Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pray Harder People

:) So I am starting the preparation for this test I am taking in two weeks and wow! this is going to be much more challenging than I thought. It's been years since I had to do math and this isn't simple algebra and what not. I hope this isn't any indication that I would be a sucky math teacher if I received the job. Of course I have to pass, and that is seeming more impossible rather than possible. But at least I have two weeks and I may need a math tutor? Anyone pretty good with math?

Natalie :)

Prayer Request #2

For those who are praying for my current situation, you know, then thank you. I think it's helping. I don't see the doctor again until a week, but I feel the silver nitrate treatment has helped a lot and I think one more treatment will solve the problems and pains. So hopefully no surgery in my future! Please continue to pray. Power of prayer... got to believe in that. Which brings me to my next prayer request. I have been casually trying to figure out a part-time job that would best fit my needs and Lola's as well as Clay's. It's been a struggle and I haven't found many options. I have the chance to start at CFA doing something completely new, yet haven't committed to it yet, wanting to check out all my options. I e-mail the PHS principal and introduced myself (he knows my family) and he by chance has an opening for a part-time math position. It sounds great. And by what he said, part-time positions are not very common. I am taking the math 8-12 certification test on the 13th and am asking for everyone to pray for success on the test. If I pass the test, looks like there is a good chance the job is mine. I don't want to jump the gun, so now I need to stay calm and work on getting in math mode. Please pray that if this isn't the right move for us, that God will intervene. Clay and I definitely want our family on the path God wants- not the path we want.

Thanks for all the support on this blog. I'll post more pictures soon.

Lola did go to the doctor Monday and she weighs 12.3 lbs and is 2 feet tall exactly! LOL! She had to get all of her shots and was such a big girl... a few tears then she was sleeping off the pain. I had to give her some Tylenol a few times yesterday, but she seems to be more herself today. She got new pajamas for being so good at the doctor and she really likes them. She wore them last night to bed! She's such a doll!

Nat :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Play Dates

I don't have tons of time to write, but maybe I will get some time before the weekend is finished... BUT I did want to share pictures from Friday's Play Date with Laura and Aubrey and even Lola's Godmother, Stace! It was great! So much fun! When you have the two cutest babies in the world, it's really hard to choose just one or two pictures to post! :) Laura got some great ones with her camera, so check out her blog for some more! I'm sure she'll have them posted soon, if not already! :)

Aubrey looks like she is telling Lola a secret. They are already buds and scheming against us Moms... we could be in trouble! :)

Apparently Aubrey had a plan up her sleeve that she was telling Lola about and by the end of the day we figured out her plan- stay awake so she didn't miss any pool time! lol! That a girl!

Aren't they cute in their hats? Both had pretty blue eyes that day...
Lola's still switch from blue to green.

Proud Moms and stupid Moms- does anyone know the temperature that day? We won't tell, but they were fine! They loved the water and the only one sunburned was... I'll give you one clue- she's the tallest of us four! :)

Aubrey loved Lola's float and we didn't mind letting her be the guinea pig, because normally it isn't always good being the guinea pig, so this time she got a great deal out of it! She was really cute in it and I feel like she could have stayed in it all day! I can't wait till Lola is big enough for it. Not much longer.

Aubrey: Hey Lola, where is your hand?
Lola: I am trying to figure that out too.

Aubrey: Oh, I found it for you.
Lola: Thanks Aubrey.

Aubrey: Hey Lola, want me to stick your paci in your mouth for ya? I know how!
(Laura has the next picture of Aubrey doing it!)

Aubrey: Hey Lola, Aubrey again. Want me to hold your hat?
Lola: Why do you want to hold my hat?
Aubrey: I don't know, but I will just hold on to it over the next few pictures.

Aren't they cute? Well I have lots more pictures from other things to share, so I need to get busy with the blog. Doctor appointment for Lola (not me) on Monday to get all her shots. Boo-hoo. I'll try and post more pictures tomorrow.

