Sunday, April 12, 2009

Baby, baby, baby...

I took pictures of the house, because I wanted to remember what and how we lived right before Lola was born... many, many years from now I feel like these pictures will be fun to look at! Here's a glimpse of our home! I forgot to add Clay's office. It's so cute.

Here's my laundry room. I've always wanted a laundry room and it has been much nicer than I even thought having one!

Our living room- Clay is hiding under the blanket. Silly boy.

Here is Lola's bathroom. I love the Barbie prints! I think it makes it look little girly with the lavender shower curtain, but also sophisticated since it is also the bathroom guests use.

Of course Lola's room! Just a glimpse!

Isn't this cute! A little chalkboard built into this iron stand! And it has a bird on top! I'll have to write sweet messages to Lola on it! I loved it! Great Canton find- thanks Mom for the Canton money!! I loved what I picked out! (If I do say so myself!)

Here is the organized closet that caused me so much grief last week! A nice bump on the head and a sore back!

This is Kebby's room and my sewing room. It also will be a guest room if we ever have guest stay over! Lol. Right now it's Aunt Kebby's place to stay!

Here is our bathroom and bedroom!

Lola's stuff is already in there waiting for her to join us!

Just recently I moved the bed under the window and added the curtains and sheers. Clay and I really like it and have been sleeping better with the bed there! Ha! I like it when you walk into a room and the bed is what you see. I didn't think I could do that because of the window but I think it ended up looking very nice. I feel like it looks more romantic than the way we had it! :)

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~Laura~ said...

Aubrey has that same swing.. I love it! Very cute house!