Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Kebby, Dear Kebby!

Happy Birthday Kebby! My sister is now 17! I got the pleasure of her company tonight and she is such a beautiful person. I am really proud of her. The weird thing was my mom and I wrote very similar messages to her in our cards we gave her and when Kebby said we wrote the same things, I just looked at mom and said, "weird." I don't think she liked the way I said weird, but it just goes to show Kebby has done a good job in the process of becoming a woman and defining herself. Stay on track Kebby and always look to God and when you can't seem to see the way He is directing you- then I have found Moms work pretty good at pointing the way sometimes too! ;) We love you!

Kebby's birthday is today, mine is tomorrow, and wouldn't that be a dandy if Lola's was Friday. :) What a fun little week that would always be!

Much love to Aunt Kebby today-

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