Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tubes in and Adenoids out!


Lola did amazing with her little surgery yesterday!  I really couldn’t have been more surprised by how well she did.  I am seriously proud of her. 

Our last few doctor appointments (excluding the crappy pediatrician) have been amazing and she has acted like such a big girl, so I did have high hopes- but knew when they took her from us it would be really difficult… BUT IT WASN’T (for her)!  The doctors and nurses connected with her right away and I picked her up and said Dr. Sunny is going to show you a really cool game and momma is running potty real quick and I’ll see you in just a second.  She reached right for Dr. Sunny and off she went.  She gave a glance back but did wonderful. 

Dr. A said she did great back there and really is growing up!  I was counting down the minutes till someone came out to let me know how it went and Dr. A came out to the waiting room to let us know everything went great and he didn’t take her tonsils out.  He said she has what they call “glue ear” and the fluid that was behind the ear drum doesn’t go away and gets really thick and glue-like and antibiotics wouldn’t help so it was great he was able to clean out her ear and said her hearing should be leaps and bounds better immediately!  And of course he put tubes in and took out her adenoids too. 

When I went back there to see her, she was waking up and crying a terrible little cry- wasn’t expecting her to be so upset actually.  And for the record, I don’t do well with hospitals, the smells, blood, the whole shebang… and she smelt like surgery and was bleeding.  I had to say a quick prayer that the Lord wouldn’t let my pregnant self gag over the smells.  Her IV was bothering her and they had her hand completely bandaged up, so I quickly got them to take that out because she wanted it off and as trying to do it herself with her eyes still closed! They hurried us out the door, but I was thinking there was no way she was ready to go home yet.  They assured me she was and would just be like this for a little bit.  And yes, I just held her all the way home in the back seat because she was just moaning and crying the whole time.  I felt so helpless but just comforted her.  I noticed Clay in the front never went over any speed limits! :)  She fell asleep as we got home and I just rocked her.  After about an hour or more, she started saying in her sleep “Lola and Baby Sawyer go first.”  Then she popped up and continued to say “Our birthday is in April and we are going first.”  She was totally dreaming.  But after that she started talking to me as if the morning had never happened. I could tell she didn’t really recall the morning at all.  After she was up for a few minutes, she realized how hungry and thirsty she was and wanted to eat and drink a little.  Thought that was a great sign!

But then she looked down and saw one of the band-aids on her arm and was not happy!  She said “Band-AID!  Why is this on me?  Who put this on me?” Hahaha- I just told her I did because she had a boo-boo.  She was very confused and made me take it off yet then was real upset with the bruise and prick mark under the band-aid.  She couldn’t figure out what happened to her.  It really bothered her so I quickly distracted her with Caillou and decided not to talk about the morning at all and just see if she said anything throughout the day.  Not really.  If Clay and I brought it up to get an idea of what she remembered it seemed to make her a little distraught so we let it be.  Last night and today she told me her throat hurt but nothing really more than that.  Oh and this is without her taking the medicine before hand to calm her down.  I decided to pass on it because she was so happy.  :)  So it all couldn’t have gone any better and hoping for less allergies and certainly hoping ear infections are done with now that we have tubes.

Oh family and friends dropped off flowers, balloons, and little gifts for Miss. Lola yesterday which was so sweet and she just loved getting them- BUT she didn’t understand why people where bringing her things since she was happy and didn’t remember what went down that morning! She kept asking “why my friends and family bring me flowers?”  She asked several times and I just reminded her each time it’s because Dr. A took out the extra bunny rabbit it your ear so they were just checking on you and letting you know how much they love you!  I made her a bunny to match the one she sleeps with (it was mine when I was little) and said it was the little bunny trying to find his momma bunny and the doctor said he had been hiding in your ear!  I love that she is still young enough to believe that!  She looked at me like that’s not possible, but then just went with it.  Haha… we have been reading the The Runaway Bunny so it kind of goes along with that theme and she really enjoys that book.  Thanks to everyone for loving on her and thanks to mom for playing Lite Brite and Play-Doh with her so patiently.  She is blessed with lots of love!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Because you love me!


