Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fun Weekend: Grandparents and Wedding!

Before heading out to the lake, we had lots more going on… Friday Clay and I snuck in a quick date night!  Dollar movie is awesome- but the dollar movie we choose, not so great.  The Backup Plan… bummer.  And we decided to hit up the new iHop (I guess our date was a little ghetto- haha!) and it was awful.  Really bad.  But we still had a good time.

Got a great picture of Gram and Lola… amazing actually.


And here is Lola with Gram and Popper.



Saturday- we got to see Gran and Papa and we were excited!  Clay came home during his break so he could visit too!  We were so excited they came down and enjoyed watching them laugh over Lola.   

Lola was being awfully silly.

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Then Saturday night we had Cameron and Amanda’s wedding!  It was wonderful!  They did a really good job on everything and their reception was fun!  We thought we were headed straight to the lake after the wedding, but decided to go despite me already being in lake clothes!  Ignore the casual dress!  I had a dress on for the ceremony…

Isn’t this a great picture of them??  Amanda looked great in her dress!


They kind of look like brother and sister! This is a cute picture which kind of makes me sad, because ours were terrible! :(36430_140080552673586_100000149253424_435326_3306335_n

Of course the cow had to make an appearance!  What’s a wedding without the cow! :)


Lola got some Nonna time too!  She was so wound up that night!!


Time to head to the lake! 


Getting sleepy fast!  Thanks to a quick wipe down, pajamas, and a bottle, Lola was out super fast and slept the entire way to the lake- stayed asleep through the night and didn’t wake up till 9 a.m.!  Nice.


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The Murphree's said...


Lola is precious! I long for the time Mason will sleep all night and wake up at 9am :)