Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Baby Sonogram and Update

Finally!  The sonogram was moved 5 times due to emergency surgeries then a broken sonogram machine! Laura was still able to go with me and neither one of us were tempted to find out! We did good and didn’t peek, despite it feeling so weird to be able to know, but choose not to.  I compared it to a piece of vanilla wedding cake sitting in front of me and not being allowed to try it, except more intense.  Hahaha…. I am actually feeling pretty proud that I can wait the whole time since it isn’t very common.  Clay passed on going because he knew he would have to find out and he is actually enjoying the surprise factor more than he thought.

Pictures and videos from the day are really cute. 

This one makes me think it’s a boy because this looks like a boyish profile.  Clay says I am ridiculous but Lola’s profile didn’t look anything like this and much different head shapes.  But then I think it’s a girl simply because Lola always says the baby is a girl.  My actual intuition doesn’t tell me one way or another.  Doctor promised it would definitely be a he or she! Haha…


Here the baby is looking at me, which always seems to be the case.  Profile shots are rare with this baby unlike Lola which I only got profile shots.  (Love profile shots!)  I was shocked at how long the baby was and how much it stretched across my belly.  Definitely growing good and strong!  The due date is 4-5 and Doctor showed 4-4 today.  Maybe this baby will just be a few days early and I’ll end up with a March baby.  But better mentally prepare for 40 FULL weeks unlike last time! ;)

16-12-49 16-17-01

I love seeing the hands and arms.  It’s my favorite part.


Video of baby and baby opens mouth and moves head- it’s kind of freaky but makes it all so surreal.


Another video Smile

Well at 23 weeks, I have gained… drum roll… 9 pounds!  I wish it was closer to 5 to be honest, but the doctor acted like it was all baby related weight between 50% more blood, chest, placenta, fluid, baby, etc… So I hope I can keep pacing the weight for the rest of the time.

Definitely feeling tons of movement now and the kicks and punches get stronger and stronger.  Clay has felt the baby move already and excited for Kebby and Laura to feel too!

Have energy back for the most part, but have a lot more aches and pains this time around in my belly and hips.  Nursery is in full progress!  Ready for the next 4 months! Woohoo!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lola Fe Fi Zola…

This pregnancy just reminds me of all my first feelings toward Lola before I even saw her sweet face.  Lola has amazed me with how into the pregnancy she is.  I am surprised she even thinks twice about it, but glad she does.  She is so cute.  Despite the  nursery just getting under way- she loves being in that room knowing it’s for the baby.  She has helped me paint, put up the crib (smile) and clean!  She loves putting her babies in the crib and letting them “sleep” and goes and gets them out a few hours later.  So cute. 

I got the pleasure of observing Lola today at school without her knowing I was looking in.  She was so cute.  Definitely strong willed and a little chatty like her momma can be!  But she was good and definitely can tell she is learning routines set by others, which is good.  It’s amusing watching her in a classroom environment.  I really enjoyed it.  When I picker her up and she told me that she sat in her chair during lunch (which isn’t always the case) and I said, “I know! I am so proud of you!” She proceeded to tell me how that meant she didn’t get a spanking and I agreed then I let her in on the big secret that I was watching her.  She was a bit baffled and told me she didn’t see me.  I said “I know! I was hiding!”  Now all day she has tried to figure out where my hiding place was.  Hehehe.  Thankful for their two-way window.  It’s good when your kids can’t figure out how you know something, but that magically you do know. Motherly super powers.

Lola is talking really good and still non-stop.  I think I will really enjoy Christmas time with her this year.  She really has taken ahold of Santa Claus.  Lola picked out purple wrapping paper at Hobby Lobby and I said that would be perfect for me to wrap her Christmas presents but she corrected me telling me the paper was for Santa so he could wrap her presents.  Almost already blew Santa’s cover.  Oops.

Well I uploaded photos from my phone and thought I would post some of my favs- hopefully I haven’t posted any of these before, but who really knows. You can’t trust my pregnant brain for anything right now. 

Lola in curlers and a dress, which she loved wearing. / Lola at work with me and not going as planned.

471     373 

Lola waiting while my car was being washed as happy as can be. / Laura and I celebrating her birthday!  Love you girl!

385  354

Lola admiring her Jack-O-Lantern. / Paw-Paw’s birthday dinner and Lola gladly helped him blow out the candles.

321 289 

Aunt Kebby and Lola enjoying a good read. / Lola loving her CFA Icedream.

223 130 (2)

Lola settling her “crying” babies down. / My happy child.

 107 (2) 109 (2)

Lola playing in Robert’s boat wanting to know where the water is. /  My baby and me. 

 082 069

Lola all sweet in curls. / Myself and Clay as a child. Hehehe.

