Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fun Weekend: Grandparents and Wedding!

Before heading out to the lake, we had lots more going on… Friday Clay and I snuck in a quick date night!  Dollar movie is awesome- but the dollar movie we choose, not so great.  The Backup Plan… bummer.  And we decided to hit up the new iHop (I guess our date was a little ghetto- haha!) and it was awful.  Really bad.  But we still had a good time.

Got a great picture of Gram and Lola… amazing actually.


And here is Lola with Gram and Popper.



Saturday- we got to see Gran and Papa and we were excited!  Clay came home during his break so he could visit too!  We were so excited they came down and enjoyed watching them laugh over Lola.   

Lola was being awfully silly.

045 049

Then Saturday night we had Cameron and Amanda’s wedding!  It was wonderful!  They did a really good job on everything and their reception was fun!  We thought we were headed straight to the lake after the wedding, but decided to go despite me already being in lake clothes!  Ignore the casual dress!  I had a dress on for the ceremony…

Isn’t this a great picture of them??  Amanda looked great in her dress!


They kind of look like brother and sister! This is a cute picture which kind of makes me sad, because ours were terrible! :(36430_140080552673586_100000149253424_435326_3306335_n

Of course the cow had to make an appearance!  What’s a wedding without the cow! :)


Lola got some Nonna time too!  She was so wound up that night!!


Time to head to the lake! 


Getting sleepy fast!  Thanks to a quick wipe down, pajamas, and a bottle, Lola was out super fast and slept the entire way to the lake- stayed asleep through the night and didn’t wake up till 9 a.m.!  Nice.


Happy 3rd Anniversary to Clay and Me!

Clay and I had a wonderful weekend and our anniversary was a great excuse to get away, have date nights, and focus on each other! I really want us to make sure we always stop and do something each year for our anniversary, big or small.  Marriage takes work and commitment and it’s important to celebrate the LOVE!  Now how you want to celebrate is up to you! :)

This picture was taken five years ago and Clay was helping me paint me new apartment, that I wasn’t suppose to paint, but we spent all day and night painting it from top to bottom!  I even busted out my overalls! IMG_0073

And now we rarely get a picture of both or all of us. :(  Here I am pregnant at Christmas time!  I love this picture!  We were just talking and Clay was saying he can’t really remember me pregnant!  Haha- I CAN!  But then again, it doesn’t seem like I was pregnant for 9 whole months!


We had a great time at the lake and we saw Knight & Day and it was really a great movie!  I recommend it to everyone! We even were able to ride the seadoo thanks to mom and dad coming up one day to keep an eye on Lola!  Clay and I got out on the lake, went antique shopping, went to dinner and a movie!  It was so great!  Thanks Mom and Dad!  Clay and I also got to spend lots of time together as a family- and we took Lola to the pool!  We were the only ones there except for an older couple and it was super fun!  Lola ruled the pool!


101 095 103104

Best I could get! :(


Lola loves putting on glasses so I took a picture with them on hoping she would then let me take a pic of her…


She would have looked at the camera folks, but she was texting Aubrey at home!  This pic of her cracks me up!


Lola loves watermelon!


Look at all her hair!  (It’s wet, not greasy)


The sun is really making her hair look light.  I think she would be blonder if she was actually going to be blonde, so I still think she’ll wind up with darker hair.  Nick’s would get real light when he was little too.  And mine and Kebby’s was super blonde from the get go.


On our way home, Lola slept like a baby… oh wait, she is a baby!



The fun didn’t stop at the lake.  When we got home we made a trip to Macy’s to get Clay some new jeans (took what I bought from previous post back-no homerun there).  Thanks Gram and Popper!  Lola really had to be patient through all the different Levi’s so she got a little surprise after… an Elmo cookie!

171 175 177  189 180

Quick trip to the bathroom sink and we were as good as new- now the stroller is a different story!  Just kidding, it wiped down easier than she did! :) Love my stroller!

Clay, I love you and enjoyed our weekend together as always!  Looking forward to next weekend as well! :) And the next, and next, and next…

Friday, June 25, 2010

Goodwill is my friend…

So my germ crazed self has learn to overcome my fear of used stores, estate sales, and garage sales.  I have really learned to love these places.

Today Lola and I got up, got dressed, did the dishes and laundry and then we were out the door.  Grabbed a donut or two and went to garage sales.  Found a beautiful, actually to-die-for bed at a garage sale.  The lady walked out to start bargaining with me, not that I was buying the bed, just oohing over it and  immediately, without even studdering I said “You smoke!?!”  The smell came after me as if it was the Smoke Monster and I thought I may die, pass out, show my no smoking sign tattoo to her, cry.   That gorgeous bed calling my Paw-Paws name to be painted black was ruined.  Well, I am sure it would have been fine, but it definitely made it easier to walk away from. 

