Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ranger Game- Opening Weekend!

We went to the Ranger game and it was a blast!  Let me just say- we had a suite and without it- Lola would have been miserable.  It was great that she had a place to play and we could go inside and had a bathroom and food and there were other kids there to play with her!  It was a Chick-fil-A suite and perfect for families!  We took Robert with us and of course Lola was ecstatic!  She just loves him!


Poor Aunt Kebby was sick and after that day got so bad with strep throat and ear infections… Her and Lola didn’t touch, talk, or hang out.  :) But doesn’t she look pretty? (Lola’s in the background eating a banana- haha)

DSC08377 (2)

Nonna and Lola looking onto the baseball field.  Lola’s reaction was priceless when we got there.  It took us a while to park and Lola was getting so excited and wanted out of the car.  But once we got out and into the stadium- she was overtaken by all the people and we carried her while she just looked around everywhere and everything!  Once we got up to our suite she was so happy and kept saying “ba-sy-ball!”  So cute y’all. 


DSC08380 (2)

Lola is coloring in the background…

DSC08385 (2)

DSC08396 (2)


Clay’s eyes look really nice in this pic


DSC08399 (2)

Lola does “Kebby Face” pose which is named that because Kebby did the same thing when she was little, but the problem is she does it when I don’t know it so we never can seem to smile at the same time…



Third time is a charm!


Lola and Robert!


I was pretty sure we took a family picture but can’t find it :(

I barely snuck in on this pic- see me??

How did I get stuck behind the camera on this one?


Go Rangers!

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