closer. I tape off my face which helps not inhale the fumes but also keeps me out of breathe! HA! She also helped me get new blinds up in the kitchen and many other things. Sometimes I think my mom is a super hero and no one knows it... even when she feels like crap she still can run circles around me, prego or not prego! Sounds like a super hero to me!

Back to baby talk, I can't remember if I made this claim yet. I have a feeling it is a boy. But I was telling Mom that may be because a girl may seem like the first pick because I would get to do girly things and have the cutest nursery by far so I say it's a boy knowing I would be excited if it was a girl. Not that I wouldn't be excited over a boy, I would just have to shift my thought process some. Having a boy first is so fabulous too because then if girls follow they have a big brother. I love my big brother. What would life be with no Nicholas??? (Shout out to Bubba!) This will prove if he reads my blog bc he will call if he reads this... TEST!

Is Clayton sleep walking? He just walked on past me to move to the bed! Hehe! Finally I can go watch a movie in the den and relax. I have a million (okay make six or seven) saved on the DVR!

I may not be back on until after my doctor's appointment which is Monday! Yeah! If I get a picture of Baby Swartz I'll put it up. I want my grandparents in Arkansas to see their great grandchild! :)

All smiles here... and some yawns.

By the way this is sad that this is how I spend my Friday nights. I cooked a dinner while Clay slept, then I ate, left and got a Sonic drink (I got some energy tonight which is unusual) and then went to JCPenny and Target (ran into my sis at Target... she's so cute and little) to try and find curtains for the kitchen. No luck. (Back to Kebby being little I think she was wearing baby tights. My toes wouldn't have fit in them.) I was going to clean the bathroom but hey that's what Saturday is for. Clay has to be up at 4:30 a.m. on Fridays so Fridays nights are weak for us. But Saturdays and Sundays are nice. Clayton starts a new job Tuesday ( and is excited. But everyone say a prayer for him. He will be working in the same building as Nick which is really neat and odd. They work for two different companies doing two totally different things and end up in the same building in Dallas. How crazy is that?? God?? What are you up to? Do you want Nick and Clay to be buddies??? Hehehe! How cute of you God!

Clay's Baby Momma' is out!
Love y'all!


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mac & Cheese...

Yummy!!! Me and my baby like Kraft Mac and Cheese! I tend to eat it almost every other day which reminds me of my first year in college when I think I had to fix at least five boxes a week! Makes for a cheap meal! It seems to always sound good.

Instead of cravings, I am not wanting much. Not because I don't feel well but nothing sounds good. I have always liked sweets and sweets don't cut it anymore. Although there is one craving I am having and I find it very strange although most people wouldn't. Unless you know me. I don't like a variety of foods (never grew out of the five year old picky stage) and I haven't tried that many foods to even know if I really like them, which makes it very hard to have a craving for something unusual since I don't know the taste to crave it. BUT I have never been one for potato chips, just something I am not tempted to give into... yet recently I CRAVE them... they sound soooo good. The lake house was stocked with all kinds but Original Lays seem to be my first pick! Once again, Yum, Yum! As soon as I got home I went and bought a bag but I haven't opened them yet! I am waiting for the perfect moment!

And I am posting a picture tonight but I am going to wait till Clay gets home so he can take it! My third month starts tomorrow which means only four weeks and I am done with my first trimester! Hooray! And my Doctor appointment is Monday! So exciting people!

Oh and great news! No weight gain yet! I thought for sure I had gained ten pounds because every time I eat my stomach seems to grow by the foot! I read that a lot of times people think they are showing but the are really just bloated and since I do love carbs, by the end of the day and with my diet I look five months prego! But when I wake up, I look pretty normal... just a tiny bump... you'll see tonight! Yay!

I'll post pictures tonight while Clay gets in football mode. NY vs Washington which is important bc they are in the same division as the Cowboys... I learned this today... and there is one more team... hmmm.. phily? tampa?? Can't remember... Clay will be disappointed in that. Sorry babe.

Pictures should be up tonight!

Baby Swartz says "Peace Out"