Lola is admiring her pony tail in the mirror and I thought it was so cute I had to snap a picture. It won’t go up like this unless it is wet. 

Surgery is set for Monday and I am a little anxious but ready to have it behind us.  She is still on antibiotics and messes with her ears so wondering if fluid is still in them.  I was explaining Monday to her which is confusing her because all the hospital talk lately has been preparing her for ME being in the hospital to have the baby, not her.  So she is trying to figure out why I am now saying she is… we talked about the gown she will have to wear and I called it a dress and said momma will wear one too when I have the baby so she thought for a second then told me “You go first, ok?!”  Lol… Hopefully she will do good and it won’t be too painful for her or me.

Lola is in bed tonight, which by the way, is going better.  I am getting more and more exhausted at night so the nights she sleeps through the night in her own bed not needing Clay or myself is wonderful.  I have been taking Benadryl and when she does wake me up, I have an easier time falling back asleep after settling her.  Clay and Nick are out and the house is quiet and I am relaxing in the den.  Lola and I set up the baby swing two days ago- washed the swing, wiped down everything since the frame had been in the garage, replaced batteries, and now we have a baby swing back in our den.  I see it and it really hits me this baby will be in our lives soon and I have this overwhelming but peaceful sense of readiness.  I am truly in love with this baby already.  I love that our family is growing in numbers, in love, and in maturity.  Feels so nice.  I always told my dad I wanted to be in this stage of life and he tried to encourage me to enjoy the one I was in and when I got to this one, I would want the next one, but I knew I wanted this stage of life for a reason- it’s wonderful.  Mind blowing wonderful.  Don’t get me wrong, it looks ugly at times- pregnancy hormones, mixed with pregnancy issues, mixed with stupid second time car shopping, trying to be a good wife and mother and tired pregnant lady- it’s hard- but so rewarding and I feel so much love.  Lola leaned over and ever so sweetly kissed my face today then she looked at me perplexed and said “Why did I do that?”  And I smiled and said “Because YOU love Meeeeeee!”  She thought that was so funny and literally for 15 minutes wouldn’t stop kissing me and made me say “You love me” each time she did.  She just laughed and laughed.  I treasured every minute of it.

My sweet family.  Really can’t believe one more is about to be added.  And really, really can’t believe I don’t know the sex.  As ready as my body feels- sometimes it just doesn’t seem like I am this far along since I don’t know the sex of this baby.  35 weeks now so not much longer.  :)

Good night-

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Since Uncle Nick is creatively sorting out his business affairs, it means he is more available throughout the week to drop in and we love it!  And Lola is in love with jokes right now, so Nick reminded me that I should be videoing her funny little self more and so we got out the Flip.  Here are some videos.  Enjoy-

Joke Time:

What does everyone have? Since Lola asks so many questions, she knows more than she should.

Uncle Nick isn’t always the best influence on Lola.  ;)  He is crazy.

Beard Talk:

Happy Birthday Uncle Nick!

We celebrated Uncle Nick’s birthday today! Can’t believe he is 1 year shy of 30!  What an old wise brother I have!  I can tell his 20’s are ending on a powerful high and look forward to seeing him thrive in his 30s!  Lola is really digging birthdays and gift giving these days and is such a cute part of it all!

Lola was excited over the gift daddy picked out for Nick this year and helped me carry it in.  She really is such a big help these days.  If only I could teach her to tie her and my own shoes! ;)


Lola went straight in to love on her Nonna.  She isn’t always a big fan of the group gatherings because that means she has to share her Nonna- be she soon sees we are all a fun bunch together! lol



Sis snapped a few belly pictures: 34 weeks.  (The word on the street is I am smaller everywhere else this pregnancy but bigger in my tummy. Personally I don’t like hearing the word on the street or being told I look like I am due today or get asked how many babies are in there?”)  I am kind of moody at this point.  Slightly an understatement.  :)

101 102

This was 32-33 weeks pregnant via phone:

photo (2)

See any resemblance in these two?


