Friday, April 29, 2011

Freaky Love


So baby doll pictures are a tad freaky, but I just love when I walk into Lola’s room and see how she left things… and I found this baby in her high chair with the bottle of juice out and the apple pie in the bowl with the fork.  How cute!  What a good little momma Lola was being to her baby!  Makes me love her just that much more.  

The next day I found a cup and plate of felt pie next to her bed.  Looked like she way having a midnight snack.  Hehehe.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lola Lou is Two!

Lola Lou turns TWO tomorrow!  How fast two years can fly by is unreal!

To celebrate 24 months with Lola- here’s a look at the top 24 things I am loving about my two year old:

  1. I love that she no longer needs a highchair and sits at the table like such a big girl for family meals.  It’s so cute and one of my favorite parts of the day.
  2. I love that she loves to tell “secrets.”  She’ll whisper (actually talk quite loudly) in my or Clay’s ear.  Sometimes she just makes up silly words and other times she actually says a real sentence. 
  3. I love that she talks in her sleep.  It’s hilarious.
  4. I love that she yells “Mom!” from her bedroom when she wants me to come in there.
  5. I love that she can pretend play so well.  She makes great pies and cupcakes and brings them to me with “sweet tea.”
  6. I love that she randomly gives me kisses and hugs with such love. 
  7. I love that she says “thank choo” when you do something for her.
  8. I love how excited she gets when Daddy gets home from work.
  9. I love how she dances all the time and ask for the music to be turned up.
  10. I love that she notices changes I make to the house and tells me “pretty.”
  11. I love that she remembers every little thing you say and do.
  12. I love how well she takes care of her babies by feeding them and changing their diapers and even putting them down for “night, night” time.
  13. I love that she loves cupcakes just like her momma.
  14. I love how she wants to pick out her own clothes and especially shoes.
  15. I love that she loves being outdoors.
  16. I love and am always impressed that she knows her way around town.  She navigates from the backseat and tells me which way to turn depending on where she wants to go.  So smart.
  17. I love that she refuses to sit in a buggy.  Oh wait.  I don’t love that.
  18. I love that she is getting better and better at using silverware when eating.
  19. I love that she always gets out her vacuum when I vacuum.
  20. I love that she can work the iPad better than I can.
  21. I love how she tells me what she did at school each week and she always tells me when she had to sit in time-out for pushing.
  22. I love that she is so affectionate.
  23. I love that she helps me make my bed every morning and attempts to make her own bed.
  24. I love that Lola is happy. 

We celebrated her birthday Easter weekend because I hated to celebrate it the weekend after her birthday passed!  It was such a fun evening and the party went great.  We had it outdoors despite possible rain and lots of wind. Thank goodness no rain after praying all week!

We had a little get together and let the kids play, play, play.  Lola had a blast and knew that the party was for her!  Next year- I think we will do a little kiddo brunch because Lola only cared about the cupcakes and kids.  Hehehehe… Lola’s not to into the adults when kids are around.  The day of her party she kept telling me “Lola’s friends” and “kids” and “play” and “happy birdday Wowa”.   So cute. 

Here’s the pictures from the party!

Backyard Decorated and No Rain: CHECK




Mom and birthday girl ready: CHECK

Snot rag hanging out of my pocket for Lola: CHECK



Made Elmo cupcakes that morning: CHECK

I told Lola we had to wait to eat them until her friends came so she kept looking out the window for her friends and she would tell me say “Friends here Momma!” trying to get her cupcake early! :) So cute. She refrained from eating them, but she went ahead and touched them.


Elmo cake I never dreamed I would be making: CHECK

One really excited girl and cake: CHECK



Nonna’s cute two year old cookies: CHECK


Details: CHECK



DSC_0124 (2) DSC_0129 (2)

I also took cute yellow and red fabrics to use on top of plain table cloths. It was cheap since I had them and just washed them and still have them to use later. 

I also took scrap fabric that favored her birthday colors and made her a “2” shirt!  Birthdays required homemade shirts!  It’s tradition!  I even was a nice mom and added an Elmo patch on it.

Family and Friends: CHECK




DSC_0155DSC_0107 (2)DSC_0190 (2)  DSC_0138 (2)






DSC_0212 DSC_0087



DSC_0076 (2) DSC_0057

(Thanks Nonna for all your help!!!)

DSC_0096 (2)

One Happy Momma: CHECK

One Happy Dad refusing to get in camera shots: CHECK



(Thanks Rocky for handling the grill!)


DSC_0084  DSC_0077 (2)

Open Presents: CHECK

(Thanks everyone for the thoughtful and fun gifts!)



DSC_0205   DSC_0162 (2)DSC_0161 (2)DSC_0152 (2)DSC_0215

This one came a day early from Gram and Popper!


Birthday Song and Cake: CHECK

DSC_0169 (2) DSC_0247DSC_0233 

Blow out the candle and…




DSC_0178 (2)DSC_0188 (2)

Time to share: CHECK




DSC_0211 (2)

DSC_0200 (2) DSC_0202 (2)

Not quite done: CHECK



Play time: CHECK

(Yes, that’s Aunt Kebby inside that little playhouse!)




DSC_0287  DSC_0042 (2)DSC_0074DSC_0060

DSC_0055 DSC_0066



Photographers: CHECK (one better than the other hence the pictures)

DSC_0095 (2) DSC_0269

Party over and cleaned up and ready for bed: CHECK

Lola looks so much like Kebby as a little girl in this picture.  It’s sort of freaky actually. I doped her up on some allergy medicine, Vicks and a little bedtime snack. She looks so big until I zoom out…


Hehehehe… told ya!


Happy Birthday Lola!  We love you!

Love, Mom and Dad

Looking forward to a fun day with Lola tomorrow and I saved our little gifts for her to open throughout the day.  And I am sure she will make Clay and I take her to El Fenix for dinner because it has quickly become her very, very favorite place to eat and I must say: she does exceptionally well there.  She can even point the way there as we drive!

Muah, muah Lola!  You are the best!