Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Here ya go Kebby and Paige!

Well Kebby and her good friend and new roomie requested (actually demanded twice) for me to update!  Thank goodness they did because I need to desperately!

Should I start with my home or Lola first?  We will go with Lola…

Is it even possible she is really about to be two?  Time flies by so much faster with a kid!  They are like those weird foam-y shapes you can put into a bowl of water and they expand… that’s how fast babies grow too.

Since I posted about Lola’s toe, she has hit it pretty hard a few times since then which created blood, which created tears… it’s finally looking like it’s healing and it’s pretty gross.  Now her feet match her daddies for sure!  Mine are pretty, freshly pedicured, and painted a purple-y Easter color.

Here’s Lola today after school… I dressed her a little more preppy and liked it.  She looked cute in her yellow and khaki shorts.  Her shorts are from Just Between Friends, which is where I got most of her shorts for the summer and a few tops.  Nice deal and now I don’t worry at all about how messy she gets outside, at school, or anywhere!


Yes that’s a character shirt (Elmo) and no I didn’t buy it.  Nonna did and ripped off the tags and stuck it on her so I couldn’t take it back… Why can’t there be cute Elmo shirts?  The funny thing is she thinks Kebby gave it to her and when we wear it Lola says “Aunt Kebby!” Haha.  This picture is funny because Lola is trying to put on dress up earrings!


More crazy pics of Lola:

This one cracks me up because it reminds me of my mom back in the day.  It’s funny because I see more of Kebby these days, a little of me actually, and even some of Clay. 


Lola seems to be dancing 24/7… no lie.  Can hardly keep her still for a pic.




Unfortunately along with dancing, comes fits.  They do happen. 


DSC_0134 DSC_0135 DSC_0139

Lola gets rocked or we lay with her and she sleeps in her bed for part of the night.  She always wakes up at some point and comes and gets in bed with us.  Sometimes she is barely awake and we both probably don’t remember when or how the next morning.  It’s better than no progress and I am happy.  She has been going to bed earlier as well and takes naps in her bed.


My dancer once again:





This is a terrible pic but look how tall Lola is compared to me??  That’s crazy! 


Nonna and Aunt Kebby spent the night recently because both of our hubbies were out of town!  Lola was quite excited.


She loved on both of them quite a bit!


Mom and her phone…


Oh- Lola has been under the weather to say the least and Kebby watched her for me so I could run a quick errand and when I got back this is how I found them…


Look familiar? Let me refresh you…


Haha- what is it with these two when they get together?  Haha!

Still got more to post about, but I’ll make them separate.


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Laura said...

haha! lola got that shirt afterall :)
lola looks so big in these pics, 2 is definitely around the corner!! :)