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My idea I'm going for... (Kind of silly)

So there is this one blog I enjoy that is of a total stranger, but it is really her pictures that caught my attention. They are of mostly of her baby and family and they seem to be better than the average photographer. You can tell it's something she has a good eye for. I haven't really read her blog, but I enjoy looking at her portfolio of pictures. She has this thing called Project 365. I am guessing she is trying to take a picture for everyday of the year. I don't know much about it and wonder how it all got started? But I think I may try and do this. I just think it would be easier with one baby right now and then who knows, maybe I will make it a habit after 365 days of it. I'll have soooo many photos! Who knows if I can do this, but I have been snapping so many photos and don't see myself wanting to stop. So starting today this is my goal. I also would like to become more knowledgeable and enjoy photography as a hobby, so this may help me want to educate myself. I have a really nice camera and another nice camera that is smaller so I can always have one on me. I think I can do this! This and working out! :)
(I'll have to get Kebby's best friend to give me some camera lessons... she is going on vacation with us, so I will have to have tons of questions ready for her! I am sure she will love this! lol)

Drum roll please...
The NEW and SECOND blog!

Here is my first picture and the rest will all be on the other blog. But don't worry, pictures will still be on this blog too, just not all of the Project 365 pictures. The second blog is for invited readers too, since I will be posting so many pictures of Lola. But if I accidentally left off your e-mail, let me know so I can make you an "approved" reader. :)

I couldn't choose my favorite!

Lola received a Bumbo (actually 2!) and I thought I would take one back, but I think I am going to love them and decided two may be great to have! Clay and I read about them a lot and all the magazines said they were in the top 10 things to have for your baby. (Along with 9 other things that no one had 100 years ago...) But hey! Part of the fun of a baby is getting a bunch of cute things she probably could live without! Hahaha! I know it's not for a baby her age, but I decided to put her in it, because at one month old she actually has strong neck muscles and loves trying to hold her head up, which you are about to see she is pretty darn good at it! I couldn't choose a favorite picture, so I'll just post them all!

Side note: I am glad my blog is private, because now that I am posting all these pictures of Lola, I feel safer about doing it. Don't make fun, because it is a serious issue, but on Oprah I saw a FBI Agent (or someone like that) come on and say he would NEVER post pictures of his children, even as babies, because pervs use those pictures in unimaginable ways. I am sure it's true- I hate to bring up such a terrible issue, but my blog is private and I feel good about sharing the cute pictures with people I personally know and trust...

Enjoy these!

She doesn't cross her eyes much anymore, but when she does I think it's just so cute and gets me tickled...

"Just chillin' in my Bumbo Mom... No biggie."

"Hey mom, you care if I take a poop in this thing? I'm thinking about it."

"Ahhh, feels much better."

"I'll just prop my arm up on this armrest and sit back and admire this bedding you made me Momma. I really love it. "

"Thanks everyone who reads this blog about me. I wish I could read!"

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy One Month Lola!

This is a funny face from a one month old... It makes me laugh. :) Love you Lo!

I can't believe Lo is already one month old. It doesn't seem possible, it only feels like a couple of weeks. It's crazy because when she was born she was already so alert, but over the last four weeks she has become much more alert. She now is starting to smile at people, like me, her daddy, and for some reason my dad! It's not just when she is about to poop! She's more observant of people and other things and looks for longer periods of times now. She is really starting to play with her mouth and tongue. She loves her hands, which isn't new, but now she is moving them a tad better. She sucks on her fingers, fist, or sometimes just her pinky. She makes all kinds of gestures with her fingers too. It's pretty cute. Today for the first time she slept in her room, in her crib, for several hours. It was special to me, because she finally really got to be in her room that I so lovingly made just for her. Clay says it was all for me, but that's not true. She really got to be in her room and enjoy it. She slept so good in her bed and I think I am going to somehow try to let her sleep in there at night. I think Clay is going to put a mattress on the floor so I can sleep in there too for the first week or two. I won't be able to hear her from our bedroom and I also don't know if she'll sleep through the night or not. It's a hit and miss still. She normally sleeps through the night when she is sleeping with me, but she seems to do really good in the crib. Fingers crossed!

I think she now weighs around 9 lbs. She looks so different from two weeks ago! Her hair is still all there and some days it looks really light and others it seems so dark. Her eyes go from green to blue, but lately they seem to be more blue than green. It's a darker blue... a little like her Daddy's. Everyone lately has been saying they see Clay in her. I agree and I think she is just beautiful. Her skin seems to be a great color right now. She is a good eater and tonight actually downed 6 ounces! I give her between 4-5 normally. She loves her bottles really warm, although I don't always do that so she will take them at room temp too. It's so fun watching her get excited by her mobile. I need to get one for the crib. I plan on making the toys that hang from it. I want to make stuffed modern birds out of vintage material. That's my next project for her!

