Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Baby Sonogram and Update

Finally!  The sonogram was moved 5 times due to emergency surgeries then a broken sonogram machine! Laura was still able to go with me and neither one of us were tempted to find out! We did good and didn’t peek, despite it feeling so weird to be able to know, but choose not to.  I compared it to a piece of vanilla wedding cake sitting in front of me and not being allowed to try it, except more intense.  Hahaha…. I am actually feeling pretty proud that I can wait the whole time since it isn’t very common.  Clay passed on going because he knew he would have to find out and he is actually enjoying the surprise factor more than he thought.

Pictures and videos from the day are really cute. 

This one makes me think it’s a boy because this looks like a boyish profile.  Clay says I am ridiculous but Lola’s profile didn’t look anything like this and much different head shapes.  But then I think it’s a girl simply because Lola always says the baby is a girl.  My actual intuition doesn’t tell me one way or another.  Doctor promised it would definitely be a he or she! Haha…


Here the baby is looking at me, which always seems to be the case.  Profile shots are rare with this baby unlike Lola which I only got profile shots.  (Love profile shots!)  I was shocked at how long the baby was and how much it stretched across my belly.  Definitely growing good and strong!  The due date is 4-5 and Doctor showed 4-4 today.  Maybe this baby will just be a few days early and I’ll end up with a March baby.  But better mentally prepare for 40 FULL weeks unlike last time! ;)

16-12-49 16-17-01

I love seeing the hands and arms.  It’s my favorite part.


Video of baby and baby opens mouth and moves head- it’s kind of freaky but makes it all so surreal.


Another video Smile

Well at 23 weeks, I have gained… drum roll… 9 pounds!  I wish it was closer to 5 to be honest, but the doctor acted like it was all baby related weight between 50% more blood, chest, placenta, fluid, baby, etc… So I hope I can keep pacing the weight for the rest of the time.

Definitely feeling tons of movement now and the kicks and punches get stronger and stronger.  Clay has felt the baby move already and excited for Kebby and Laura to feel too!

Have energy back for the most part, but have a lot more aches and pains this time around in my belly and hips.  Nursery is in full progress!  Ready for the next 4 months! Woohoo!


Anonymous said...

So exciting!! Can't wait to meet Lola's lil sis or brother!! You are doing great too! Love you all! Gram

*Courtney* said...

How fun! I love the appts with sonograms and getting to see the baby. I had alot more aches and pains this go-round and Dr. Payne said the more babies you have, the more pains you feel. Enjoy this preggo time though, it's so special and goes by quickly. :)

~Laura~ said...

SO glad I was able to be there! Just amazing!! love you both! :)