Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Deb!

Happy Birthday to Debbie!

Clay and I just got back from their house and enjoyed the birthday visit. It's a great year for all of us and Debbie because she is turning a great age, but I won't tell, but look at the picture, sorry Debbie, and becoming a grandmother! She can brag about being... eh... see picture... since she looks so good! We also got to see her playroom she did for Lola and all the kids to follow and it's really adorable. Of course she has a reading theme and I think Lola will love it. I even wanted to sit in there and read, which says a lot! :) Too cute Debbie- Happy Birthday again!

Well, with that said, Lola stuck it out for one more day managing to dodge another birthday. So here is the deal... doctor appointment went okay. Not thrilled about it, but if Lola doesn't arrive before Monday, then early Monday morning we will induce. The appointment has been scheduled and the doctor says there is only a 10% chance of needing the induction, yet just in case it is scheduled! There's light at the end of the tunnel and I can see it! Hooray! At the same time if we do go through with the induction and she takes a while still, and is born on that Tuesday, then she will share a birthday with... drum roll... my dad!!! Which he has said all along he didn't mind sharing. I think him and Debbie were the only ones who don't mind sharing... my mom said she didn't mind either, yet Lola coming that early wasn't our hope. Okay Laura- if you are reading this then how long did it take you once you got to the hospital to the time you delivered? You did say you were induced, correct? I hope it doesn't take too long so she is at least born on the 27th and has her own birthday. I know everyone is different in the time it takes, but I was curious how long it did take you! Just a waiting game now to see if she comes on her own or with a nudge. I think my goal this week is to see how tan I can get before Lola arrives!! A lot better than nesting all week. Done enough of that... Haha, I already worked on the tan today! A couple shades darker... well just my front side anyways. Since I can't lay on my tummy, the back of me is pretty white. Oh well.

Clay just grilled a pork chop and is real proud. It's funny how grilling makes a man feel much manlier. And it's funny how they want their wife's approval of their grilling skills or they want us to really brag about their grilling skills. Hahaha... it did look like a pretty good pork chop Clay! Your such a man... grilling and all.

Well, if I go into labor before Monday I will certainly try to at least put up a quick post saying so... who knows... I could careless about this thing at that moment... but for me this is a journal that happens to be online so it might be special for me to make a little memo of it.

:) Nat


Casey & Lauren Coats said...

I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure it took Laura like 15 hours from the time they induced her to the actual time Aubrey was born....we were up there that night waiting, and it seemed like even longer! So hopefully you'll go into labor naturally! :) Congrats!

~Laura~ said...

I had a Dr. appt. on my due date and was dilated to "a 1 plus a wiggle" haha, so.. since it was so close to Christmas and my Doc had plans for going out of town, she said she could induce me that day (and I was very ready!), but since I was pretty much starting at square one it would be a looonnnggg process! boo! By the time I was hooked up and starting on the meds it was about 2:30-3 pm.. by 2:30AM I was at a 10 and ready to push! Pushing took me 3 hours!! She was taking her sweet time coming out! it was EXHAUSTING!! lol. I have a friend that was induced and I believe it went alot quicker for her, and I think since you are already having contractions (which I never did) that is definitely a head start! The "labor" part really wasn't all THAT bad, the "delivery" on the other hand.. not so great! haha!
I must say, since you had not written I thought she might have popped out, bummer! lol.
As much as you are ready to have her, cherish these moments, you will miss it!
Also, I don't know if the walking really works, at least it didn't for me, apparently nothing was working though if I had to be induced! :)
If you have any other questions, or would like more detailed answers (lol) let me know!! I'm so excited for you, its soo wonderful!! :)

~Laura~ said...

lol, to answer your question though, 15 hours! 2:30ish-5:40am! :)

and I know what you mean about the pain in your "cookie jar"! I had that too starting 3-4 weeks before I had her so I thought alot of progress was being made, nope, just alot of pain! haha!