Lola made this for Uncle Nick:


Lighting is all weird on this picture but Lola and I made this card for Uncle Nick because he always teaches Lola math when he babysits by drawing apples Smile

110 111

Lola giving Uncle Nick kisses and excited to show off the gift daddy got him, although daddy wasn’t here because he was camping. 

I believe Lola sat next to Nick hoping to get in on the unwrapping gifts action- I think Uncle Nick realized what her true intentions were in this picture:


Lola has been known to snatch things lately when you aren’t looking… example below:



Gift opening done and time to serve cake… Without anyone saying anything, earlier Lola must have noticed there was a brown (chocolate) cake sitting out along with a white (vanilla) one and when Nonna asked Lola to help her serve cake, without Lola saying a word she then walked over to Uncle Nick and said “Which one you like? Brown or white?”  She is so observant.  And has an incredible memory.  I love seeing her interact now with everyone and be such a big part of whatever event is going on. She is so happy.

134 135

Since this post is about to be Uncle Nick some- I’ll include him blowing out his birthday candles. lol


Then my camera died.  Have to get some of moms too because had some more cute ones of Lola.  I am having to make up for the lack of pictures lately. :)

Happy Birthday Uncle Nick.  We all love you and can’t wait to see what 29 brings you.

Now you see it, now you don’t…


Clay and I were really excited over our recent purchase of a… PRIUS!  We were able to sell his car quickly and after a lot of looking found exactly what we were looking for!  It had a small dent on the side which the dealership was going to take care of for us but other than that- perfect.  Less than 20k miles, only a year old- it seemed brand spanking new! Lola loved it too and called it a spaceship.  Clay was digging the 55 mpg he was averaging.  But our happiness was short lived…

After three weeks of driving it and just getting it back from the dealership with the dent repaired… a big orange taxi happened… slamming right in the back of Clay on the highway.


He was okay- although still feeling really sore over a week later and I am feeling thankful Lola and I weren’t in the car.  Clay called me early one morning- around 8:30 a.m. which is really unusual for me to hear from my sweet, but non-morning person hubby before 10:30 a.m.  He had a bit of a quivering voice (not crying just knew he was about to tell me something serious) and told me the car had been totaled but he was okay.  I acted really calm and was surprised I was so relaxed about it.  The more time passed I was a bit more worried, but overall just glad he is okay.  But now it’s time to car shop again now that it has been officially declared totaled (shew!).  And btw, car shopping is one of those things that sound fun, but really is way more work than fun.  We both are a little depressed to do it all over again, but thankful it all has worked out.

Valentine’s Day

We had such a sweet family Valentine’s Day this year.  Lola really has been looking forward to Valentine’s Day since before Christmas thanks to one of her favorite shows, Caillou.  She excitedly made Valentine’s for her friends and looked forward to Valentine’s night with us all day. 

I thought it would be really fun to make homemade pizza as a family that night and I can’t take credit for the cute idea.  Once again, Caillou is to thank for that.  Lola is a picky eater (wonder where she gets that from?) and since she loves pizza and talks about how Caillou makes pizza with his mommy and friends, I thought why shouldn’t we do that too?  Even Clay and I were looking forward to the night and we aren’t big Valentine’s people. Lola and I went to the “fun” grocery store (the one with the car buggies) to pick out our ingredients.  Lola wanted cheese and marshmallows for toppings but you may know marshmallows toppings more commonly as mushrooms. I knew she wouldn’t really want either on her pizza and I was right.  She helped daddy put “marshmallows” on his pizza though!

She made cookies and heart tags for her friends at school and she told me when I picked her up “All my friends loved their cookies, momma!”  Isn’t that sweet? 

One thing Lola and I love to do is stay in our pajamas and craft and sew.  A girl truly after my own heart.  We got busy making her Valentine cards for her friends.  She was taking this very seriously.




