Friday, October 31, 2008

New Parents in Awe...

Can everyone believe this? This is the video of Baby Swartz' heartbeat! I recorded it today for one main reason... my sweet husband couldn't make it at the last minute. He was upset as well as myself, so I checked Kebby out of school early and she joined me. She loved going and recorded the heartbeat for me, so Clay could hear along with my family and friends. It was pretty exciting to have Kebby there, although I was so looking forward to Clay hearing the heartbeat. He loved seeing the video. I hope everyone else enjoys it as well. I have probably listened to it a hundred times... I had to do a lot of editing and cut the picture from the audio. It was fun to learn how to edit video but it took a lot of time. I spent a while just putting this clip together so I am proud.

As you hear from the tape the baby's heart beat is on the high side of normal which an old wives tale claims that means a girl, but I am still calling a boy!

Clay and I went on a date tonight. We were both tired but wanted to get some time with the two of us so we went to a good Italian restaurant then we were going to the movie but had too much time in between so we ended up changing our plans. We decided to adventure over to Babies R Us, which we really enjoyed. It surprised us both, but we were there for an hour just looking at everything down every aisle then picked out several clothes we liked if they baby were to be a boy or a girl. Then we came back home to watch a scary movie for Halloween... by the way... Happy Halloween! Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween.

BIG NEWS: December 1st we will find out the sex of our baby! We are both so excited! Well everyone is excited! Family has wondered about buying us baby stuff for Christmas and we kind of went back and forth but now getting further into the pregnancy we are excited to get baby items for Christmas if that is what loved ones want to do. It will save us money in the near future as well. I will just be counting down the days till December 1st. It will feel like Christmas day to me. This holiday season has a much different meaning and joy to me than any other. I already feel less guilty about curling up with my special hot chocolate with marshmallows and a little whipped cream. I weighed in today and I have gained 4 1/2 pounds in 15 weeks. I was a little bummed about that, but I better get use to it, ay? I know the worst is definitely yet to come. But hey- it's so exciting so I guess I don't care all that much, ESPECIALLY since I found some maternity jeans I really like. I thought that would never happen. These don't even have the big band around them... an actual button! :) YAY!

Well I gotta' go curl up with my husband!

Love Little Momma' Swartz

Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm an early bird...

I am one happy pregnant lady because this baby is back to being a morning baby! Every morning for the past week I have been waking up in the 8 o'clock range vs the 11 o'clock range and feel really good! My energy level is rising and I am sleeping better with my new pillow that's bigger than me! Hooray! I'm feeling more and more like my normal self! Although my belly button hurts- and that's a strange part of the body to have hurt. Yuck. Lol.

I love this baby being a morning baby! This morning I may bundle up and wash my car. It's long overdue.

I did have a doctor visit that was unscheduled but everything is fine. When I I went, I was able to hear a glimpse of the heartbeat. It sounded so strange for that noise to becoming from my body and to know it's not my heartbeat. In one more week Clay and I go back to the doctor to listen again and this time I'll be prepared to take it all in! He didn't go last time so he will be shocked and just as excited to hear the heartbeat. What a fun experience for us. I'll never forget. How could I? I blog about it to strangers so I'll always be able to remember! :)

So long for now- oh and in one more week baby Swartz will start responding to sound so the record player has to be turned up. I've already picked the first songs I want this baby exposed to and hopefully this baby is a fan of Bob Dylan. I have some great ones! I know she/he will love it!!!! One kick for no, two kicks for yes!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Baby Brain Drain

On a lighter note, baby brain drain keeps happening to me. The sad thing is I am no longer very good at solving the puzzles on Wheel of Fortune. It's embarrassing when one letter is missing and I still can't think of what the word could possibly be. I'll just blame this on the weird phenomenon of "Baby Brain Drain."

People with Passion

My brother and I had a great conversation today that really sparked my thinking in "passion."

We discussed how important it is to have passion for what you do and who you are. If you are passionate about what you do, then you are creating a better and happier life for you and those around you along with creating a great sense of work ethics. Some people have fabulous work ethics, but hate what they do. What good is that to them? When you work a lot with no passion it does more harm than good, because you eventually get so tired of it due to the lack of passion. This will cause a stagnant life.

Nick has been able to see in his field (commercial real estate) men working in their later years and being extremely successful in worldly terms and in their own terms. They are still full of energy, life, and PASSION. They love what they do, they educate themselves on the latest information, and they work hard. This is especially important to men because they seem to build much more around their careers than a lot of women, although that seems to be changing more and more everyday.

I think people who know me well, know I am "old-school." I believe the woman should be home raising children, taking care of the house, and making sure she is doing the best to multiply her husband as a person and spouse. I know this idea isn't for everyone, but it's what I feel is best for me and my family.

