Sunday, April 12, 2009

My current thoughts on pregnancy right now...

Here are some of my thoughts on pregnancy right now. Let me just say, that despite the feeling of this never ending and feeling too pregnant to be legal right now, I have been VERY fortunate during my pregnancy and am very blessed to have a great nine months of pregnancy so within the 10th month, I can handle the discomfort for a little longer. No hard feelings toward pregnancy and I do count my blessings. I'm just ready to be able to wipe without a foot lodging in my rib and wear something besides a pair of black pants I stole out of my mom's closet.

Lola, in case you can read this in years to come, don't take offense... you'll be 39 weeks pregnant one day too.

I'm willing to try anything right now, including the attempt to have sex. Ha.

If you aren't pregnant, then I probably don't like you right now.

When Clay and I went shopping for him at a great outlet I just wanted to cry since there wasn't one maternity store, and even if there was- do you think there would be anything cute? And being around little Kebby is a complete bummer- I look at her stomach and wonder if just my thighs will ever be that skinny again?

Poor Clay. He's been an AMAZING husband and friend and unfortunately that's me on the floor having a pregnancy breakdown.

What are feet? Ohhh... the things that swell when I sit at my computer for five minutes? Those are feet. I think.

Luckily, my appetite is pretty much gone, but my nesting instincts have really slowed down. My house is now clean enough.

My mom said she never really cried during her pregnancies, but let me remind you, she never made it to week 37, 38, 39, 40. I try really hard to be tough and little Mrs. Happy Prego, but entering week 39 has been rough. I was at her house tonight and she just laughed as I laid awkwardly in one of her chairs. She thought it was funny seeing me laying there with a basketball stomach looking like I could pop at any moment. I told her to keep laughing because if my water did break, I was wearing her underwear! Haha! I took a very relaxing bath in her tub (it's nice and big) and when I got out I didn't want to put my dirty clothes back on so I stole a pair of her underwear and more black pants! :)

Lord, thank you for a wonderful nine months of pregnancy. I guess you had to make it a little rough so I wouldn't have babies ten months apart. :) Smart on your part- I'll give you that.

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~Laura~ said...

oh Lord, I hear ya! No one was allowed to talk about what or how much I ate (or what they were eating!), or if THEY needed to work out!! And trying to sit anywhere somewhat comfortably started becoming nearly impossible! haha! I had a dr appt on my due date, I was barely dilated to a 1!! talk about a bummer! I ended up being induced, hopefully you won't have to! Don't worry, as unenjoyable it is at the moment, after about a month you will want to be pregnant again! (at least I did/do- well, at times!) :) Loved all the comics!