The purple hearts (color she picked) went on top of the patterned paper and being a little bit of a perfectionist I wanted to actually do it for her, but I refrained and Lola actually nailed it.  She is quite talented guys.


She picked purple toile too.  No pink this day.

After she told me what to write on the hearts she colored them.  Again, this was no laughing matter to her. 013  017

This would have been a cool picture if she would have smiled a tad.  I didn’t know till later in the week, but that ear infection was back.  :(  Might explain her pale face this day.

031 038



Pizza Night:

Fresh pizza dough.  Easy peazy but fun and fresh.


Lola could have played forever in the sauce and with the cheese. 


058  062

Proud and couldn’t wait to put it in the oven.  Luckily this pizza only takes around 10 minutes to bake.


Lola and I never got a good picture and I look horrible. Could I have pulled back my and Lola’s hair at least?  Gotta’ love 3rd trimester…


Everyone loved the pizza.  It was pretty darn good actually!

082 083

We want to have round 2 so we can perfect them!  Clay and I agreed more sauce and for sure Lola and I could have used less cheese.  :)

Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day.  It was fun to make it such a family focused night. We plan to have a few more of these before baby arrives.

Monday, February 13, 2012

33 weeks and 7 to go…

I had my doctor appointment today and guess what playas? I LOST 2 whole pounds this time… remember last time I had gained a whooping 8 pounds in two weeks… well now I can say I have only gained 6 pounds in one month.  Much better and totaling in at 27 pounds gained.  Can I stick to my goal and only gain 30?  Probably not but I feel better… How did I loose weight?  No cokes and sweet teas… it paid off, but kind of sucked.  And drinking way more water hasn’t made me feel any better.  No that I think about it, I actually lost more weight, but baby gained weight so I am even more proud of myself! Ha!

Due to some bleeding, the doctor did an exam today and two sonograms.  Everything is good besides a inflamed cervix… not sure about all of that but he gave me a prescription and said not to worry. Been getting tons of contractions and feeling good about that because I know what causes them so at 37 weeks I’ll be walking the mall, cleaning, and stressing out trying to bring on the contractions.

The sonogram was precious today.  This baby looked so big and chubby- especially for 33 weeks.  It’s face looked more like Lola’s now minus the profile.  Short and wide.  I enjoyed seeing the baby so it was a great surprise. Didn’t really see anything below the head though.  Doctor wanted to check placenta, etc…

Lola went with me today and I obviously didn’t know I was having an exam, but she was pretty good.  I pulled a chair next to the table for her to sit in and she held my hand and asked only a million questions.  I forewarned the doc that she would be asking some serious questions once he informed me he wanted to do an exam. Here are a few… and let me remind everyone that the question has to get an answer or she will keep asking it.

“Mommy!!  Why you take off your panties?”

“Why you have to wear that? -Where did you panties go? -Do you need your panties?”

“What is he doing down there?” (She didn’t necessarily mean down there as in my vagina… she just knows he normally stands over my belly.")

“Why he need that flash light momma?”

“Is he taking the baby out today?”

So she didn’t seemed totally freaked out just really wondering what it going on here? Lol- welcome to being a girl Lola.


So Subject Change:

Clay and I took Lola to a pediatric allergist last week and she did amazing!  Guys, night and day from how she normally is with doctors.  Amazing.  He even did the prick test and she really did wonderful through it.  She did cry but short lived and was so brave.  But everything else she never cried.  Let the doctor listen to her heart, look at her skin, look at her ears, nose, and mouth. She said “ahhhh” and took deep breaths on command.  She was EXCELLENT and a true big girl.  She wasn’t crazy about him touching her ears (who could blame her) but he showed her his really cool flash light and explained how he was looking for bunny rabbits in her ear and if she stayed real still he could see them but if she moved it would scare them and they would run away.  So she sat real still- I didn’t have to hold her down at all and she even laughed and said “it tickles!” LOVE this doctor and relieved to find such a good one.  He gave us several pediatricians he recommended first-hand and said he has a list of more if I wasn’t pleased.  He said quit going to ones you don’t like!  There are too many good ones.  And I agree.  We may try this one called Dr. Ernie.  I would prefer Lola have a girl pediatrician even though I, myself, prefer male doctors- well I am pretty sure she does too.  Her ENT and allergist are men and she does pretty darn good with them.  Anyways, her allergist is having the blood he wants drawn done while she is sedated with tubes.  Wonderful.  And he thinks, after examining her, the ENT will take out her tonsils and adenoids too.  Great news.  I am all for that. He suggested I call our pediatrician and have them write up her 3 year well child blood work so I could get it done while she is under and said it shouldn’t be a problem them writing it up… so I call today and of course they wouldn’t.  Crappy doctors.  She just saw Lola two weeks ago and wasn’t even able to examine her because of how terrified she was… and why wouldn’t she do that??  Idiot.

Ready for February to be over and looks like it will sooner rather than later.  It’s flying by.  Lola and I made her friends Valentine’s and she loved it.  I’ll post pictures this week.

Also made nursery progress and won’t promise pictures since I can’t deliver.  Hopefully soon.

Time to rest with the hubby.  He just got Lola down for me and it’s nice to have a quiet house. :)  No offense sweet Lola. We love you!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Damn Ear Infections

They seriously make me so mad, because they get so bad and last forever.  Poor Lola.  And they certainly haven’t helped at night time.  She wakes up a lot because her ear drum ruptured (as always) and the infection leaks out. It’s always worse at night. She wakes up freaked out because her cotton ball has fallen out and she screams “there’s stuff in my ear- get it out!”  As tired as I am, I feel awful for her and just want to help her feel better.  Still am not sleeping with her, but laying with her a lot and sleeping in her room.  I am even having to rock some.  I am surprised she doesn’t get more infections- but the ones she has had have been killer.  It’s so worse now that she can talk, because she tells me how bad it hurts.  After we left the doctor, she kept saying “make it feel better now, momma!”  :(

012So thanks to finally having a good go-to doctor (our ENT), he is putting tubes in her ears this month.  I am going to try hard to get him to take out her adenoids as well. Clay and I both had ours out.  It’s no fun the older you get so I would like to do it while she is still young.  And tonsils may or may not be an issue… I had mine out at 20 and it SUCKED!  Seriously might have been worse than having a baby.  My ENT warned me it’s hard on adults and it’s ridiculous. So I am all up for taking it all out!  I will talk to him in detail at our pre-op appt.  For my prayer friends, please pray the medicine they give her before the tubes really does make her relaxed and loopy.  I hope this isn’t a bad experience for her and quite frankly one she won’t remember.  He said she may not thanks to the meds.  I don’t know if I can stay in there when they put her under so I dread them taking her from me to do that.  Too bad I can’t give her a few beers before hand.  JK.  Totally JK.  Meds should be even better.

Lola and I are taking it easy after the sick weekend and trying to suction all the grossness out of her ear every couple hours.  AND we are spring cleaning.  Especially since it’s been 70 outside this winter.  I think I hit a major nesting mode today and have cleaned out the guest room, which had so much junk stored in it and Lola and I are working on getting the bathroom organized for two kids and washing all the sheets and stuff for the baby room!  We can’t wait to meet this little monster… still feel insane for not knowing.  I think about it a lot now. A lot.

Well we are hitting up a drive-thru for some food since we are both in our sweats today.  Gotta’ love Mondays.  Work day tomorrow though.. womp, womp, womp.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hello! I don’t know the sex?!?! And Lola is a freaking comedian!

