Monday, April 27, 2009

Holy Crap...

The time has come and Clay and I are headed to the hospital... I am being induced today!! It's crazy feeling!!! We are excited... and I am nervous!! Be praying!!

Love Nat!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

:) The time is coming...

My last night to ever blog pregnant with Lola! It will be short and sweet. I just took Tylenol PM and Clay and I are going to watch old classic TV shows dealing with pregnancy and babies.

We also have a classic story to tell, yet I will wait to tell it till I return home from the hospital.

Please say a prayer for us and I will try and write as soon as possible to let everyone know how it went and to post a few pictures! We hope to be home Wednesday night, yet it could be Thursday.

Much love-
P.S. For the record, my husband is now officially more excited than I me. He is just beside himself. :) It's so adorable to see him so giddy!

P.S.S. Big thanks to family and friends for all the support over the last TEN months!! :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Note to Cassi-

And to everyone else- no baby yet!! But not much longer- it will either be Sunday or Monday or possibly early Tuesday... We are aiming for Monday (or Sunday!!!)!

Thanks Jill for extending your flight to catch Lola's birth! It's super special to all of us... and who wants to really go to work on Mondays anyways!! :) We love ya!
I can't remember the last time I was up by 6 a.m. It had to be when I was working at Chick-fil-A and opening the store in the mornings, which was several years ago. Lately I have been staying up till around six then going to bed, but today I was up by 5:30ish after a crappy night of sleep.

Yesterday I didn't feel very well and kept cramping and having this "cookie jar" pain that would shot down the left side of my inner thigh. It ended up messing up my day, because I couldn't manage to get much done. When Clay got home, he could tell I was restless, yet didn't feel like doing anything either. We adventured out though to do a couple of things on "my list." The pain I was experiencing seem to get progress and intense and plus I was having some contractions. I was nervous that I could have gone into labor, so it made me even more motivated to run those errands. It got to a point where I couldn't walk without the pain, and I was nervous of falling. Clay pretty much held me up while we walked through a couple of stores, then it got so bad I had to sit in the car and let him finish checking out. I called the doctor. The doctor on call is very nice as I spoke to him early on in the pregnancy. I really like him. He explained the pain! Finally. My doctor didn't have an answer for the pain, yet this doctor did. It actually made a lot of sense too. I should have realized it. As Lola is getting ready to enter the world, she is getting lower and putting pressure on a nerve. Normally when this happens it only affects the left or right side, not both. It's only on my left side of my inner thigh (and cookie jar) and when it is real bad it shoots down to my left knee. He said it can be quite painful and nearly impossible to walk, yet not dangerous long-term. I guess I didn't realize it could be a nerve because of how bad the pain is, yet now I definitely think he is right. So it didn't get much better the rest of the night and I tried to stay off my feet so I didn't fall. He recommended some things to do, and they helped a little. He said there wasn't that much too do and it was a good sign. He thought I could likely be in the hospital before Monday's scheduled induction.

So why am I up now? I woke up with that darn nerve pain. I can't believe I am having it even when I lay down down. Sucks... not quite the way I would like to be woken up. Plus, my hips hurt like hell, quite frankly. I feel like they are being cranked open by a machine made in the 1600's. Then I also had a couple of good contractions. So sleeping just wasn't in the mix this morning. I took a hot, hot bath to try and help D) all of the above. It does help some. The doctor on call said hot baths help because it lifts your uterus taking pressure off of the body so it helps with contractions, hip pain, back pain, and even the nerve pain. I knew I loved baths. If I was a little tougher, I would like to have a water birth... but ya right.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Funny. Okay so the other night I was hurting some, yet mainly really restless. I was in desperate need of a good night sleep and not getting it. The lack of sleep was making me a little... um, emotional. So around four I finally decided to see if Clay would wake up and tickle my back or just calm my spirit a little. So I woke him up and told him I was having a terrible time and hadn't been able to fall asleep yet. This is all around 4 a.m. (Little did I know this would get even worse.) I asked if he could help somehow. He rolled over and faced me, mumbled something about laying on my back, which he then laid on his back. I asked him why would that help and by the time I finished the question I just heard snoring. What good he was. I knew he had work, so I didn't bother with him again, and just went to the den. So that next evening I told him about his funny advice and that I didn't think he ever really woke up. I found it funny, yet he felt bad so he told me next time to really wake him up and he would be glad to help any way he could. Sooooo... early this morning I attempted to wake him up. Once again it wasn't very successful, although a little better than last time. He recommended I turn on the TV in the bedroom. That didn't help so I eventually got up and took a bath then came to the den to blog mainly to keep my mind occupied. Well, I started laughing a minute ago, because my sleepwalking husband came in here to check on me. He probably heard the bath run and then realized I wasn't coming back to bed. He was real sweet and said he would be glad to stay up with me. He seemed sooo tired. He even said he would stay in the den with me, yet that just means he would fall asleep on the couch, and snore, and take up all the room where I couldn't lay down anymore... haha. I assured him I was okay and haven't had a contraction since being in the tub. I told him to go back to bed and I would definitely wake him if I started hurting bad again. How sweet he was trying to be.