A big Happy Anniversary to my parents! Thanks for setting such an awesome example for Clay and me and now our kids. It's easy as parents to make mistakes and start a cycle you wouldn't want your kids to follow in, but you guys have done the opposite. You've set a genuine, loving example with your marriage and I hope it carries throughout every generation. Means the world. Love you guys.

And Happy Two Months Lola. You make my heart sing.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cookie Jar Update

I actually have a pretty quick update, because I received this one really insightful answer when I posted my problem on a couple of different websites for readers to respond to. She told me what she thought the problem was and what the treatment was for it. So I researched some different doctors and headed to a new doctor yesterday. Most doctor offices didn't seem willing to give a second opinion, which sucked, but the one doctor I was really wanting to go to definitely thought a second opinion was good and turned out they fit me in that day! Yay!

In the office, which is by Baylor Hospital, I thought I was going to pass out being so anxious and waiting for awhile, which I didn't mind since they were working me in. When I met with the Dr. we sat down in his office for 20 minutes or so and discussed so many things. He explained more about my tear since I didn't ever get an explanation or information and even had pictures/illustrations to help me understand the problems down there! Then when he did the exam, sure enough the girl from one of the websites was right, and the pain is caused from granulation tissue. It's extremely red, has sore like places (looks like the world's worst mouth ulcers) and when rubbed it hurts like heck and bleeds. Of course any friction makes it worse including working out so I am sure I haven't helped it over the last couple of weeks. He did a treatment on it with silver nitrate which he warned me is quite painful so he numbed it first. That was extremely painful... ever had a shot in your vagina? And so I would have hate to have known what the silver nitrate would have felt like!

So here's the deal. I got two weeks to see if this worked. This is basically what he said...
1. Best case scenario: In 2 weeks, it fixes it and I am a new woman and good to go.
2. Okay scenario: It helped enough that he feels like one more treatment will finish it off and then after another two weeks I'll be good.
3. Worst case scenario: It didn't help and surgery is the next step. Not fun to think about, but at least before that we are trying something, which my doctor didn't recommend- who knows why!

Please pray that I end up with one of the first two scenarios! Come ooonnn God!!!! Do you think God laughs down on us when he sees a group of women praying for my cookie jar? I do... and maybe since we are getting chuckles out of Him then He will spare me the surgery! :) "Dear God, if I make you laugh, will you heal me?" Lol

So I am back to being sore after yesterday, but not as upset knowing I am not just sitting around waiting, which I am, but this time I am sitting around waiting with silver nitrate in me- which makes me feel like a superwoman hero! Ha!

So the new doctor, which by the way guys, is named... drum roll please... Dr. Payne. Say that aloud. Haha! So I have officially switched doctors. Let me just say that my doctor did a great job delivering a healthy baby and we managed to do it vaginally despite a stressed out little girl... but there have been enough little reasons that I feel right in switching. So the new doctor will perform the surgery if it comes to that. He also talked to me about the intimacy issues and assured me that in a timely manner he will make sure I am getting to where I really look forward to time with my husband... in bed! (I added the "in bed" part, but that's what his point was!) He said that a baby does obviously stretch things, but the brain is the number one cookie jar controller and I could still make my cookie jar to tight, especially since in my head I associate sex with pain. I was glad he prepared me for the worst case scenario of sex still being painful. BUT along with that he said that there are a lot of treatments to relax those muscles and it wouldn't be a problem to do those. WANNA KNOW WHAT HE SUGGESTED?? Sure you do... GET THIS! READY? HAHA! HERE IT GOES... Vagina Botox! Hahahaha! Yep, Botox in the cookie jar. It's suppose to relax the muscles! Haha!

Yesterday, despite the painful procedure, did give me better hope and assurance since I received the second opinion and felt good about what he had to say. I sure do hope this works.

Okay- well a couple of quick things...

I love when Joi leaves a comment on the blog- :)
And too, thanks for the personal e-mails... you know who you are... and I'll be responding soon- I wanted to get this update on here, so you could know the latest! Computer time is still limited.

