Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I did it: Preschool Backpack from scratch!!!

So a big hooray for me!  I made something by following a pattern!  There was a lot of sewing language that kept tripping me up, but in the end, I came out with a pretty cute little backpack.  I hope Lola looks back at her pictures one day and thinks it is just as cool and is glad I didn’t send her to preschool with an Elmo one… she will thank me one day.   ;)


So here it is!

  041   I wasn’t in a girly mood when I made it… I am sure you can tell.  I love the blue fabric with the itty bitty flowers on it.  Adjustable straps and a crayon pocket (or any type of pocket!)

042 047

Lola testing it out!  Good size, huh?  It seems to hold a good amount!


Inside is pretty too!



055 062

She looks soooo big!

063  073 068

Here is the boy lunch box I bought her.  I wanted this shape exactly and this is all I could find… still on the look out for another, BUT I made it prettier…



After: Ignore the pins- glue still drying.


Added ruffles to the handle, a ruffled L, and hearts to try and make it look more girly… I actually really like it now and the best part is- only cost $3.50 (insulated too!)!


I think I have just fallen in love with sewing!  I seriously can’t wait to teach Lola too one day! 

Lola, most of the things I sew are for you and there is so much love wrapped up in each of those crafty little projects.  It’s been a bigger joy than I could have ever realized having a girl… you are the light in our home Lou Lou- you and Jesus.  :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Oh about going private…

I’ll be private in the next day or two, so when you leave a comment, please remember to include your e-mail address or I can’t invite you to read!  Don’t want to leave anyone out! 

Love my readers!   

Fun things happening this week and weekend! ;)

My next project…

In the next day or two I hope to have made this backpack for Lola.  Already have the fabric!  From Pattern Play off Etsy! Can’t wait to do this- I just need to remember patience so I can take the time to sew it the correct way! :)  Lola will be so proud to have just her size bag and lunch box!  Can’t wait to take pictures!


Stinkin’ IN LOVE with FELT!

(This was written on one day and published on another)

I really had no idea what felt was capable of!  I have been ohhing and awing over these felt foods all day on Etsy.  I have seen them here and there and thought they were really cute, but decided to really, really look at them today… and wow!  I am in love and amazed by all the things you can create!  I could have kept going and going and you will quickly see that I have already put way too many up! 

I am trying to decide how hard these are to make and if it’s something I should start tackling.  If I find it’s doable- then I could start now and make Lola’s Christmas stocking full of fun foods and things she would recognize!  And if I don’t ever get to this to do list, then I will have to give in and buy some.  You guys know I don’t like buying things I feel I could possibly make… I never notice felt at fabric stores- I guess I’ll make my fourth trip to Joann’s this week and check it out!  I think all I want for Christmas this year is gift cards and money to go toward sewing supplies, fabric, and a new machine!!!

Even if you don’t have kids, how could you not fall in love with this stuff?  It seriously makes me want to be 4 all over again!

I’ll put the shops names to give them each credit!


Felt Food Tomato Soup with Goldfish Crackers


Felt Play Food Cheeseburger-Bun, Lettuce,Tomato, Cheese, Hamburger


Felt Food Donuts and Box

DIY Felt Pattern Christmas Cookies Set...Santa Plate...Hot Cocoa Mug..PDF

Felt Food Breakfast in Bed Play Set



Limited Edition Felt Halloween Dessert Set

Felt Pop-Tart Set



Half Dozen Assorted Colors Cupcakes- My choice or yours



Sugar Felt Cookie Set


julyhobby (She sells the patterns to these!)

Julyhobby Bundle 14 Sets PDF Felt Pattern Special Price

Sweet Chocolate Gift Set PDF Felt Pattern


Felt Happy Breakfast Set Pattern PDF


Felt Cakes and Tarts Pattern PDF

Happy Fruits PDF Felt Pattern

Happy Pizza  PDF Felt Pattern

Felt Let Go To Fresh Market Set Pattern PDF

mudpie kids  (love the name)

Whole Felt Pumpkin Pie



Felt food Happy  Breakfast No2


Felt Mailbox Pattern - PINK POST OFFICE - Send letters and cookies

Felt Food Steak and Potato Pattern - GRILLING FUN -  Tutorial


Sushi Magnet Set


gulfcoastcottagepdf (patterns)

Felt Food Tea Set - PDF Pattern

Felt Food Pattern - Backyard BBQ Play Set PDF Pattern Hot Dog, Hamburger, Steak, Grill and Accessories