So I made the baby sling. Great idea to do it myself. I really like it and feel it is very safe and strong. I had to learn different stitches and techniques that make for a stronger hold. I made the sling reversible. One side is bright pink with little white polka dots and the other side is pink with skulls and crossbones and abstract little things. It's funky. I bought a sweeter fabric and plan on making another. The patterns sell for 12 bucks. The fabric was maybe 20 all together. So each sling ran me about 16 bucks. And really it could have been easy to find the fabric for 5 dollars or less, except I wanted to line my tote to make it reversible. I'll post a picture of me carrying Lola in it very soon! I am sure it beats carrying her in my belly!! I like creating things. That was my first time to really use a pattern, and I managed. It was a little confusing at times, but I just took it step by step... (that's the TV show on right now... you guys remember that show?!)

Okay- well I am going to lay down and see if I can get a couple more hours of sleep. Everyone has recommended sleeping as much as possible now! Easier said than done. I almost took a Tylenol PM, yet I didn't want to sleep my Saturday with Clay away. I have a list of what needs to get down before Monday or whenever she decides to come... I don't have time to sleep during the day!!! Or have this nerve pain. Weird.

I'll keep everyone posted! I am going to write while in the hospital, yet on paper probably. So when I get home I'll have to transfer it to my blog so I will always have an account of how everything went. :)


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tweetie Pie Baby

Tweetie Pie Baby is a company I found on the internet that makes baby slings and carriers. The cool thing about the company is they also sale their patterns so you can choose to make it yourself, which I love! For my birthday, my husband bought me the Tot Tote Pattern and the Mei Tai Pattern along with a Joann gift card so I could get the fabric of my choice. Yesterday he even took me to Joann and we went in together to pick out the fabrics for the carriers. He was a huge help and I love the fabrics we got. I plan on making them in the next couple of days so I will post pictures. I hope I do a good job making them! And for the record, it's pretty gay for your husband to go into Joann with his wife, so I don't plan on having him do that again, but he was very helpful and gave me his opinions on the fabrics. It was sweet. Icing on the cake for my birthday. Lately my decision making has been a little weak. Baby brain drain to the max! LOL!

Tweetie Pie Baby Blog
- The blog shows the Mei Tai carrier, along with the other two.
Tweetie Pie Baby Patterns- This website just shows the Tot Tote and Wrap.

Adorable Husband

Sleeping has been impossible the last few nights. It's not what you think though. I am not that uncomfortable... I am just simply wide awake! I was talking to Stace around 11:30 p.m. and she finally said, "Wow, you are wide awake right now." I guess my full of energy night personality was even showing through the phone. I don't know what the deal is. Maybe I should wake up really early tomorrow and try to get back to a schedule... but doesn't that seem pointless... trying to get on a schedule since I will have a newborn next week... my little own newborn! (smiling)

The bad thing is when I can't sleep I move to the den so I can watch TV and be up on the computer without disturbing Clay. Then around five or so in the morning I finally fall asleep on the couch. I would move to the bed, but when Clay leaves for work in the morning at 8 I always move to the couch, because I feel safer. So I might as well sleep in the den if I don't go to bed till early in the morning! And for some odd reason, I don't take as many bathroom trips when I sleep on the couch! Haha. With Clay working all day and not sleeping with him- I totally miss him right now! So tonight I told him I wanted to get in bed earlier so I can actually sleep with him tonight. He went to bed pretty early and I stayed up to iron some of his work clothes and I made him a love note for his lunch tomorrow. Around midnight I went to get into bed and have pillow talk and my hard working husband was dead asleep. Haha! It was so cute, yet I was disappointed, because I knew that meant I needed to go back to the den, unless I could do with no TV and I can't. So another night on the couch.

