Saturday, June 12, 2010

Little of this and that… weekend fun

So far this weekend has been great and we still have Sunday to go! Ya! Friday Clay go off early so we soaked up as much family time as we could until Lola crashed early… we had a late lunch, went antique-ing, and hung out!  So fun! And we found a really cool find, an old Garrard Record Player and got a considerable amount taken off so we could own it…

This little Garrard Record Player is quite mysterious considering we can’t find anything about it online.  It closes up to make a big suitcase looking thing and works great!  Clay can’t figure out how to work all the bells and whistles, but I am sure he will. 


Clay’s little hobby may be getting out of hand…haha.  The collection keeps having big growth spurts!


Today we had Savannah’s party and it was so much fun!  Happy Birthday Savannah! Lola tried so hard to play with all the “big” kids.  She did a good job being social, as always!  Plus we got to see Stacy!  Bonus!

Cute story behind this.  The three bigger kids sat down to take a picture and when they started to get up, Lola ran over and sat down wanting to do what they were doing, so Savannah asked all her friends to come back so Lola could be in the picture!!  How sweet was that!  I thought it was too cute, so here is the pic of all 4 of them now. 


Lola looks so big to me in this picture, even next to the older children.  She’s growing too fast!


Then when they all sat down to eat Savannah said Lola could sit next to her, and surprisingly Lola sat there and ate.  She was pretty good, considering she just wants to be everyone’s best friend.  It normally takes awhile for Savannah to warm up to Lola’s aggressive behavior.  Haha… Cracks Matt up.

049 050 054

055 057

We left a little earlier due to a sleepy baby who would have never sat through the present time and as soon as we got in the car I had a sleeping baby! After a nap she got to play at her Gram and Popper’s for awhile!  Apparently she had lots of fun because she fell asleep on the way home again!  Too much fun in one day!  But we are about to go eat as a fam (My hubby is running right now in this heat- he’s insane) and then hit up Yogurtland and looks like Aubrey and Laura are joining in on dessert! Ya! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds too!

And Lola is sleeping better although she’s been waking up at odd hours and playing.  It’s tiring, but at least she is going to bed earlier and staying asleep a little better.  And it’s not too often she does that 2 a.m. wake up thing… 

I was laying with her last night, just couldn’t quit looking at her being still, quiet, and calm.  It’s so weird to see her sleeping… it’s the only time she is actually still.  LOL- I love your rambunctious self Lola!  But I thought I would capture your sleeping self too!



Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! 


*Courtney* said...

So happy that Miss Lola got to come over and help celebrate Savannah's 3rd birthday! L is just such a social butterfly, so it's no surprise that she fit right in with the big kids. :)

Those sleeping pics are adorable. Aren't they just presh when they're sleeping?

Jillian Knutson said...

So sweet!!!