One more thing- Kebby is now babysitting on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for two hours. It's been great! Clay and I used it as a chance to go on a date Monday night. Also, more than anything, I just love that it gives Lola and Kebby quality time. I hope they are close through the years to come. And I hope Kebby goes to school near by, so she can remain buds with Lo'.

I'll be writing soon and I need to get busy posting pictures! AND Lola is wearing a 3-6 month outfit today! She's growing too fast!

:) Nat

Monday, June 22, 2009

The strangest prayer request...

Well, I debated about writing, but it always makes me feel better and considering my day, I guess I'll share.

I went to my second postpartum check up today because my last one didn't go well. My stitches hadn't dissolved and my tear was not healing properly, leaving raw skin exposed, which is extremely painful. I didn't know what to expect to hear today, not knowing if my stitches had dissolved or not, yet I did know everything was not healing, in fact, it may have gotten worse over the last two weeks, despite the estrogen cream he gave me to use. My doctor thought the cream would fix the problem well within the two weeks. Wrong. Unfortunately. There's a small chance it actually made it worse. So the news is, in 4 weeks I will have to schedule a day surgery to repair my entire "cookie jar," which I will be put to sleep for. They will cut the raw tissue out (tissue is just a nice way of saying he's cutting part of my vagina away!), and perform an episiotomy where I tore (which was a lot for those who do not know, a third degree tear), then stitch everything back up differently and a little tighter, which normally tighter is good, but in my case tighter is not good, because sex hasn't been quite like I imagined God intended it. Pretty painful and this was suppose to provide relief and hopefully create a fabulous honeymoon #2... needless to say honeymoon #2 isn't happening yet, which to be quite frank, makes me angry. Luckily my husband is understanding (as a man can be), but I am just left frustrated as heck with everything. I couldn't quite get past the tears today and Clay took me out on a nice date tonight. We saw The Proposal which was really cute. Really helped, but at the end of the night, this still seems to consume me.

It's hard when you feel like you did everything so right in a relationship and felt like your marriage would be honored because of it, and you haven't felt the honor in "certain" departments. I love Clay and he's amazing. He honors me, and I guess that is the ultimate honor... but I want to show honor in "creative" ways. I guess I'll make this post public and this is a real problem and I hate more women don't talk about it. It makes me feel awkward and alone, so I feel proud I can talk about it, even though it hurts my heart.

I do really trust my doctor, but lately he seems to lack information and why's. I have decided to get a second opinion, just to make sure there isn't a better route to go. I know I have to do what I have to do to get things right down there, I was just praying it wouldn't come to this. So publicly, I am asking my readers to pray for my vagina. LOL. At least I can laugh when I say that. But seriously, I need to know people are praying. I have four weeks to heal or surgery. The doctor and myself don't seem too hopeful, but that doesn't mean there's 0 chance of it healing. Please pray. Sounds silly to ask you to pray, but I always have believed in the power of prayer, and God has proven the power in prayer twice this year in 2 really big ways, so with my pride stripped away, I am asking my friends to pray for my cookie jar. Maybe I should make everyone a batch of cookies so you'll remember, but then again, that would be gross... every time you take a bite, you think of my privates. Haha. Not good.

On another stressful note, I am also looking for something part-time to do either with Lola or where my mom could keep her a few days a week for a little bit. If you know of anything, please let me know. I need to at least figure out what it is going to be even if it doesn't start until summer is over. I have a few options and my dad is possibly creating a cool job that is needed between the 3 stores, yet I praying through the decision to return to CFA. I will be getting more information about what he is looking for this week, so I can make a decision that best suites the both of us and Lola. Please, please let me know if you think or know of something. I feel like kids are my passion and strong point so I am exploring that route the most. Clay and I both feel like my place is at home with Lola, but to make things easier, I hope to bring in a certain amount a month to help with life's expenses. My dad warned me about these things that can add up, and now I guess this is what all those adults kept referring to as the "Real World." I use to hate it when people would say that- but it's true... Although I'll try to prepare Lola for the "Real World" without calling it that so it doesn't annoy her. :)

Well, Lola has been sleeping since Kebby left, our pro babysitter. They must have had a great time, because Lola is sleeping so soundly. I'll post pictures soon. She makes me so happy.