I am so proud of Clay right now. Today I decided to do some yard work (anything to try and get labor going, even pulling weeds!) and worked really hard for awhile. I was really proud of myself, yet when Clay came home and found me in the backyard he just couldn't believe it. Plus the work I did, created more work for Clay. He had to clean up my mess and finish what I started. BUT he did. He made the yard all pretty again! Freshly mowed for me and Lola! Then he went for a nice run. What a stud. He ate some salad for dinner, watched American Idol with me and then Lost. After that he read from his comic book, (yep, comic book) then he went to bed. He had a full day, no wonder he was asleep. I could count on my right hand how many times he has been asleep before midnight during our marriage. Maybe three. Thanks Clay for working so hard for our family. We love you.

So to the American Idol results. I called it. Yet I was shocked Matt wasn't in the bottom 3. Allison didn't deserve it. I wonder who will go home next week. Matt or Allison or a new bottom 3? I am shocked Danny hasn't been in the bottom 3. I guess I am the only one that isn't a fan of him. Well next week I will be in the hospital during American Idol. I can't believe by this time next week I will definitely be a mom! YAYAYAYAYAYA!

A big thanks to Laura, because she has been answering all my labor and delivery questions! We finally had to exchange e-mails so you guys didn't have to hear all the crazy questions and answers. We both think we could create a great website about the honesty of pregnancy, labor and delivery... the good, the bad, and the plain ugly. We both seem to be pretty straight forward about the good and the bad. We also each enjoyed our own pregnancy experiences. I think this makes for an interesting website for expecting first-time moms.

Okay well I am about to try and sleep, yet I want to make one more post about this cool website.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

American Idol

Okay, so time to write about American Idol, since I am a pretty big fan of the show and all. My mom is hooked and now has my dad hooked! My dad even knows all their names and we exchange opinions on each performance! Very funny! Clay and I watch every week and critique everyone as if we are professionals! I guess that's why people like the show though! And we love listening to what Simon says and the looks he gives the contestants and other judges. The other night when Kara was judging someone, he was making fun of her and happen to still be in the camera shot, and it was very funny. It reminded me of something I would see in my 3rd grade classroom (when I taught).

My thoughts on tonight's show. I say them like their facts, but let me just say I do realize they are only my opinion!

1. I was disappointed Matt didn't do something more original. I like him and as badly as I want to like his performance, I just never really do.

2. A lot of people seem to like Danny, but from day one I haven't quite trusted him. There's something about him that seems... well, I can't put my finger on it, but flags go up.

3. I love Allison! She is great, especially at 16! I like how she is always herself.

4. Lil needs to be done. Her voice is pretty good, but she seems lost as an artist. I hate that, and I know a career would probably be great for her and her family, yet she hasn't found her spot yet.

5. Anoop needs to go with Lil' tomorrow night. Not a fan and I can't imagine him doing this for a living. Tonight he seemed to get angry with Simon and seem to work really work hard to hide it and seem cool. Clay and I thought it was funny.

6. Adam's performances I look forward to and I liked the one tonight, but he seems best doing Broadway, because he always seems to have a more theatrical or emotional performance. Sometimes he grosses me out, yet I do like his voice, especially on songs like he sung tonight.

7. Okay, Okay- my top pick by far is Kris Allen! Love him! He seems to get better every week and really has become his own lately. I feel like he progressed steadily and I think it's paying off. AND he is an Arkansas boy! Conway! My parents actually know his parents and my mom decorated for his mom long ago! How funny! But he is my vote and I think that crooked smile of his doesn't hurt! Clay likes him a lot too, but the crooked smile probably isn't the reason! LOL!

Just thought I would write about American Idol tonight. It's nice to try to keep my mind off the last few days of pregnancy. I am pretty uncomfortable tonight. I wonder if in years to come I will be able to read this like an old journal. I think that will be really neat. Maybe a tad boring, but interesting to me and hopefully Lola! Lol-

A big thanks to Laura for publishing a post just for me! All the information was helpful and I appreciated it very much! She has the cutest little girl, Aubrey Kay, who won't be much older than Lola. Y'all check out her blog!

I hope to get some better sleep tonight so I took a little medicine early to help knock me out.


Trial Run...

