Monday, February 13, 2012

33 weeks and 7 to go…

I had my doctor appointment today and guess what playas? I LOST 2 whole pounds this time… remember last time I had gained a whooping 8 pounds in two weeks… well now I can say I have only gained 6 pounds in one month.  Much better and totaling in at 27 pounds gained.  Can I stick to my goal and only gain 30?  Probably not but I feel better… How did I loose weight?  No cokes and sweet teas… it paid off, but kind of sucked.  And drinking way more water hasn’t made me feel any better.  No that I think about it, I actually lost more weight, but baby gained weight so I am even more proud of myself! Ha!

Due to some bleeding, the doctor did an exam today and two sonograms.  Everything is good besides a inflamed cervix… not sure about all of that but he gave me a prescription and said not to worry. Been getting tons of contractions and feeling good about that because I know what causes them so at 37 weeks I’ll be walking the mall, cleaning, and stressing out trying to bring on the contractions.

The sonogram was precious today.  This baby looked so big and chubby- especially for 33 weeks.  It’s face looked more like Lola’s now minus the profile.  Short and wide.  I enjoyed seeing the baby so it was a great surprise. Didn’t really see anything below the head though.  Doctor wanted to check placenta, etc…

Lola went with me today and I obviously didn’t know I was having an exam, but she was pretty good.  I pulled a chair next to the table for her to sit in and she held my hand and asked only a million questions.  I forewarned the doc that she would be asking some serious questions once he informed me he wanted to do an exam. Here are a few… and let me remind everyone that the question has to get an answer or she will keep asking it.

“Mommy!!  Why you take off your panties?”

“Why you have to wear that? -Where did you panties go? -Do you need your panties?”

“What is he doing down there?” (She didn’t necessarily mean down there as in my vagina… she just knows he normally stands over my belly.")

“Why he need that flash light momma?”

“Is he taking the baby out today?”

So she didn’t seemed totally freaked out just really wondering what it going on here? Lol- welcome to being a girl Lola.


So Subject Change:

Clay and I took Lola to a pediatric allergist last week and she did amazing!  Guys, night and day from how she normally is with doctors.  Amazing.  He even did the prick test and she really did wonderful through it.  She did cry but short lived and was so brave.  But everything else she never cried.  Let the doctor listen to her heart, look at her skin, look at her ears, nose, and mouth. She said “ahhhh” and took deep breaths on command.  She was EXCELLENT and a true big girl.  She wasn’t crazy about him touching her ears (who could blame her) but he showed her his really cool flash light and explained how he was looking for bunny rabbits in her ear and if she stayed real still he could see them but if she moved it would scare them and they would run away.  So she sat real still- I didn’t have to hold her down at all and she even laughed and said “it tickles!” LOVE this doctor and relieved to find such a good one.  He gave us several pediatricians he recommended first-hand and said he has a list of more if I wasn’t pleased.  He said quit going to ones you don’t like!  There are too many good ones.  And I agree.  We may try this one called Dr. Ernie.  I would prefer Lola have a girl pediatrician even though I, myself, prefer male doctors- well I am pretty sure she does too.  Her ENT and allergist are men and she does pretty darn good with them.  Anyways, her allergist is having the blood he wants drawn done while she is sedated with tubes.  Wonderful.  And he thinks, after examining her, the ENT will take out her tonsils and adenoids too.  Great news.  I am all for that. He suggested I call our pediatrician and have them write up her 3 year well child blood work so I could get it done while she is under and said it shouldn’t be a problem them writing it up… so I call today and of course they wouldn’t.  Crappy doctors.  She just saw Lola two weeks ago and wasn’t even able to examine her because of how terrified she was… and why wouldn’t she do that??  Idiot.

Ready for February to be over and looks like it will sooner rather than later.  It’s flying by.  Lola and I made her friends Valentine’s and she loved it.  I’ll post pictures this week.

Also made nursery progress and won’t promise pictures since I can’t deliver.  Hopefully soon.

Time to rest with the hubby.  He just got Lola down for me and it’s nice to have a quiet house. :)  No offense sweet Lola. We love you!!

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