It's funny because Clay works an awful lot and he doesn't complain and he is proud to be taking care of our family, yet he rarely tells me about work. I think it's because his true passion lies in his stories and ideas he thinks up. He is an amazing writer, fiction or non-fiction, but his fiction would amaze anyone. His stories are unique and entertaining. He and a buddy are working on some projects and when he tells me about those he never leaves out a detail and I feel I can literally see his brain working away trying to think of the next line or how the story would look on a camera. His passion for this seems to feel his body. Now I know if someone said to Clay, "We love your stories and we want to pay you for a full year to write a story." My husband would become an instant workaholic by choice and night and day be thinking of the next rhyme or picture or dialogue. His keyboard would have to be replaced monthly from all the writing. He would be watching a football game on Sunday and have to stop to jot something down. There would be a notepad always next to the bed after a brilliant dream. At dinner he would ask what I thought about this ending or story idea. His life would be filled with happiness and purpose that suits him. That energizes him.

I hope everyone is taking part in something that they have a passion for. Some things don't come easy and we have to go after what we love at full force and enjoy life through each moment trying to get there. But passion shouldn't be put off as something we will do only as a hobby or maybe when we retire, but something we can live out energetically.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Is this my body?


It's been awhile. (Mom- are you saying it??)

Okay- well, it has been awhile. But I think I have dreaded writing because it's definitely time for a belly picture but I feel like they may not be a good idea as I just look fat and kind of pregnant. My mom and I are really feeling a boy hence the weight gain everywhere. My torso is rather short (I'm envy of people with long torsos) so I figured the baby would be high and low because there's no one or the other with me. And he is. I'm definitely growing and I feel my stomach really stretching now. I still haven't gained much weight, a couple of pounds... but that's deceiving because I look like I have gained at least ten. My mom says I'll have a rude awakening during my last couple of months- and I am sure of that. I'm bracing myself as I type. By the way, six weeks till we find out if I am right about this baby being a boy. I can't wait either.

Unfortunately here's the picture. I know I could just not post it, but it's all part of being a pregnant woman and I want to be able to look back and see the good, bad, and ugly.

Does the black and white help my cause any? I felt like it did, so ta da.

I am starting to wear my more fitted T-shirts because I do think it might be more noticeable that I am pregnant and not just gaining weight. For awhile I just stuck with T-shirts and loose shirts because I was in a horrible in between state. In six more weeks I think it will be a better prego belly. We hope.

Well this weekend was kind of odd because I started cramping real bad and had to wake Clay up around five something to go get some Sprite and for support. He was soooo kind. I finally got everything under control and decided to call the doctor later that day and he thought I might be coming down with a flu that causes a lot of cramping. Kind of weird. But sure enough he was right because Sunday I took a turn for the worse. I think by tomorrow everything will level back out some. I'm eating lunch right now, which may be deadly soon.

Something happened that deserves it's own post so I won't write much now... plus you'll have to see a picture so you can experience the joy I did. The crib has been bought and three sides of the crib were a gift from Clay's parents and we bought one side. Haha! It was kind of them because we have a dream crib and the baby will feel like a king or queen! I'll post a picture soon and give you all the details on the crib and direction of the room.

I have a great idea. It's actually an invention. Someone smarter than myself should invent sonogram goggles. Pregnant woman can put them on and see their baby at anytime. I always wonder what my little baby is doing and I just want to take a peek so bad... but that's impossible. Our next appointment is on Halloween and we get to hear the heartbeat, but I don't know how he does that so I am guessing we won't see the baby. Then in 4 more weeks we will get another picture that should be plenty clear enough to see if we are having a baby boy first or a little girl! Clay did say he thinks he would like to have a boy first, but I really don't care. I have my reasons for wanting both. Clay will be fabulous with a boy or girl and I can't wait to see him interact with his baby.

I take back my post about Murphy because he has ruined my carpet/area rug. Yes, you can imagine what he has done. He is house-trained but apparently decided against all rules and let loose. The carpet is outside in the driveway after being cleaned with everything recommended by the internet and it's going to stay there so the sun can help dry it and air it out. It's a stain master carpet which seems nice, but in reality I have all these stains that are invisible but stink like well pee.

If you ever come over, the carpet is clean now and if it does still smell then it's being trashed. Sad, sad day. Throwing away money.

So back to my anti-Murphy self... I do love him, but not more than our hard-earned money. If he keeps this up he'll be going. Clay and I are purchasing him a nice bed and possibly a crate to keep him in while we are asleep and while we are both gone. I think it's good for him to learn this new way especially when baby Swartz arrives. Clay doesn't love the ideas but it's his only chance of survival here, Clay and Murphy.

Well, I ate and now I am going back down for awhile. Cream potatoes didn't taste as good as they sounded.

-Little Momma'

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Well after the doctor appointment, the doctor sent me to a place that specializes in different support items, like back braces, support hose, etc. My scoliosis and pregnancy don't mix well and my back is getting worse. It isn't exactly curable but there are things to help such as a "corset." Don't picture a sexy, silky, light pink corset that pushes your breasts up to your chin and laces real pretty in the back... nope, not what I am wearing. I asked the doctor if they could make them a little more like that- he thinks I am crazy. So I got it and despite the ugliness it feels really good. It doesn't bother my stomach and the bulk of it is in the back. I have it under a dress right now and I don't think it is real noticeable. I have an important dinner tonight so if my family can tell I have it on then I'll ditch it. BUT I actually want to wear it because it feels really nice. I would have never found this place on my own so if anyone needs support hose or support for there back then the place is called Close to You. It's in Dallas and they are very kind. They also specialize in a lot of support for after surgeries from cosmetic surgeries to breast cancer.