Well Clay and I had a trial run today. There was a chance I was leaking amniotic fluid so I had to go to labor and delivery to check. I really didn't feel like it was time, but had to bring all my stuff in the event it was time. Everyone got really excited, which was exciting, but a bit overwhelming too. I knew it would/will be. I was very calm other than that. Clay and I were anxious to see if this was how it was all going to go down after all, but nope. It was nice to see everything, get some questions answered, and know how to get there! Monday shouldn't be too bad thanks to today!

Funny story- Clay ran the dishwasher for me so dirty dishes weren't sitting there for a couple of days in case we weren't coming home and he put the wrong soap in the dishwasher! As we were about to walk out the door I looked to make sure the kitchen was clean and suds were everywhere!!!! It was classic and I even got out the Flip to film it! :) Greatness!

Looks like no baby until Monday. Unless she surprises us all!

Apple Juice Sucks

So it is 2:30 a.m. and I am wide awake! I have been in bed since 11 p.m. and finally decided to go back to the living room so I could watch TV without waking Clay. Good ol' Wheel of Fortune! I have been on the computer most of the night, which I am sure doesn't help, yet it's a great way to keep my mind off the cramping and those darn cookie jar pains. Also, when you are pregnant you tend to have several "issues" through the pregnancy, so to help with one of my "issues" I decided to drink some Apple Juice. Er. Bad idea. Especially when you are wanting to go to bed. Clay can drink tons of AJ and it doesn't affect him like it does me.

I just got up to take some medicine to try and help ease the back pain and help me sleep, eventually.

Now that an induction is scheduled I seem to have it in my head that it won't be till then, so the house isn't quite as clean as I would like it to be, which isn't smart of me. I could still have her at any time and then I will be mad that I didn't keep it as tidy as I have been this past week. Tomorrow I will clean and do a couple more loads of laundry. Just in case!

The Bonus Round is now on and I need to lay down and try to get some beauty sleep for Lola and me! Although I am sure I need it much more than she does!


Monday, April 20, 2009


I want to redo some things on my blog and would like to eventually learn to make my own layouts, yet for the next little while my blog my bounce around a lot as I fiddle with new layouts and ideas. Excuse the construction and rearrangement for awhile- :)

Happy Birthday Deb!

Happy Birthday to Debbie!

Clay and I just got back from their house and enjoyed the birthday visit. It's a great year for all of us and Debbie because she is turning a great age, but I won't tell, but look at the picture, sorry Debbie, and becoming a grandmother! She can brag about being... eh... see picture... since she looks so good! We also got to see her playroom she did for Lola and all the kids to follow and it's really adorable. Of course she has a reading theme and I think Lola will love it. I even wanted to sit in there and read, which says a lot! :) Too cute Debbie- Happy Birthday again!

Well, with that said, Lola stuck it out for one more day managing to dodge another birthday. So here is the deal... doctor appointment went okay. Not thrilled about it, but if Lola doesn't arrive before Monday, then early Monday morning we will induce. The appointment has been scheduled and the doctor says there is only a 10% chance of needing the induction, yet just in case it is scheduled! There's light at the end of the tunnel and I can see it! Hooray! At the same time if we do go through with the induction and she takes a while still, and is born on that Tuesday, then she will share a birthday with... drum roll... my dad!!! Which he has said all along he didn't mind sharing. I think him and Debbie were the only ones who don't mind sharing... my mom said she didn't mind either, yet Lola coming that early wasn't our hope. Okay Laura- if you are reading this then how long did it take you once you got to the hospital to the time you delivered? You did say you were induced, correct? I hope it doesn't take too long so she is at least born on the 27th and has her own birthday. I know everyone is different in the time it takes, but I was curious how long it did take you! Just a waiting game now to see if she comes on her own or with a nudge. I think my goal this week is to see how tan I can get before Lola arrives!! A lot better than nesting all week. Done enough of that... Haha, I already worked on the tan today! A couple shades darker... well just my front side anyways. Since I can't lay on my tummy, the back of me is pretty white. Oh well.

Clay just grilled a pork chop and is real proud. It's funny how grilling makes a man feel much manlier. And it's funny how they want their wife's approval of their grilling skills or they want us to really brag about their grilling skills. Hahaha... it did look like a pretty good pork chop Clay! Your such a man... grilling and all.

Well, if I go into labor before Monday I will certainly try to at least put up a quick post saying so... who knows... I could careless about this thing at that moment... but for me this is a journal that happens to be online so it might be special for me to make a little memo of it.

