Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Heart Change & Vertigo Sucks

Some people love change and others just don’t do well with change.  I think I like change.  It may be one reason I rearrange furniture once a month, hang different curtains, and constantly recover my pillows.  Kebby and I were talking and she just doesn’t like change.  We were talking about why I like it and why she doesn’t.  I think feeling secure is important and healthy and for that reason too much change can be very stressful- Clay and I know that from a lot of experience in our short life together, but little change all the time suits me just fine. 

I changed Lola’s room again.  Surprised?  Probably not by now.  I bought a light color to paint her ceiling, which meant crown molding needed to go up to separate the two since the textured carried onto the ceiling and it would have been impossible to get a pretty line without it… but after I got the paint, Kebby and I were playing with Lola in her room and we decided to take the light, thick rug out of the guestroom and put it in her room.  I have to admit I LOVE it in the guest room, but since she is away and Nick occasionally sleeps over, the room isn’t getting enough attention to hide amazing rugs in there… so after a few days of it being in Lola’s room it has really grown on me!  As soon as we laid it down to see what it would look like, Lola rolled and snuggled all over it!  She loved having soft, plush carpet in her room.  It does give it that play feeling I was wanting it to have!  And then I redid her shelves and added one more so her kitchen stuff could go on it.  Gram got Lola super cute kitchen accessories so we need to make room so her kitchen can be her main toy.


The paper books went a little higher because she can’t read them anyhow and her board books are on the other shelf lower.  Then the shelf with the dolls and picture frames can hold kitchen stuff as it comes our way… and then I bought the pink canvas bins for Lola’s toys.  She gets into those easier than the baskets that were there.  I scooted over the chair and kitchen so her shelves are more accessible!  It has really helped!

From Lola’s perspective: Notice the rug!


I moved one of the baskets under her bedside table and a pink doll to help tie in the pink- somehow pink has really made it’s way into Lola’s room!  I am going to put Lola’s blankets in the basket so I can keep her covered up at night now that she is sleeping in her bed! ;)  Last night she stayed in it till 4 a.m.!  Super proud of her… and me for that matter. 


Lola likes to sit at her desk (which soon will be replaced with a table) and cook, bake, or pretend eat. 



Now about our Wii Fit!

So I have been pretty good lately about getting using our Wii Fit!  It’s so much fun and as soon as Lola goes down for a nap, I run to get it out and do some yoga and Wii fitness stuff!  Well sometimes I do it when Lola is up and she stands next to me and mimics me- it is so cute, so I set her up on it too!

How cute is this? 

015 They have Baby Stats so I can weigh her in, but it won’t let her do anything else because of her age- but her little Mii character is pretty cute!


If a mom is trying to figure out how to fit some kind of exercise into her daily routine, I would highly recommend this.  It’s a lot of fun, takes no time to set up or break down, and did I mention it was fun?  Before I know it I have been doing things that work all sorts of muscles for 45 minutes!  Clay and I compete and my favorite right now is the snowball throwing- it makes me arms so sore!  This was  a great Christmas gift for us!  It will be fun when Lola can do it too one day!


So this cute shirt was only $1.99 at Old Navy and I got 3 more, two solid, another striped- they have a cute pocket on them and I got them during tax-free weekend!  What a great deal!  They matched her Gap shorts she already had.   Our Old Navy and CP clothes came in today and we got some great stuff for super cheap!  Gap/Old Navy is having 30% off the next 3-4 days- take advantage people!  We may be ordering a few more things.  I can get really good deals online: coupon codes, free shipping, and sometimes online things are marked down that aren’t marked down in the store.  Love good deals especially on clothes…

Weird Story

This morning I woke up thinking I was going insane because everything was moving and spinning and I just couldn’t function very well because the more I moved the more everything else moved.  I know weird.  Me.  But after putting up with that for several hours it finally got better and after talking to the doctor (an actual doctor called me- he’s so old school and I love that!) he said it was definitely vertigo.  I have had that before but it has been awhile and it wasn’t near that bad.  So now I can officially say vertigo sucks.  Really bad.  Poor Lola was practically on her own this morning.  She finally cuddled up with me and just fell asleep watching Sesame Street.  So nice of her- and I wonder if she picked up on the fact that I wasn’t feeling good?  Babies are super smart, especially mine.  ;)   Praying no more vertigo.

Well I think the last few days I have made up for a lack of posting this month! 

Don’t forget to send me your e-mails because I will be going private very, very soon!  I have gotten several e-mails over the last month and am super excited people are letting me know they want to read (or see Lola pictures- Haha!!)!

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