Friday, August 20, 2010

I am grounded.

I am not allowed to buy anymore clothes for Lola for the fall.  I am grounding myself as of today.  I am such a freak.  So for some reason, I have it in my head that tomorrow will be freezing (I know we all wish, right?) and Lola just won’t have anything to wear.  So apparently I acted on that crazy notion and have been buying (good sales and prices of course) all kinds of fall stuff!  Stocking her closet up!  Really?  Really?  She could probably be in shorts until December with the way things are looking.  So no more!  But I’ll add  that I have gotten her some super cute stuff and Old Navy had 30% off everything yesterday and free shipping online and I got some amazing deals! And BabyGap- why couldn’t you do the same?? And shopping online is soooo much easier.  We have a few fall things still on our wish list, so we all know what that means… Lola’s got to put the charm on to some other people – like grandparents?  Too bad her and Nick weren’t better buddies, although they are getting there (see picture below) because he is a good shopper, likes to buy nice things, and him and Lola could do some major damage together.  Hehe.  


“Nothing like chillin’ on a Sunday with my Uncle Nick while watching Elmo.”

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*Courtney* said...

I totally feel ya, Natalie! I seem to want to buy all the cute fallish stuff now, but I've made myself wait.

Also, sorry about the playdate not working out this week...we will do it in the next week or so because I know S would have lots of fun with L. :)