:) Nat

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday 12:30 p.m. Update

Well I made it through the night and watched the sun come up. I was so uncomfortable and thought any hour could turn into harder contractions and I could phone the doctor, but that didn't happen. Just a consistent uncomfortable feeling and contractions were all over the place. I finally went to sleep just as my mom was headed over to walk with me around 10 a.m. this morning so she let me sleep instead and at noon I woke back up. So about 4 hours of sleep all together. Clay is taking me over there now so I can walk and see if I can get these contractions going. I feeling like my body is so close and just needs a tiny, tiny push. Hopefully this walk with do some good, because if not it will just bring unnecessary pain and make my feet even more bruised than they already are.

That's the latest.

Good news is if there is no hospital trip today, my doctor's appointment is tomorrow so I can see what has changed. I really think a conversation about inducing is probably pointless, because I believe it will happen soon.

Sunday 6 a.m. Update

Well I am pretty uncomfortable still, but my contractions aren't to a point where I should go to the hospital. Hopefully they'll progress because this stage stinks and although it gets worse, at least I could reach the point of active labor. I feel like there is a great chance that I have effaced and dilated throughout the night, of course I don't have a way of knowing that for sure.

Just thought I would update now because hopefully I can get some sleep at some point and stay asleep for awhile. I'm tired. We will see if that happens. I might take another bath. Sounds nice. Every time she moves her head, it sends this terrible pain throught my "cookie jar." I'll leave that for you guys to figure out.

Say a prayer for me.

Good night or should I say good morning?

Sunday- 2 a.m.

Decent contractions are happening. I am up and cleaning simply because laying in bed is miserable. Uncomfortable. I can't tell if being up makes them more intense or not, because laying down they seem more intense since that is all I am focusing on, even when I watch the best of Seinfeld. I was watching Forensic Files and murder cases that took years to solve, then decided that wouldn't be great to watch if Lola could be entering the world soon. So up I got to finish laundry and vacuum and unload the clean dishwasher... stuff like that. I think I'll head back to bed and see what happens now. I have been sitting her for just a few minutes and haven't had another contraction, so we will see. Stuff is definitely happening, just not for sure if we should expect Lola within the next 24 hours or not. I am sure I will know by tomorrow morning if this is just preparation for the real thing or was tiny start of labor!



Hmmm... If I don't get a chance to write tomorrow- it's because I am in the hospital, but if I am feeling good again- I'll write as soon as I wake and let you know that Lola is not on her way... p.s. I normally don't wake till at least ten or so right now, so give me till noon to update ya.

Signing out- Preggers... not for long hopefully... I'll be signing out as Mom!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

yes, i am still pregnant

Hello Everyone- This is preggers here!

Unfortunately I am writing in to let everyone know this bump is still full of baby. Same days it is frustrating, because I just want her to come out and I am dying to not be pregnant anymore... but other days it's just a part of me and I barely notice. So far, it's been a good day. Somehow I managed to sleep on my stomach last night which felt so good! (And Mom- good sleep with no meds! Yay!) So when I woke up I actually forgot I was pregnant until I realized I was about to wet the bed if I didn't prop myself out of bed immediately and run to the bathroom, freshly cleaned bathroom may I add!

She isn't quite as active as normal these days, but her movements are quite feisty and do not go unnoticed by me and normally Clay. I am feeling actual limbs instead of just feet or elbows. So weird... this baby that weighs between 6-10 lbs (hopefully much closer to 6 lbs) is in my body just waiting to meet the world.

Okay these cupcakes are ridiculously cute. I found them on this website.
It's for a baby shower with the theme nesting. How cute. They have little nest with birds in them! I love these and the website looks really cool, except I don't have time to browse through it right now. Clay and I are about to go walk! But I must later! They had some really cute bird ideas that would be so cute for a baby shower especially since birds are so in! Can one of my friends get pregnant so I can use these ideas please? Lol! Ginni, you are the married one- you're legal to get pregnant! You would love this shower idea too!