Then at Goodwill I found a Fossil purse (just like mine) in black that was BRAND NEW!  Still had tags and was marked 12 bucks.  I couldn’t beat that considering mine is pretty worn and got a new pair of Gap shorts for $3. 


Clay bought this purse for Christmas for me and I have really loved it.  It’s a good size for my petite body, but definitely has gotten pretty worn, yet not ready to put it up…

So I got this one!  Seriously a $78 purse, for $12… BRAND NEW!


Then Lola and I headed through CFA drive-thru, no time to stop, and made our way to Macy’s to get Clay some smaller clothes! My hubby has been running and getting really creative in how he fits it into his busy schedule, so we thought we would get him a new pair of jeans!  Hopefully they fit and he likes them… I will say I am getting better and better at picking his clothes out successfully.  I snuck a bathing suit in there too, so praying he likes it and will wear it.  How can you not have a bathing suit??  Lola has 8!

Since Lola was sooo good with all of our busy-ness, we stopped and got her an Elmo cookie… red icing and chocolate was everywhere!  Her stroller needs a major wipe down! :)

Well Lola’s down for a nap! Haha- but looking forward to the rest of the day!  Clay gets home early on Fridays and it’s like Heaven!  We wait for Fridays all week! :)

Everyone enjoy their weekend!

A big congrats to Amanda and Cameron on getting married this weekend!  We are looking forward to the wedding! :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Tea Party Birthday

I just randomly start thinking up birthday ideas for Lola or even boy ideas… and I was just thinking how fun it would be to have a Tea Party birthday for Lola and her girl friends… it would be so cute to have them all girlied up in dresses and pearls and serve them “tea” and Nonna’s sugar cookies of course!  How old does she have to be so I can do this?  Hmmm… I guess I have a few more years… I really hope Elmo still isn’t the love of her life next April because I may be forced to do an Elmo party… yuck.   Please, something new…. 

Happy Father’s Day!

(From Lola…)

Happy Daddy’s Day! 

I love you more than…



Thank you for working so hard so

I can have silly Elmo toys, lots of

surprises for being good, nice

running shoes, and so many

bathing suits!  I love our time

together, especially when momma

isn’t around because I get to eat

where ever I want, drink Diet

Coke, go outside and play with

you all day, and be silly with my

you.  It’s always so much fun!

I love you very much and am one

lucky daughter! Love you!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Great Video

Funniest Home Videos Right Here!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Little of this and that… weekend fun

So far this weekend has been great and we still have Sunday to go! Ya! Friday Clay go off early so we soaked up as much family time as we could until Lola crashed early… we had a late lunch, went antique-ing, and hung out!  So fun! And we found a really cool find, an old Garrard Record Player and got a considerable amount taken off so we could own it…

This little Garrard Record Player is quite mysterious considering we can’t find anything about it online.  It closes up to make a big suitcase looking thing and works great!  Clay can’t figure out how to work all the bells and whistles, but I am sure he will. 


Clay’s little hobby may be getting out of hand…haha.  The collection keeps having big growth spurts!


Today we had Savannah’s party and it was so much fun!  Happy Birthday Savannah! Lola tried so hard to play with all the “big” kids.  She did a good job being social, as always!  Plus we got to see Stacy!  Bonus!

Cute story behind this.  The three bigger kids sat down to take a picture and when they started to get up, Lola ran over and sat down wanting to do what they were doing, so Savannah asked all her friends to come back so Lola could be in the picture!!  How sweet was that!  I thought it was too cute, so here is the pic of all 4 of them now. 


Lola looks so big to me in this picture, even next to the older children.  She’s growing too fast!


Then when they all sat down to eat Savannah said Lola could sit next to her, and surprisingly Lola sat there and ate.  She was pretty good, considering she just wants to be everyone’s best friend.  It normally takes awhile for Savannah to warm up to Lola’s aggressive behavior.  Haha… Cracks Matt up.

049 050 054

055 057

We left a little earlier due to a sleepy baby who would have never sat through the present time and as soon as we got in the car I had a sleeping baby! After a nap she got to play at her Gram and Popper’s for awhile!  Apparently she had lots of fun because she fell asleep on the way home again!  Too much fun in one day!  But we are about to go eat as a fam (My hubby is running right now in this heat- he’s insane) and then hit up Yogurtland and looks like Aubrey and Laura are joining in on dessert! Ya! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds too!

And Lola is sleeping better although she’s been waking up at odd hours and playing.  It’s tiring, but at least she is going to bed earlier and staying asleep a little better.  And it’s not too often she does that 2 a.m. wake up thing… 

I was laying with her last night, just couldn’t quit looking at her being still, quiet, and calm.  It’s so weird to see her sleeping… it’s the only time she is actually still.  LOL- I love your rambunctious self Lola!  But I thought I would capture your sleeping self too!



Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!