Thursday, June 4, 2009

Some more pictures!

Funny little story. Nonna called me and Clay tonight to see if we wanted to go somewhere and then further into the conversation I realized she didn't mean with her and dad, she meant just me and Clay so she could watch Lola. Needless to say at 8:45 p.m. tonight, it worked. She walked in and we walked out. It was nice to get out for just an hour with Clay and know Lola was in good hands. Here is Nonna with Lola. They love each other. Mom is getting quite crafty in her innovative ideas to see Lola more... but whatever, they seem to work. And I seem to benefit from them!

"Oh, helllooooo hand."

Tummy time for Lola. It seems to be exciting to here, yet definitely a work-out too. Lola, join the club "Bringin' Sexy Back Summer '09." We are all doing it! (Don't worry people, she can breath... I was watching her every minute!)

She's taking a break from her tummy and she is happy girl tonight. Little did we know Nonna was about to call to break up the tummy time party.

I liked this angle of her on her tummy.

She's on her tummy, but snuggled up instead of exploring the concept of being on her tummy, lifting her head, and doing baby push-ups. That girl. Still pretty cute though, huh?

Her hair was so crazy earlier today. What is going on? We were both in lazy hair day moods today. It was a nice relaxing day today. Yayaya! We did manage to make it to the mall and I spend a $18 gift card to Macy's with just a few pennies to spare. I got a real cute dress that was on sale and I had a coupon, making it $17 something. Lola and I were proud at Pete and thought we won the lotto. I'll have to take the dress with me to the beach.


NONNA said...

I was just taking care of my bonus son last night. I knew he would want to get out and it was my job to make that happen....SO if that meant keeping Lola, well I was more then willing to do that! We did have a great time. My plan soooooo worked. You two are easy! LOL!!!

~Laura~ said...

Ok, where did you get your play mat? I have not seen that one and it seems a good size!! grr..!! lol!
Cute pics too- of course! :) how can they not be when they are of a sweet little baby?!