I have decided something about nesting though... I did it again the other night to the extreme and yesterday I moped the entire house (no carpet, except rugs in the house), vacuumed, dusted, did laundry, and straightened up everything. The thing about nesting is: I think pregnant women do it because it's their hope that it means the baby is coming so the more we nest the better chance that baby could be born within the next couple of days, but now that I have been nesting ALL month- I am done with it. It's just false hope and God's way of getting our fat, pregnant butts up and cleaning. I'll be grateful to God when I come home from the hospital NEXT YEAR with Lola and the house is clean and clutter free, but for now... it's leaving me hopeless. My bags have been packed all month! Ur!

My next doctor appointment is Monday. My original due date is a week from today and the latest sonogram shows this Thursday as the due date, so Monday we will revisit the conversation on inducing labor. I am aiming for this Friday if she isn't her by then. My mom and I have been walking a lot and we do feel like she will be here any time, but if she is just too comfy then I want to have her at 40 weeks, not 41! I'll let everyone know what the verdict is on Monday if I am not in the hospital by then. The doctor sure did think I would definitely have her by next weekend if not by the end of this weekend.

Birthdays Galore around here! Happy birthday to Jacey and Bailey. We all have birthdays beside each others! Thankfully Lola didn't make her appearance on one of their birthdays! Everyone needs their own day! Kebby is sure glad Lola didn't come on hers either! Me too! My MIL, Debbie's is Monday! I bet she wouldn't mind sharing her birthday! Lola- you are not allowed to come on someone else's birthday, although you would make such a sweet birthday present... especially to your grandmothers that already love you sooo much! Then my dad's is the 28th... which I am on my knees praying I don't have to wait that long to have Lola. The Dr. acted like he wouldn't let it go that long. Can't wait till Monday, but hopefully I wake up with contractions and just go to see him to see what's happening then on to the hospital! That would be great! Next Friday wouldn't be bad either because Jill already has her flight booked! I guess I better remember it's in God's hands and timing, not mine. No sense in planning it all out, especially on my blog for everyone to read... again, and again, and again.

Okay back to the nesting thing- I have found some nifty products out there through it all... the second one that is a must have is... drum roll please...

Mr. Clean Magic Reach!!!

Click here and check out the demo/explore video. This product was great for so many reasons and especially because it cleans all areas of the shower, bath, and even floor without having to bend down as much. It made cleaning fun, faster, and definitely cleaner! It works well for the curves in the tub and is firm enough that it still puts enough pressure to scrub good, but not too firm where it doesn't contour to the bathtub lines. It also fit great around the tight spots surrounding the toilet! It really is a must have. I am pretty sure their is a coupon in the box for the refill pads, which are great. I love it when you can just toss something you use to clean instead of washing it. It feels gross to put it in your washing machine. The website I gave a few post ago has coupons for this brand as well. I encourage everyone to go to this website and put in your address so you can get some great coupons!

I need to straighten the den and make my bed!

Yours truly- Preggers

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wowzers- that's one big belly!

I feel like at any moment by entire belly might just fall off of me because it seems so out of place and HEAVY! It's really weird because the belly itself doesn't make me feel frumpy or unattractive like I thought it may. It's more the lack of energy, the inability to move around as good and quick, and the comfy, but totally dorky underwear. :) I love the belly!

Here is the complete profile shot. She is really out there. It's so funny how when I am out in public everyone has an opinion if it's a boy or girl by the way I look. Even once I tell them it's a girl, some swear to me it's a boy and don't believe me! And then some swear it's a girl simply because they think that not because an ultrasound said so! Crazy folks.

Home Sweet Home! Lola- this is your first home! We hope you like it and have a feeling you will love the backyard as you grow. Your Daddy and I were just talking about how the yard, especially the backyard will be a great yard to hide Easter eggs! Maybe next year we can help you with an Easter egg hunt!

This picture most wouldn't get, but my family does and it's a Clark classic. I had to have one pregnant! I'll have to get Nick to actually look at the blog. He'll appreciate this picture!

Last picture! I liked this one... Clay and I need a newer one of us together though! Can I crop him in! Hahaha! Well bedtime for me and my feet are swollen now that I have set at the computer for a little while! Hahaha!

Good night!

Happy Birthday Dear Kebby, Dear Kebby!

Happy Birthday Kebby! My sister is now 17! I got the pleasure of her company tonight and she is such a beautiful person. I am really proud of her. The weird thing was my mom and I wrote very similar messages to her in our cards we gave her and when Kebby said we wrote the same things, I just looked at mom and said, "weird." I don't think she liked the way I said weird, but it just goes to show Kebby has done a good job in the process of becoming a woman and defining herself. Stay on track Kebby and always look to God and when you can't seem to see the way He is directing you- then I have found Moms work pretty good at pointing the way sometimes too! ;) We love you!

