Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tweetie Pie Baby

Tweetie Pie Baby is a company I found on the internet that makes baby slings and carriers. The cool thing about the company is they also sale their patterns so you can choose to make it yourself, which I love! For my birthday, my husband bought me the Tot Tote Pattern and the Mei Tai Pattern along with a Joann gift card so I could get the fabric of my choice. Yesterday he even took me to Joann and we went in together to pick out the fabrics for the carriers. He was a huge help and I love the fabrics we got. I plan on making them in the next couple of days so I will post pictures. I hope I do a good job making them! And for the record, it's pretty gay for your husband to go into Joann with his wife, so I don't plan on having him do that again, but he was very helpful and gave me his opinions on the fabrics. It was sweet. Icing on the cake for my birthday. Lately my decision making has been a little weak. Baby brain drain to the max! LOL!

Tweetie Pie Baby Blog
- The blog shows the Mei Tai carrier, along with the other two.
Tweetie Pie Baby Patterns- This website just shows the Tot Tote and Wrap.

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