Thanks Clay for a wonderful date and it was so fun you having your first Father's Day. You are the best, father and husband. Love to ya.


Please pray and I'll keep you updated every so often.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Thank goodness it's Friday. This week was busy, yet I was in a pretty low-key mood... also known as boring. I guess just recuperating a bit from vacay.

So excited to have my pictures organized. Lola is napping so I was going to scrap some, but I normally like to lay it all out on a big table and work on it for awhile, so I think I'll hold off. I just got my office clean too! And I am a messy scrapbooker. I may just have to turn my dinning room into a scrapbook room for the summer so I can scrapbook all summer. I did that with my wedding album and it worked great! And I love the album. It's very special to me, so I want to get started on Lola's book. I had my album done almost before the wedding and then finished it quickly afterwards. I was impressed and motivated. Life before kids. Aw. Great. But then again, life with kids. Aw. Great. Can I have more please? Hopefully Clay and I will get rich on one of our crazy ideas so we can have a super large family and be good providerso..

Oh people (that reminded me)- I thought of something the world needs that I may write. A mother-in-law guide of the do's and don't's for the families of today. Haha. I think it's something needed and I can write it from a daughter-in-law perspective and include tips to daughter-in-laws too, even though I still need tips everyday. People said that was rude to write that book, because obviously I have a mother-in-law, but shouldn't that be a requirement. I wouldn't read a mother-in-law book if the person who wrote it never had one or wasn't one. Pleaseeee. I'll give Debbie the first copy and then my mom one when Nick gets married. The book would be more helpful for MIL's that have sons who get married, because I think it's easier on a mom to be a MIL to their daughter's husband versus their son's daughter. Did I cross the line bringing this up? I just think it's something that would benefit thousands! Ya, it would. Maybe I'll play around with getting a outline of some sort for it. I also have a book idea, which outline is already in place, for parents with middle children. It's actually geared to both the child and parent, but not to read together because that would be awkward and gay. But I always thought I could write that book well and help parents understand point blank their middle child's perspective without getting into all that shrinky talk. And I could help kids see their role as a middle child and how they might feel like they drew the short straw, but it the end the other kids got the short straw. HA! It's true people! Man- Natalie Swartz... an author. I like this idea. Too bad you can't get paid while you write, unless you've already established your name. That would be cool though! If I was an author would I put Natalie Clark-Swartz or just Natalie Swartz? I don't know. The two last name seems presumptuous, but I like being a Clark too. lol. I am such a girl.

Stace and I hung out and played some weak tennis this morning. Clay's mom, Gram, babysat for awhile. It was her first time to babysit Lola, which made me anxious. I think I am one of those classic first time moms. I wonder who else was like that! I wonder if Joi was like that? My mom doesn't seem like that kind of mom, but from stories I hear from her, I think she might have been a little more like that when we were babies, but I am sure not to my extent- I don't think I am that bad though. Just not great leaving her yet with anyone other than my mom. Maybe that's silly, maybe it's not.

Well, you all should know that I have that other blog- if you are invited to this one then I invited you to the other, but some readers who are invited to the other, are just reading that one and not this one. Make sense? It worked better that away and the other one is private because I have so many pictures of Lola up on it! But keeping up with two blogs sucks and I have been considering combining them. I don't want to stop the Project I have committed to, so I could just share the pictures on this one. We will see. I'll have to give it some thought. I wish I could go into more detail. Some opinions would be nice. If you have any, e-mail me! nat.jo.c@gmail.com It's nice to be able to put my e-mail since this is a private blog now! :)

It's actually cool having this baby monitor by the computer so I can listen for Lola. I feel like such a real mom.