Kebby's birthday is today, mine is tomorrow, and wouldn't that be a dandy if Lola's was Friday. :) What a fun little week that would always be!

Much love to Aunt Kebby today-

Monday, April 13, 2009

ur. dang it. gosh. ugh.

This bag isn't going anywhere today. Bummer. I'm 50% effaced and still 1 centimeter dilated. The baby is really low, but my cervix isn't. The Doctor said it all really has no indicator of when I will go into labor though, it could be today, it could be ten more days. He said "I hope to see you in the hospital this week." Everyone say a prayer and cross your fingers! Although pray it isn't tomorrow. Tomorrow is Kebby's birthday and Wednesday is mine and quite honestly we both aren't ready to share, especially Kebby. Any other time is A-Okay Lola! Like tonight! :)

I'll keep you guys posted. I have lots of pictures to post. They'll be up in the next day or two! Here is one of me... lol.

Okay so maybe not the greatest picture, but Clay took this right after my weirdo cleaning spree last night. Me during my 39th week of pregnancy! I had just spent an hour scrubbing the bathrooms, so this is as glamorous as I get. Clay was shocked to find sweat on my back after I cleaned for two hours straight... and I mean hard core cleaning... at 39 weeks! Sweat, that was the least of my worries, especially back sweat... lol. :)

Oh and yes I made this dorky chain to count down the days until Lola's arrival! It's much shorter now and has been fun seeing it shrink! Anything to help encourage me along!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Baby, baby, baby...

I took pictures of the house, because I wanted to remember what and how we lived right before Lola was born... many, many years from now I feel like these pictures will be fun to look at! Here's a glimpse of our home! I forgot to add Clay's office. It's so cute.

Here's my laundry room. I've always wanted a laundry room and it has been much nicer than I even thought having one!

Our living room- Clay is hiding under the blanket. Silly boy.

Here is Lola's bathroom. I love the Barbie prints! I think it makes it look little girly with the lavender shower curtain, but also sophisticated since it is also the bathroom guests use.

Of course Lola's room! Just a glimpse!

Isn't this cute! A little chalkboard built into this iron stand! And it has a bird on top! I'll have to write sweet messages to Lola on it! I loved it! Great Canton find- thanks Mom for the Canton money!! I loved what I picked out! (If I do say so myself!)

Here is the organized closet that caused me so much grief last week! A nice bump on the head and a sore back!

This is Kebby's room and my sewing room. It also will be a guest room if we ever have guest stay over! Lol. Right now it's Aunt Kebby's place to stay!

Here is our bathroom and bedroom!

Lola's stuff is already in there waiting for her to join us!

Just recently I moved the bed under the window and added the curtains and sheers. Clay and I really like it and have been sleeping better with the bed there! Ha! I like it when you walk into a room and the bed is what you see. I didn't think I could do that because of the window but I think it ended up looking very nice. I feel like it looks more romantic than the way we had it! :)


My little ad thing on the side picked up that I talked about the Swiffer and has a button to click for coupons! Cool!

Happy, Happy Easter!

My current thoughts on pregnancy right now...

Here are some of my thoughts on pregnancy right now. Let me just say, that despite the feeling of this never ending and feeling too pregnant to be legal right now, I have been VERY fortunate during my pregnancy and am very blessed to have a great nine months of pregnancy so within the 10th month, I can handle the discomfort for a little longer. No hard feelings toward pregnancy and I do count my blessings. I'm just ready to be able to wipe without a foot lodging in my rib and wear something besides a pair of black pants I stole out of my mom's closet.

Lola, in case you can read this in years to come, don't take offense... you'll be 39 weeks pregnant one day too.

I'm willing to try anything right now, including the attempt to have sex. Ha.

If you aren't pregnant, then I probably don't like you right now.

When Clay and I went shopping for him at a great outlet I just wanted to cry since there wasn't one maternity store, and even if there was- do you think there would be anything cute? And being around little Kebby is a complete bummer- I look at her stomach and wonder if just my thighs will ever be that skinny again?

Poor Clay. He's been an AMAZING husband and friend and unfortunately that's me on the floor having a pregnancy breakdown.

What are feet? Ohhh... the things that swell when I sit at my computer for five minutes? Those are feet. I think.