 057 (2) 040

Lola’s bff. We love Aubrey.

 043 050 (2) 

Cute short hair.  Hmmm, may cut again. / Lola playing on the iPad.  She’s a pro.

027 (3) 161

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The sewing room makes Lola giddy---

Lola loves to wander down the hallway and yell “Where’s you be Momma?” and when I am in my sewing room and answer I hear those footsteps moving a bit faster and her yelling “I help you make somethin’ momma!”  She loves the room and as much stuff as I have in there, all the pins, scissors, rotary cutters, knitting needles, ink, paint, etc… it seriously seems to be child proof.  She can’t mess up my table.  She is pretty wise on what is off limits but she still likes to sit in my sewing chair and “pretend” to sew.  It’s so darn cute. She keeps telling me she wants a sewing machine so I will find her a pretend one for now, and when she gets barely old enough I will buy her a real one! Can’t wait!  In the bath tub tonight she told me this funny shape bucket we have is her sewing machine and she is making something.  Melt. My. Heart. Make. Me. Giddy. 

This morning I was getting ready for a lesson and Lola was waiting on Nonna and she was just so happy.  She just sat on my stool (although she has kind of claimed it as her own) and talked and talked to me.  So I got out my camera especially when she was “sitting like you, mommy.”  Enjoy all four, because I couldn’t choose just one. Ha!

013  020     016  018

Monday, November 7, 2011

Baby, baby, baby…

Can I be 19 weeks pregnant as in basically half way done?? How is this possible? In some ways I feel like I have been pregnant forever, but that’s just because I feel worse this time around, but really it is going by fast and if I start feeling loads better I bet it will be over before I know it.  Which is crazy because that means Clay and I will have two sweet little ones at home and not just one.  I am really excited for this and am more excited that Clay and Lola are so ready! 

I need to get my booty in gear with the nursery!  People say “Oh you have time-“ but I know it will fly by especially through the holidays.  January and February will be good months to focus in on it.  I like babies nurseries being done by 37 weeks in case we have an early arrival- BUT I learned my lesson with Lola and I will mentally prepare to carry this baby every darn day of 40 weeks.  Clay and I are going to do some bigger projects over Thanksgiving break!  Woohoo!   And my mom said she would paint all the doors, trim, and shelves with the oil base paint!  Yayaya! Still good for that mom? :)  Oh and still need to wallpaper too… definitely want to see the big projects done by the new year.

Something I am really excited over is I am making a quilt for the twin bed going in the nursery!  It will be my first full blown quilt and I am so excited.  I want to make one for our bedroom too.  I will get started on that during Thanksgiving when Clay has some time off. 

I can’t wait to meet he or she and still sticking to my guns on not finding out.  Even Clay is digging it.  The fun things is the baby is pretty active like Lola, so I have been feeling lots of kicks and nudges and I think it will be just another week or so until Clay (and you Laura) can feel too.  I already have people touching my belly which is weird.  If I am talking and someone does it, I totally loose my train of thought. I guess I need to post pictures of my bump, don’t I?  I have been saying I will… snuck one in with Halloween photos.  I’ll get Clay to take one soon.    

Well just wanted to ramble about this baby.  I am so excited and just want to fast forward to due date time!  Last time, I really remember enjoying the pregnancy more- did I forgot a lot of stuff or do they just feel that different?  Hope I forgot when I get baby fever for the time after this!

Clay and I enjoyed a nice date last night and for the first time in 2.5 years of Lola’s existence had a real-life babysitter.  What does that mean?  We had Kylee, who I and Lola absolutely love come over and watch Lola at our house during night hours so we could go out at normal date time!  And guess what, Kylee, our new hero, had Lola down at bedtime, house cleaned and no problems.  We were trying to figure out at dinner how often we can ask her without making her sick of us. Hehehe- it was nice.  But we got to talk a lot about the pregnancy and baby names, parenting with two, etc… it was fun.  We also saw an R-rated movie to balance off all the mommy and daddy talk.  Hahaha! (I have no idea what the movie was actually rated for the record.)  

Well it’s 5 p.m. which means bath for Lola and figure out what everyone is eating for supper. I think I am seeing an early bedtime for me tonight. 

Feeling blessed this week and looking forward to Thanksgiving and having Clay home more that week!  Also getting the big ultrasound next week to check on baby!  Looks like Laura is going to get to go with me- a little weird but Clay knows he would try and peak if he saw the baby- so I am using my “fill-in” spouse- Laura.  Didn’t think of it till now, but will we look like lesbians?  Haha- oh lordy.  Luckily my doctor has met Clay already!

Enjoy your week and will post pictures soon.  Also will post on Sew Creative soon to update what my students have been doing.  They are amazing and so talented!