Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday 6 a.m. Update

Well I am pretty uncomfortable still, but my contractions aren't to a point where I should go to the hospital. Hopefully they'll progress because this stage stinks and although it gets worse, at least I could reach the point of active labor. I feel like there is a great chance that I have effaced and dilated throughout the night, of course I don't have a way of knowing that for sure.

Just thought I would update now because hopefully I can get some sleep at some point and stay asleep for awhile. I'm tired. We will see if that happens. I might take another bath. Sounds nice. Every time she moves her head, it sends this terrible pain throught my "cookie jar." I'll leave that for you guys to figure out.

Say a prayer for me.

Good night or should I say good morning?

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