Luckily, my appetite is pretty much gone, but my nesting instincts have really slowed down. My house is now clean enough.

My mom said she never really cried during her pregnancies, but let me remind you, she never made it to week 37, 38, 39, 40. I try really hard to be tough and little Mrs. Happy Prego, but entering week 39 has been rough. I was at her house tonight and she just laughed as I laid awkwardly in one of her chairs. She thought it was funny seeing me laying there with a basketball stomach looking like I could pop at any moment. I told her to keep laughing because if my water did break, I was wearing her underwear! Haha! I took a very relaxing bath in her tub (it's nice and big) and when I got out I didn't want to put my dirty clothes back on so I stole a pair of her underwear and more black pants! :)

Lord, thank you for a wonderful nine months of pregnancy. I guess you had to make it a little rough so I wouldn't have babies ten months apart. :) Smart on your part- I'll give you that.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Go ahead... call me your hero!

Okay so as I said I am in this nesting stage right before Lola's big arrival, or it's just plain insanity. I saw a great comic where a lady is at a Psychiatrist's office and she tells the psychiatrist she will talk about her obsession as soon as she is done doing what she is doing ... and she is vacuuming and dusting his office! This is so me right now! But the one thing I do not like to do is mop and dust. Everything else I can handle and pretty much enjoy. But the Swiffer Wet Jet has helped me enjoy mopping a little better and when I need a really good mop on my tile I use a different mop I have, but when I need a quick mop and when I need to mop the wood floors or bathrooms, the Swiffer is fabulous! But that's not what I got on to post about, despite it being a great inexpensive item that is a must have in your cleaning closet! I am writing to let you in on the dusting secret! BUY A SWIFFER 360 DUSTER! They are so much fun and really pick up all the dust... they are so much fun you'll find yourself dusting things you never thought about dusting before and they trap on the dust so it's not flying around as you sweep it off! If you are like me, when I used to dust my allergies were insane for the next day or two, but not now!! It works great on everything including blinds! AND... they have a Swiffer Sweeper with an attachment so you can dust fans!! It bends so you just sweep it over your fan blades! How great! You won't need to drag a heavy dinning room chair around to each room anymore! It also helps short people like me dust the top of blinds, mirrors, pictures, and other items you'll now realize you need to dust! It really seems like a great purchase and I am glad my nesting instinct urged me on to get it at the grocery store the other day. My neighborhood Wal-mart had them! Okay- and even better- go to and you can print off coupons for all their items! You can have a whole great collection of Swiffer products! Big thumbs up to Swiffer! Too bad my blog fan base is a little on the cozy, smaller side or maybe Swiffer would send me their products for free, yet I don't think they'll care that little oh prego is endorsing them! Hahahaha!

Go get your Swiffer people! It will change your world, or at least your mood while you clean, and you'll think of me as your hero, probably.

:) Nat

Monday, April 6, 2009


Well almost 38 weeks!! And the nesting instinct has definitely kicked in! I am cleaning things I normally wouldn't think about cleaning and spending ridiculous amounts of time cleaning silly things. I walk around looking up trying to spot things I normally would not see in my line of vision! The other day when I decided to iron every bit of Clay's clothing and reorganize the closet to accommodate his new work attire I fell! No harm done, just scared the living day lights out of me! I forgot I was on the step ladder and not the step stool and went to step on the ground, yet it was further down than I realized and I went falling backwards. Then, later that day I washed our sheets for the second time in three days, who knows why, and I fluffed the sheet and when I did- I pulled down the gigantic light kit on the fan straight down on my head! Glass was everywhere and obviously it was dark and I just cried. I called Clay and he thought I was playing an April Fool's joke on him until he realized that I wasn't planning on stopping the tears anytime soon... so after I convinced him I was fine, he had called my mom to swing by and check on me. She thought he was playing a joke too! My family! We are way into April Fool's, but I would think they both would know I could think of a better joke than the light kit fell on my head! I did sleep really good that night so the bump on my head did some good! Lol- Wednesday is the day I'll spend cleaning so hopefully Lola will come soon while everything has been freshly mopped and dusted down!

The doctor visit went good today. Dilated 1 centimeter which was a bummer to hear. No real new news. Lots of Braxton Hicks though, so just maybe she'll be here before my birthday! Maybe, maybe not. Just don't be late little Lola!!

I'm off to bed- sleep time!