Kitchen Cookin' Pot, Pan, Lid, Tea Kettle, Cookie Sheet and Pot Holder Felt Food PDF Pattern

Felt Food  - Toaster PDF Pattern (Toaster, Bagel, Cream Cheese, Toaster Pastry, Waffle, Syrup and Butter)

Felt Food Pattern- Christmas Cookies, Hot Cocoa and Milk (Santa, Wreath, Tree, Candy Cane, Snowman, Star, Stocking, Cocoa and Milk Mug)

Be A Baker Set Felt Play Food PDF Pattern- Chef Hat, Mixing Bowl, Measuring Cup, Measuring Spoons, Wooden Spoon, Rubber Spatula, Whisk, Salt and Pepper Shakers


buggabugsBAKERY SWEETS - PDF Felt Food Pattern (Cinnamon Rolls, Sugar Cookies, Sprinkles, Spatula, Hot Pad and Baking Sheet)


eikumpel (these may be a good thing to try first!)

Lollipop set - Handmade felt pretend food



Felt Vanilla Cupcake With Aqua And Orange Flowers

Felt Caramel Cupcake With Pumpkin And Aqua Pansies

Felt Halloween Harvest Vanilla Cupcake and Pumpkin 2010

Felt Chocolate Mint Dot and Rose Ganache Cake


Now do you wish you were a little girl again with a pink and purple little kitchen where dishes never get dirty and someone is always available to have a tea party with you??

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sewing Machine Upgrade…

When my Maw-Maw bought me a sewing machine at 16 I am sure she didn’t realize how much use it would really get.  Ten years later- I think it’s time to upgrade!  I have managed to do a lot on my basic, very basic, sewing machine.  It really needs to be serviced (NEVER has been serviced!) because it’s getting pretty unreliable.  But did you know there are a million ka-gillion sewing machines!  My oh my.  There are some budget friendly ones at Joann’s that have good reviews but they are all Singer and I haven’t heard a lot of good things in person about Singer anymore??  Brother has good reviews everywhere and they are also affordable, except for one- which would be a good machine I could grow with…. so…. maybe Christmas?

Does anyone have a sewing machine they would recommend or not recommend??    

Lola got to play at Gram and Popper’s today while I did a lot of sewing! I learned how to make… triple pinch pleat curtains!  It seemed so fancy- but actually was really easy.  Surprisingly so!  So now my kitchen has new curtains!  It was so nice to just sew in a quiet house and not worry about Lola stepping on the pedal, taking the pins, running away leaving a trail of thread behind her, etc… (Thanks Gram and Popper) I have been looking into finding her a fake sewing machine!  She seems to really, really love mine.  Maybe she can play with mine (no needle or power of course) if I get a new one! :)

Happy Sewing Day to me! :)

Oh and please let me know if you know anything about sewing machines or if you know anyone who does sewing lessons! :)

Blog going private Monday! Please send me your e-mail so no one gets left out. I am only going off my list of people who respond either by e-mailing me or leaving a comment.  I deleted my e-mail contacts awhile back by accident, so I am lacking a  lot of e-mail addresses I once had! :) If you follow my blog that doesn’t mean you will get added- I need your e-mail!  Thanks for reading!   (smiles)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thanks Nonna!


Lola hadn’t seen her Nonna in ages which remind me not to let that happen again, because it creates this overboard reaction from both of them! Haha!  Mom showed up in her Elmo shirt and Lola kept saying “Nonnaaaa, Elmoooo.”  Really funny story though- I was rocking Lola tonight and she was falling asleep then waking up and falling asleep then waking up and during one of her little waking up moments, she sat up and said “Nonna, Elmoooo” and then laid back down and went right back to sleep!  Haha! 

Lola had a busy day to say the least because this morning we went to meet her school teachers to see if we definitely wanted to enroll her one day a week.  I know it seems like it’s not a big deal considering it is just one day a week- but people, you know me by now, and I just go so back and forth about it.  But anyways we were definitely impressed, then off to Nonna’s for awhile.  I got to go shopping with my Gap gift card from Clay’s parents, some cash for clothes for Lola from Nonna, and then I remembered I had a massage gift card I decided to cash in and got a pedicure with Laura… talk about a day to make momma happy or what!  Wonderful!  Thanks Nonna for playing with Lola today so I could have some me time!   Then I got Lola back and kept her busy so she wouldn’t crash too early, then she didn’t end up going to bed till late… oh my.  Oh and my fabric from fabric.com finally came in today!  Another bonus!

Well now I am off to bed… super tired from my great day.  :)  What a problem to have.