So it seriously just hit me today that I don’t know the sex of this baby!  I start my 32nd week tomorrow and have been working on the nursery today and quilting (quilt is for the nursery twin bed) and it’s really weird.  I still feel glad I don’t know, but it’s just so strange.  I know people pregnant and calling their baby by name and I say he, she and it at any given moment.  I don’t really feel like I feel less connected to the baby though.  I wanted this baby really bad and the baby isn’t any less real.  Trust me.  This baby throws some mad parties in my belly every night.  I am pooped.  And the last couple days I have been cramping really bad off and on.  (Hoping that means a baby closer to 38 weeks than 40!) The number one question strangers ask me now, “What are you having?” And I always want to respond with “A baby.”  Hahaha- would that make me a smartass?  Aren’t you allowed to be one when pregnant?  Oh! You aren’t?  Oops.  And everyone else ask me what my intuition tells me… um- I am pregnant and feel pregnant, fat, and tired.  No inclination on the sex.  So here’s the deal.  I really think it’s odd how matter-of-fact Lola is about the baby being a girl- so I think she has to be right.  But since a boy would be big change for us, I am more mentally prepared for a boy at this point and a girl would be a shocker to me…  Clay is going to video the delivery so our reaction is on camera! No vagina shots allowed.  Agh.

Went to the doctor on Monday and Lola went with me.  She really seems to enjoy going.  I was laying down on the table and she sits right on top of my thighs while the doctor measures my stomach and listens to the baby’s heartbeat.  Isn’t that pretty cute?  I stood on the scale and yelled “This can’t be right!” And Lola was sitting on the bench right next to me and said “Momma, take off your shoes!”  Great idea child.  So I did.  It didn’t matter.  Up 27 pounds.  How could this be??  Not fantastic.  I guess I am going to hit the 40 pound mark again instead of just 30.  But I have nixed cokes and teas from my diet now which I should have done forever ago. I love me some regular coke.  I am sure I was drinking a gazillion calories.  But now that I am not drinking cokes, I am just eating more Oreos.  What’s up with the sweet tooth non-stop?  Is it weird that I kind of look forward to the challenge of loosing the weight though?  Hopefully I can as easily as I did last time… I feel confident.

So Lola like to feel the baby move (or pretend to) and talk to the baby, but occasionally she’ll accidentally hit my stomach to hard and I remind her we can’t do that, because it might hurt the baby then she does it again with a smirk.  Oh my.  Already being the big sister bully?  Not good.  Hopefully that won’t be the case while the baby is a newborn.  For my vagina’s sake, I hope the baby is smaller, but for the baby’s sake- I hope he/she is a chunky monkey to handle Lola’s craziness.  Nick comes over and within 20 minutes always says “How do you do this all the time?”  Then offers to babysit because he knows that as fun as she is, I must be exhausted.  Haha.  Thanks bub.  He says his friends babies can go hours without talking.  Lola can seriously go maybe 5 seconds.  I try not to get frustrated but feel entertained since she honestly is so much like me- but not always the case.  I am working on another post right now talking about all the funny things she is saying and doing.  I need to get more video for sure.  The funniest thing to me right now is I ask her if she needs to go potty and she tells me no, but because she is playing or what not I am scared she may, so I ask her again, "Are you sure Lola?” And she came up with this answer alll on her own and says it a lot… cracks me up… “No, the tee-tee isn’t in my vagina yet.”  How hilarious is that and then how smart is that?  Brilliant actually.  And how can I argue with that.  End of discussion.  She doesn’t need to go.  The tee-tee isn’t in her vagina yet.  Seriously cracks me up.

Tonight I was cleaning her room while Clay was getting her pajamas on her and he noticed this rash on her body looked better so he said “Your bumps are better.”  And she looked at them (they are under her armpit) and said “Daddy, look at my boob!”  Haha- he didn’t know how to respond and I couldn’t stop laughing and he said, “Who taught you that word!?”  Of course that could have been me!  Then about a month ago she asked him if he had vaginas and butts?  (She made them plural.)  He looked a little shocked so I just said “No, daddy doesn’t have a vagina.  No boys do.  Just butts.”  If this baby is a boy, then we can better explain boy parts to her at that time.  It won’t go unnoticed with her.  That’s for sure.  Hope she doesn’t talk about her private parts at school!  I think her teacher wouldn’t know how to respond at all!  