Well she will be 8 weeks on Monday and two months old on the 27th so I better share what I love about her right now. I'll share 8 things for her 8 week mark:

1. I love that she recognizes voices and faces now. She really responds to certain people, and you know Nonna makes sure she knows her voice. It's fun to see her light up for Clay and me, and family and friends.
2. I love that she is getting on a loose schedule now. Wakes up early to feed (between 5-6 a.m. ) and then sleeps till 9 a.m. or so. Eats then stays awake till lunchtime. Smiles a lot and is real alert. She seems to listen well at this time. Then eats around noon. Back to sleep till 3 or 4. Then eats. (I wish I could eat this much.) Then she plays a lot till dinner. Great tummy time, rattle time, mobile time, talking time, mirror time, TV time- she's super fun! She's a good talker too! Then we all eat dinner and she may squeeze a short nap it here and there, but nothing past an hour or so. Then eats a second dinner, enjoys getting a bath, and normally goes to bed anywhere between 10-12 and sleeps through the night... then we start all over. It's more fun than it sounds!
3. I love (and hate) that she is growing so fast. It's funny to see clothes too small on her. I like it though because it just shows me how cool the process of life is. You grow up... that's what ya do. hehehehe. I guess she makes me appreciate simple concepts I didn't think about before.
4. I love that she will bat at your face and try to grab your face a little or something near by. It still seems a bit accidentally because she's not fluid in her movements, but it isn't accidental. She's trying!
5. I also love that when you lay her tummy on your tummy she thinks she big enough to push up and sit up or something. She can't do that of course, but she sure tries and it's so funny. She looks like a 8 year old in a 8 week old body. Hahahaha!
6. I love that she is taking a bottle faster. Still takes twenty minutes or so, but better than 35 minutes. This morning she took 6 ounces in 15 minutes! That's Lola's record! (I make her 5 ounces, but it ends up being 6 ounces because of the powder.)
7. I love how she greets me in the mornings. She seems to smile so big and get so happy as if she missed me while she slept so long. Has to be my favorite part of the day. Those few moments before she realizes she is starving are fabulous!
8. And lastly, (of course I could go on) I love that she can wear these one pair of shoes she has without it looking to awkward. They fit!! (The other thing I was going to add was I love she still has her hair... but her head is a funky shape so I think I'll put her on her tummy and side much more to try and help. I am anxious to see what the doctor says about her box head. Poor Lola! Thankfully she has hair or it would be really, really noticeable and if it is even with the hair- DON'T tell me! :)) Hey Laura- can I borrow your extra positioner for her? I must help her not have a box head!

So for everyone's sake reading this Lola needs to wake up. Well it was nice writing so I will post a few pictures then stop! If you are reading this, are you a follower? If not, follow me... not in a cult-y sort of way, just so I know you read! I love my readers! :)

A lot of the pictures are a little older. She's so much fuller now, so you can probably tell which ones are most recent. She looks so small in the one where I am holding her and Clay's feet or around her!

Wow that was a long post.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Play Dates

Lola and I didn't have much trouble getting use to being home again. We had a little hang up on Monday as I was pretty sick. It came and went pretty fast. It was weird, because I was sick, yet still a mom. Ya, that's how it works, I know, but first time experience for me. I have funny stories about it, but might be too gross to tell on my blog... I think I'll keep it to myself for now. Kebby was a help as she came over to watch Lola for a little bit so I could try and sleep it off! But Tuesday we got moving again. I took Lola to Maw-Maw's and Paw-Paw's for the first time, went to the grocery store, and then came hope and cleaned the house really good. Even mopped! Then Gram and Popper (Clay's parents) came over! Then Wednesday we had a play date. Laura and I are pretty consistent on making sure Aubrey and Lola get to have fun play dates... haha! Well here we are at CFA, OF COURSE! Lola was asleep in her car seat so I didn't get a picture of them together, but I hope to soon. It will be funny to see them side by side in a picture. Isn't Aubrey cute in her outfit? FYI: Laura gave my dorky pacifier wipes (which I love) one of those looks, yet she ended up using one when Aubrey's bottle fell on the floor! I enjoyed that! Haha! Today we had a play date with Stace at CFA again. (Saves me lots of money!) I also bought Lola a mobile today which I am stoked about and she was too! She loves it! I put it in her crib and she just talked to it. Seems like something I would have totally done as well. Then this afternoon my mom took Lola for the evening! Clay and I played tennis and played yesterday! I also worked out some this week! Pretty busy... and tomorrow Gram is babysitting for the first time while Stace and I play some tennis, possibly doubles if my dad and sister join in. We are playing earlier in the morning so hopefully it won't be too hot.

