Monday, September 5, 2011

Zoo Trip

Since the weather dropped 20 degrees Clay and I thought we could take advantage and take Lola to the Zoo!  We have been excited to do this for a long time and finally thought she was old enough to really enjoy it.  Well needless to say, not quite yet.  We were surprised, but did have a fun day!  Clay might be the biggest Zoo lover of the 3 of us. The Dallas Zoo might not be visited again for awhile. :)

She loved the playground! Haha-


And couldn’t get enough of the fish!  She seriously wanted to climb in all the tanks!


She liked the goats as well but I think that’s because she was able to chase them around!


She really was pretty adventurous.


She wanted to get closer and closer to the birds!


She loved the lazy pig Wilbur. 


She wasn’t into the coolest animals like the giraffe, elephant, gorilla, cheetah, or zebra.  Clay and I couldn’t wait for that part!  Clay was so disappointed.


Manage to talk her into one quick picture!


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