My Dad has been with CFA for 20 years now and corporate is taking us all out to III Forks tonight to celebrate and honor him. It should be a real good time and I hate Clay is going to miss it and the good food! My baby loves steak! Now only if I could actually eat an entire steak. I guess I'll give it a try tonight since I am not picking up the tab! :) I seriously doubt it. Maybe Mom will split it with me!

Speaking of Mom we are going to go look at a new counter top tomorrow that is granite and recycled material combined. It's newer to the market and my mom's granite guys swears by it. I am pretty excited to see it. Also next week I think I am learning how to lay tile. My mom's tile man (she's a pimp) said he would teach us. He said if I got real good I could strap my baby on my back next year and work for him. My mom told him not to tempt either one of us. We have been dying to learn how to do this. We think it looks easy so I'll let you know. I can lay a hardwood floor though! My grandparents and dad can vouch for me on that.

Gun update. Rocky looked at the gun I like and agreed it would be a nice little gun for me. Although I found out some news. No shooting while pregnant. Some say yes, some say yes until the 20th week, and some say no. But I looked up the reasons why not to do it and they are pretty serious. The main reasons are shooting ranges have high levels of lead and the noise from all the shooting can affect your baby. Both can cause terrible outcomes even miscarriage. Also, women who are pregnant in law enforcement are not allowed to participate in shooting practice during pregnancy and if they are breast feeding. That's enough of a reason for me to say I can wait awhile to shoot the gun, although I think I still will get it. It will make me feel safe and in the case I needed it to save my life and my child's (sorry kid, you are attached to me) I would not hesitate.

Well I need to look at some hair cuts because I am changing mine up some on Friday, but don't worry family- no length shall be lost!

Love Y'all!
Little Momma'

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

No exciting news yet...

The doctors visit went just great although it wasn't the most pleasant visit. I had to get my blood work done and go through a million questions. And not mention I had a few questions of my own. My doctor and nurses are just great and they always put me at ease and make me laugh! He made sure he answered all my questions and didn't rush me. I appreciate that because I always like straight-forward but thorough answers.

My next appointment is Halloween and Clay and I will be able to hear the heartbeat. I will be starting my fifth month that day! Sounds crazy! Then right around Thanksgiving we will find out if this baby is a boy or girl! We both like the idea of surprising ourselves but everyone is so excited and I know both grandparents are dying to shop so we are going to find out. In about one more month I will really get going on the nursery starting with paint and restructuring the closet! I have a great idea that mom gave me that will be too cute and affordable. That closet is a little bit of a nightmare because of it's shape. But I will fix it!

Well today I didn't feel well and it took me awhile before I got up and going. Thanks Clay! But before I went to work I headed to the gun store. I picked out a few revolvers I liked that I feel would be a good choice for home protection in the house. Clay is a little more resistant to the idea but we are going to get one. I will feel much more protected and confident. Rocky is going to look over some I like. I don't want to buy one immediately just to own one, but I would like to purchase it soon. A little scary and surreal going into a gun store knowing you feel the need to own a gun in case you need to stop someone who is in your home threatening the life of your baby, spouse, or self. It's scary. What happen to the days when no one locked the door and 911 didn't even need to exist? I could go on and on about this as I have been doing a lot of research, but it's such a weird topic and not one I will continue on my blog.

I'll write later!

Love Nat

Friday, October 3, 2008

Clay's Dog and Me

I do love Murphy- finally after four years his little cut-off tail and shedding self has rubbed off on me and he has become my little friend. Every time my mom comes over she notices his chew toys out, hair on the furniture, and the way he smells and when she starts to say something... I have to remind her I am now a dog owner and yes these things stink, they are the cons, no good, but I am a dog owner, so what are we gonna' do about it? Haha! I spend a lot of time with Murphy Mervin so I think we are closer than him and Clay, although when Clay got home last night, Murphy went bonkers and exploded with excitement. At that moment I kind of wished dogs could talk... I wonder what Murphy would have said.

"Oh, Clay. I missed you so much. When I went pee today I thought about how I watch you through the gate play basketball with Natalie and I wanted to cry. I wondered how much longer till you came home? Then when I slept for half the day I dreamed about you giving me treats behind Natalie's back and how sweet that is of you. Then when I realized I was starving I wished you were here because Natalie forgets to put food in my bowl until she gets home from babysitting. Oh Clay, but you are finally here and I will never leave your side. Will you sneak me on the furniture and cover me up so you can secretly still pet me? I love you Clay."

Hehe! Clay and I have a Murphy voice so when I wrote what Murphy would say I was using his made-up voice in my head!