I would like to scrapbook this weekend, since Laura posted her pictures, it has motivated me...

Well more later- hopefully this wasn't too much info for two posts, but I guess that's what happens when I wait so long! :)

Oh and sad day- no more Ginni and Charlie in the neighborhood- they moved out! Congratulations Ginni and I can't wait to see the new house!

I'm Back!

Well, my mom did babysit today so I could blog, but what do you know- I didn't blog! She had Lola all evening and I never managed to get it going. I did laundry, played tennis with Clay, and spent an hour or two organizing all my photos on my computer. I have iPhoto and haven't enjoyed it, then I realized I can reorganize my photos on it, so it's much better now... but it takes a long time organizing 4,000 photos. Lol! Lola is sleeping now, hopefully for awhile, so I am going to try and catch both blogs up!

I want to post pictures of our trip and Miss. Lola. I have so many to choose from. She was excellent while we were there and everyone was so good about helping with her. She did fabulous in the car there and back. Really perfect. Despite her being so good, it was mentally exhausting for me, I guess because, I always was thinking of her and making sure she didn't get sunburned. All that thinking didn't pay off, because she did sunburned on Wednesday, but not bad at all. I felt horrible. We are unsure how it happened, yet I am sure you can guess once you see a few pictures. She didn't seem to mind and was one happy girl all week. It was really a good time. I slept better than Lola once I got home and settled. It was nice.

Lola has her two month well check-up in one week. I seriously can't believe it. I was looking through all my pictures today and it's funny seeing Clay and I first starting to become such good friends, to now. It's wonderful and God has always given me such an obvious peace with my relationship with Clay. And God has done the same with my role as a mom. I just love being a wife and mom. I seriously would have another baby today- or in ten months. Haha... don't worry y'all, my husband isn't as crazy as I am!

Here are some pictures. Well I can't actually load them yet because I am loading them on my other blog. See this is a pain in the butt.

I'll keep posting until the others load. I really hope I don't cry at Lola's appointment when she gets her shots. So silly I know. And my appointment is Monday. I had to get a follow up appointment from my six week one, because my damn stitches won't dissolve (I can say damn when my stitches have been in a month longer than they should... and for other reasons, but I'll spare you all the details of my messed up "cookie jar.") So damn, damn, damn. Hopefully the doctor has some good news and can provide a solution to all the other problems. His first solution only have made things worse over the last two weeks, so that sucks. Oh well. I am starting to run, walk, and play tennis. I figured if I am going to hurt, I might as well do something I enjoy so it's worthwhile. Did I tell y'all that I gave up sodas (no more Sonic) AND Chick-fil-A SWEET TEA! Yes, I did away with the tea too. Hey- it's helped and that's motivation. It's weird because now that I am drinking so much water, my body seems to crave it and I drink more than I use to now. And I drink less milk for some reason. Seems strange to me.

Okay, well I finished the other blog, so now I can load some pictures on this one. I need to make sure Lola is still sleeping- be back. She's good. She moved some in her bed... she's never done that before. Ha!

Lola has discovered her rattle and if you place it in her hands she can rattle it... although she occasionally whacks herself in the head! Haha

Ya- Clay arrived via plane! We didn't think he was coming and we worked it out for him to join in on Thursday night! What a treat! I missed him terribly!

