Monday, September 26, 2011

Team Boy?!

Who are all these people saying boy on my poll? Any girl takers? Uncle Nick is totally convinced we are having another girl and so is Lola!

Only 6 more months to find out... Oh the wait!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Preggers Talk

So Lola is pretty use to preggers talk because for a couple months she was one of the only ones to know! :) But figured I would write about my first trimester.  I read through some of my blog from my pregnancy with Lola and I wasn’t quite as detailed as I had thought I was.  And didn’t show that many pictures- although not sure how I will do the picture thing this time around either.  Those were the days before WLW.  Haha-

Well I am 12 weeks and feeling yucky.  I know it could be worse, but I also know it could be better.  My doctor said he would think I would see a major improvement within the next couple of weeks.  Looking forward to him being right (fingers crossed!)! I wake up normally feeling great but as the day goes on and as I eat each meal I find myself just wanting to sleep and quite frankly be lazy.  Definitely been a moody little thing… and speaking of little thing- I have not gained a pound!  Some of you may be thinking- Duh!  Why would you yet?  Well with Lola I had already started gaining weight and this time around I weigh a pound less than I did when I got pregnant with Lola.  I started that pregnancy at 120 and weighed in on delivery day at 160.  12 weeks into this pregnancy I am weighing in at 119.  I’ll take that!  But I am occasionally sporting some maternity pants because I get so darn bloated.  Some days my clothes still fit great but other days not so much.  I can’t wait for the fluctuation to stop and just steadily grow bigger and bigger.

I am using a different doctor than I did with Lola but he has been my doctor since 8 weeks after giving birth to Lola.  I really like him and he has delivered some of my friend’s babies so I am feeling confident in him. 

My first sonogram I was just really nervous and went by myself.  Wanted to be sure everything was okay and sure enough we saw an active 9 week old baby!  And with the second appointment (12 weeks), Clay went!  It was so great for him to see the baby too via sonogram.  And once again an active baby.  Saw little arms and legs dancing away.  And the baby was looking right at us which was kind of freaky looking.  I am use to the profile shots.  Hehehe. 

The big and fun thing about this baby is absolutely no finding out the sex!  I want it to be a legit surprise for myself and everyone else!  Lola is calling sister and apart of me thinks she is right- but then again- a boy it could be!  I am making a fun and playful neutral nursery that is designed for a growing baby- not really a newborn.  I am also going to put a daybed in the nursery for seating and sleeping.  Baby is not allowed in my bed EVER.  :)  Live and learn and Clay and Laura are holding me to this rule.  Lola still winds up in our bed in the middle of the night.  That stinker.  

I am needing to start on the nursery and clean it out.  It has no fixture hanging where there should be one, the ceilings need to be sanded down so I can do some magic on them, paint and then d├ęcor.  I think I may build the daybed because I can’t find one like I want.  And Clay and I have some cool ideas for neutral art. I am excited and just as soon as I get some more energy- I’ll be all over that! Oh and a rug is a must right away.  Can’t stand the bare floors. Whew.  That makes me very tired just writing about those things. 

Lola and I talk a lot about babies and momma having another baby and she seems to grasp it as much as she can.  I think it will be much more on her mind when she sees a growing belly.  Stuff like that gets to her and she’ll want to know “what that is momma…”  Haha…

Well now that the secret is out, I am feeling like it’s more and more real. It’s so fun.  I didn’t think I could be as excited about another pregnancy as I was with Lola… but not true.  Just as excited if not more because I remember the excitement and joy I had when Kebby was born and I look forward to helping create that same feeling for Lola.  Doesn’t having two children just seem like a little veteran family?  We are out of the newlywed stage, and out of the beginner stage with just one child and now moving into a more seasoned family.

I know that’s silly, but it is so fun to marry someone so perfect for you and to just create little human beings together. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Month by Month in Pictures

Barely 24 Hours Old: Already alert and ready to join the party!


1 Month: Sleepy time on her first vacation! Hello beach!


2 Months:  On the way to the doctor for 2 month shots


3 Months: My big girl sitting up


4 Months: Lola was super ready for foods, but ended up being picky just like her momma

4 month 3

5 Months: Such a big girl in her DOC Band

090 (2)

6 Months: Standing up in her crib, but not sleeping in it :(

002 (2)

7 Months: Discovered macaroni.  Loved it like her momma does.


8 Months: Her hair is growing out from her band!

018 - Copy

9 Months: Too early to remember the snow storms, but she wasn’t a big fan

042 (3)

10 Months:  She is walking like a pro!


11 Months: Loved the lake house at an early age

276 (3)

12 Months: Happy first birthday to Lola!


13 Months: Always have enjoyed baths!

045 - Copy

14 Months: Driving was the easiest way to put her to sleep

167 (2)

15 Months: Chick-fil-A’s #1 fan!

001 (9)

16 Months: Getting ready to start school!

055 (10)

17 Months: Loved her crazy short bob.

 061 (4)

18 Months: Modeling pajama pants momma made- Lola loves picking out fabric!

030 (3)

19 Months: Really showing her own personality

050 (4)

20 Months: Lola discovered showers!

072 (2)

21 Months: Ponytails

003 (2)

22 Months: A classic face she still makes-


23 Months: Camping day at school


24 Months: Happy Birthday to my 2 year old- never dreamed I would give in to an Elmo theme


25 Months: My sick baby.  No fun.  She was a trooper as always.


(Side note to picture above: Lola had been very sick for 4 weeks hence the skinny face!)

26 Months: Learning to worry and puts on her “Maw-Maw face”


27 Months: Loving the pools, big and small

036 (2)

28 Months: My creative artist


29 Months: Lola loving her new shirt! :)


Due Date: April 5th, 2012 (And yes, another April birthday! Haha)

We are all soooooo thrilled! I am 3 months and literally can’t wait! I hope it goes by fast, but more so hope for a healthy and happy baby! 

Yay to a second sonogram today!  Pictures of sonogram soon!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Zoo Trip

Since the weather dropped 20 degrees Clay and I thought we could take advantage and take Lola to the Zoo!  We have been excited to do this for a long time and finally thought she was old enough to really enjoy it.  Well needless to say, not quite yet.  We were surprised, but did have a fun day!  Clay might be the biggest Zoo lover of the 3 of us. The Dallas Zoo might not be visited again for awhile. :)

She loved the playground! Haha-


And couldn’t get enough of the fish!  She seriously wanted to climb in all the tanks!


She liked the goats as well but I think that’s because she was able to chase them around!


She really was pretty adventurous.


She wanted to get closer and closer to the birds!


She loved the lazy pig Wilbur. 


She wasn’t into the coolest animals like the giraffe, elephant, gorilla, cheetah, or zebra.  Clay and I couldn’t wait for that part!  Clay was so disappointed.


Manage to talk her into one quick picture!