Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Did I mention Lola loves to color?

So Nick, Clay, and Kebby were watching Lola in the living room while I finished up getting dinner ready and I asked them if Lola was good and they all said yes, but she was being awfully quiet (of course code for “I’m doing something I shouldn’t be”) so I walked around to take a peek and found this!


Yes, that’s green crayon on the couch.  The guys laughed for a minute because they know they are worthless babysitters and Kebby just went on and on about how cute it was because it was the first “uh-oh” of having a toddler.  Haha- so I had to tell Lola that the couch wasn’t a coloring book and take her crayons away and then snap a picture!  I told Nick she can only have two crayons at a time, that away I can keep up with them and she can’t go crazy- but sure enough she had all 24!   Seriously 24 crayons and a 1 year old- just doesn’t mix well. 

On another crafty note, Lola is doing much better in the nursery and is in the 2 year old room (she likes it better) and so that means she gets to do crafts!  Each week she has brought something different home and I just love it!  It makes her seem way too big!  Last week she even got to use glue!  I wondered if she really helped glue then later that day I noticed her skin peeling then realized it was dried glue! Haha- so I guess she is!  And I am sure she wants to glue it all by herself!  Hmmm… where did she get that independent attitude? ;)

Well tomorrow I meet Mother’s Day Out teachers- but still haven’t made up my mind- so we will see. 

Night, Night!

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~Laura~ said...

Looks like both are girls are into coloring furniture lately! Aubrey did it AGAIN today..!! Grr.