Dad feeding Lola while at LuLu's! Haha!

Family Pool Time:

Lola laying out on a lounge chair. She's happy. She ate, went for a swim, then got all clean again so she could be by the poolside!

Dad and I have this same picture from when I was seven years old, so Lola will have to do this again in seven years! (This is when her face got a little too much sun)

After a fish dinner, needless to say, we three did not eat fish. Oh and it was fish that Kebby, Emily, Dad, and Nick caught. That was cool.

They were so silly and I felt so old with a baby! Wowowow!

Lola whispered to me that she loved the beach and pool, but sun is exhausting.

By the pool again. Half the time I was in the shade with Lola just so I could take pictures and stare at her. First time in my life I wasn't eager to get the best tan lines possible.

In the pool- there's another picture I like on the other blog! I'm so proud to have a baby that loves water! :)

The beach is behind us but we took the picture about ten minutes too late to see it. :(

Lola loves Uncle Nick and Aunt Kebby, but I didn't get a picture of them two together. Nonna took some cute pictures I need to get from her in a digital format so I can share those too. She has a great one of Lola and Kebby and her and Lola.

Nonna and Lola. Big Buds.

Sleeping pictures. I am a sucker for these. Emily was giving me lessons with my camera since it's a DSLR. I am not good at all yet. She was teaching me how to take a good photo without using a flash. She rarely uses hers, but I still need mine.

Okay well I am off to bed. Hopefully Lola will sleep awhile longer so I can sleep too! But it was nice of her to sleep for a couple of hours so I could finally blog! Yayaya! She was at Nonna's and Pops' (Yes, I think he decided on Pops) all night so the must have warn her out. Good for me!

Hopefully I'll post soon. Make sure you are checking out both blogs, because I don't always do the same pictures!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So you want photos, huh?

Well, photos are coming and coming soon. It will take me a little while to get them organized since I managed to take 500 photos. Nonna is coming over tomorrow to entertain Lola, so I can blog! I used her long nap today to clean, do laundry, and mop so now blogging got down.

The Beach Club was a lot of fun and my whole family was super with Lola all week. I was glad to that Aunt Kebby and Uncle Nick were able to spend so much time with her. It was very different going as a mom, versus going as a carefree teenager. Lol... I loved it though and I take a lot of pride in Lola being my responsibility.

Lola is stressing Clay, so I will go get her. I'll post soon and with pictures!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Some more pictures!

Funny little story. Nonna called me and Clay tonight to see if we wanted to go somewhere and then further into the conversation I realized she didn't mean with her and dad, she meant just me and Clay so she could watch Lola. Needless to say at 8:45 p.m. tonight, it worked. She walked in and we walked out. It was nice to get out for just an hour with Clay and know Lola was in good hands. Here is Nonna with Lola. They love each other. Mom is getting quite crafty in her innovative ideas to see Lola more... but whatever, they seem to work. And I seem to benefit from them!

"Oh, helllooooo hand."

Tummy time for Lola. It seems to be exciting to here, yet definitely a work-out too. Lola, join the club "Bringin' Sexy Back Summer '09." We are all doing it! (Don't worry people, she can breath... I was watching her every minute!)

She's taking a break from her tummy and she is happy girl tonight. Little did we know Nonna was about to call to break up the tummy time party.

I liked this angle of her on her tummy.

She's on her tummy, but snuggled up instead of exploring the concept of being on her tummy, lifting her head, and doing baby push-ups. That girl. Still pretty cute though, huh?

Her hair was so crazy earlier today. What is going on? We were both in lazy hair day moods today. It was a nice relaxing day today. Yayaya! We did manage to make it to the mall and I spend a $18 gift card to Macy's with just a few pennies to spare. I got a real cute dress that was on sale and I had a coupon, making it $17 something. Lola and I were proud at Pete and thought we won the lotto. I'll have to take the dress with me to the beach.