I do have to brag a minute on Lola today… she was perfect!  In fact my mom called offering to come get her for a bit and I took a rain check because she was so good.  She watched Polar Express (her request) and it was her second time to see it, maybe 3rd.  She is pretty frightened of the movie but can’t bring herself not to watch it.  Hope it doesn’t give her bad dreams.  She watched the entire movie perfectly.  A miracle.  Then played and was just so easy.  Wiped her butt by herself each time instead of hollering for me.  Ate good.  I did a lot of quilting today and she was perfect in the sewing room.  She played with a bowl of rubber bands for at least 30 minutes then amazingly picked up every single one.  There were 100+.  She was just fantastic.  We took her to El Fenix tonight because she has been begging to go for awhile.  Just so darn good.  Had a mini break down, only one of the day, but it was bedtime.  What more could you ask for? :)  Now if she can only sleep through the night.  Benadryl has been my best friend lately because I can go right back to sleep each time she wakes me up. 

So since this post has shifted over to Lola- I’ll paste what the other post was saying too… (FYI: I think pregnancy has me in a journaling mood more than a “blogging” mood.)

(Written yesterday)

Man, I am exhausted and falling behind on blogging. It stinks because Lola is doing some seriously funny stuff. But I have learned that the funnier they get, also means the crazier they get. She is quite a handful and on days I feel good and energized, it’s fun and isn’t a big deal- but days I feel super pregnant and tired- I think I might pull my hair out and run down the street screaming! Haha- I am sure she feels the same way. The new sleep training is still being worked on nightly and isn’t any easier than the last report. Unfortunately we still need that darn mattress in her room.

Right now she is serving me ice cream (pretend of course) and has her long sleeve shirt tucked into her oversized purple panties. She refuses to put pants on after she uses the bathroom. And when she uses the bathroom she slams the door and yells “I need privacy!” Oh my. I encourage doors to stay open, but love that she uses the word “privacy.” :)

Last night she didn’t go to bed easily (took two hours for her to fall asleep) and I was in one of those moods that it was definitely to her and my benefit that she fall asleep. So I kept ridiculously threatening her to fall asleep and I told her I was not happy. So she starts whispering every 3 seconds “I love you momma.” So I tried to somewhat ignore her but she kept saying it so finally I thanked her and told her I loved her but it was time to close our mouth and eyes and no more saying that. So she said “Are you happy now?” And I said when you fall asleep I will be happy… so she closed her eyes for a split second then said “I like you a lot momma…. are…you…happy…now?” You think that would have melted my heart and it does today, but last night I was exhausted and was ready for bed myself especially since I took a Benadryl… But it was funny to me how she picked up on my frustration and wanted to make me happy- but she just couldn’t fall asleep.

When people ask if it’s a boy she always responds with “a boy after the girl.” What if she is right? Crazy. Like how she has a plan though.

Lola is playing in her room and I just heard her yell “I am so proud of myself!” She is crazy. Earlier she was playing with her little people and apparently one was Ba and it was funny hearing her talk like Ba.

The other morning Lola and I were eating our usual breakfast together and she excitedly said “Momma, how did the egg get to Nonna’s house?” Well I was quite confused and didn’t have a clue what she was talking about but by the sounds of her voice it seemed as though she was telling me a joke. So I said “How did the egg get to Nonnas?” And she smiled and giggle, “It drove there!” She couldn’t stop laughing so I joined in. She told me “I have jokes.” I shouldn’t have laughed so hard because now she tells me this joke of hers all the time! Crazy kid.

Okay I need to go lay down and rest!  Sewing wore me out today! Winking smile Although I did finish an entire twin size quilt top today and it was so much fun… can’t wait to quilt it now! Hope I like it in the nursery but if not, I will just have to make another!

Good night.

P.S. You know I am a tired pregnant lady when my January 2012 picture folder only has two pictures in it.  What?  I need to get out the camera way more this month!