Hello. I hopefully can write what I want since Clay is feeding little Lo right now.

So I'll try not to make it too long, but play catch-up a little. It's hard to write and display all that is going on right now, because it's mostly just tons of falling more in love with Lola, and really it's indescribable. I feel pictures say it best.

Tomorrow I have my six week check up appointment for myself and am very anxious to see how everything is healing. It's a tad early, BUT I couldn't go next week because I'll be at the beach! Yaya.. the sad thing is Clay isn't going this year, but he encouraged me and Lola to go and have fun still, so we took him up on it. He'll enjoy the first few days alone I am sure, but by the end I am sure he'll be missing our kisses! We will send him tons of pictures! Lola and I appreciate all his hard work and we are proud of him with his newer job. I'll probably post about what the doctor said. The only thing is, if he doesn't okay pool water yet (which would surprise me) then I am sure I won't be going to the beach after all. So fingers crossed! I am actually super excited to see the doctor tomorrow, unlike most times (except when I was pregnant of course!)

So Lola is getting more tummy time and she seems to like it and try to do baby push-ups. I'll have to get some pictures of this. She has gotten bad about wanting to be held, but over the next two weeks I will wrong on this a lot! I want her happy if held or in her crib or swing or bouncer... you get it. I was trying to break her from sleeping with me, but that's not working. She sleeps so good with me and I give in after trying to get her asleep and it doesn't work... so she and I still snuggle away at night. At the beach, I decided there isn't a reason to take her pack-n-play since she doesn't sleep in it, so one more week of her sleeping with me, then it's no more... and I mean it. (We will see how this goes! haha) Her smiles are happening more and more often now and I am a sucker for them. I love it! She's eating a lot and even sleeping a little more, so I think she may be hitting a growth spurt. I love that I am taking pictures daily. It will be so fun to look back on!

Clay and I are definitely more old school. He enjoys his place as the main provider and going to work and coming home to no baby responsibilities and I love being at home with Lola and having 99% of the baby responsibilities. I am going to work part-time (not decided on final job yet, in process) but I just love being a mom and wife. It's what I waited for all my life and now that it's all here, I just love it. I never want it to end... Baby #2?? :)

I need to get some things organized before the big trip, but I should be able to post while there!

I am sure I'll get one more post in before we leave- enjoy the photos. For more photos check out my other blog... you should have gotten an invite... if not holla' at me!

Lola is chilling out in her pack-n-play, which we are trying to use as a bassinet at night, but that doesn't work so well.

She just loves looking at her momma!

Those are my feet and her feet! LOL! Keep in mind my feet are pretty small too!

"Good morning Mom. I had great baby dreams and now I am ready for good morning kisses!"

"Hey Nonna! Me and you are a lot alike... we both have dark hair, I have your knees, and I am not modest- I like being naked! Not things I get from my momma, must be from you!" :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Gotta' be quick...

I need to get to bed since Lola is sleeping and may I add that she is asleep in her crib! Probably why I am not asleep because it's hard for me to go sleep in my bed because I feel like I have abandoned Lola all alone in her room. lol. I am so gay. Well if you haven't checked out my other blog you should, because there are cute pictures on it. If you are a reader of this blog then I approved you under my new blog, so if you have trouble let me know. I thought I would post the last few pictures on here so you can get a glimpse of what the second blog is like. Enjoy.

Lola and I were playing smiley games while I was trying to work from home today. Look at this adorable distraction of mine. I love, LOVE how she smiles at me... she smiles with her mouth and eyes! It seems so pure and genuine. Life doesn't get much better than these moments. I don't want to miss them for the world. I am doing some work from home right now and looking into all my options for part-time work. If any one has some suggestions, feel free to speak up. I am praying through some possibilities, but I do feel really strong about staying at home. It means a lot to me. Oh and side note: Lola's pajamas are size 6-9 months. That girl better slow down on the bottle. Lol. Scary.