Well four weeks after giving birth almost all the maternity clothes have been packed up, not that I don't need them, but mom has helped me buy some transitional clothes. I hate to do that, but the fact is I need them. I was scared to buy them because I thought it would make me less motivated to get back to my normal clothes, but that's not true. I am VERY motivated and so is Stacy. Check out her cool blog... link to the left! I feel better about myself having some cute clothes that fit now. It's helped me dis the sweats and I have bought some clothes for myself as well. I also bought some shoes to start working out in (my foot is bigger!) at the Nike Outlet. Their prices were way better than most shoe stores! Stacy and I start working out Sunday! I am on strict orders from Clay (and Dr. Laura) to take it easier. I think I did too much last week, but this week I am really, really sore. I have been doing a lot less because I want to be able to start working out Sunday and for the rest of the summer!

Okay well Lola is getting fussy and it's midnight! Clay is already in bed and I may try to sleep in there as well!

Love to all my readers!


Way to go Pee-Paw!

Well a little over a week ago I had the pleasure of watching my dad play golf with a pro golfer at the Byron Nelson Golf Tournament. He played in their Pro-Am the Monday before the Golf Tournament! He did a great job and it was pretty fun watching, except for one little incident!

Mom and I took Lola and she was nearly perfect! I got to really break in the stroller Clay's parents got us and I love it! It is so easy to stroll! Haha!

But around the 8th hole, Lola got fussy and wouldn't take her bottle. I figured it was because it wasn't warm so we headed to the hotel by the #1 hole so we could have someone warm it for us. We started the hike back (we walked all of this and all day!) and Lola got pretty fussy which is unusual and I was hurting since I was speed walking! Finally Nonna flagged down one of the golf guys (these guys have names and wear red and he gave me and Lola a ride. Poor Nonna had to walk, so she was going to meet us up there! Lola and I got to the bar and this nice old couple admired her for awhile then left. Lola fell back asleep so I waited to give her the bottle until Nonna got there. In the meantime, another guy came to the bar and started ordering this drink which apparently he wanted made a very specific way. While he was ordering, Lola fussiness because apparent. She crapped everywhere. I heard it and thought "Uh-oh." I lifted my hand from underneath her bottom and realized not a drop landed in her diaper. Somehow it ended up on my clothes, the nice seat cushion at the Four Seasons Hotel, in her hair, on her elbows, in her belly button, and somehow all over her socks. I thought, "Where in the hell is my mom?" I wasn't prepared for the thick, mustard looking substance that just came out of my precious daughter and landed all over the both of us. So I didn't want to totally gross this customer out so I patiently waited for his picky butt to get his drink just perfect then watched him put four Splenda in it, get extra ice, then drop his lid and ask for another one, then taste it to make sure it was good. I almost dumped the diaper in his drink. While he was getting his thirst quenched, my eyes were filling up fast with tears. I didn't have a clue what my first move should be... and still no Nonna. The guy left and I looked at the sweet bartender with a look on my face she probably has never seen in her customers before, and just said, "Lucy, help." That was her name. She came running over and asked what was the matter and I just lifted my hand which didn't show through the globs of poop. She quickly said not to cry and went into action. She must have a few of her own. She wrapped Lola in a table cloth and handed several linens to me. I couldn't get up because if I did I would have pushed all the poop in the chair that was between my legs onto the floor. So I started to wipe myself down, and then comes Nonna. I asked her where in the world she had been and she was nice enough not to remind me that her butt had to hike back up through 8 holes. She knew by my face something had happened though so she took Lola and we all went to the bathroom. By the way, their bathroom was nicer than mine and thank goodness we were at such a nice place, because they have towels and everything else you would ever need in their bathrooms. It really helped since we both needed to bathe. Mom worked on Lola and I worked on me. From now on I take extra clothes and if it's been awhile since Lola has pooped I keep her wrapped in a blanket... I'll be doing this for awhile. While we were dealing with this, Nick shows up and goes to watch Dad. We feed Lola and by now she is super happy. Who wouldn't be after a massive dump, a bath, and then a warm bottle? So Nonna, Lola and myself ALL get a ride to the 10th hole where we stay and watch the rest of the tournament!

Like I said, Dad did great and it really was a great time. Mom and I couldn't have been more tired though and we couldn't even think straight by the time it was all over. I hope Dad had as much fun watching my high school tournaments as I did his. I took lots of pictures so here are a few! Love you Dad and Mom! A big thanks to Mom for cleaning Lola that day! Now I know what to do since it's happened at home several times... I just put her in the bath tub and hose her down!

Dad and his caddy, Jeff. Jeff was originally suppose to play and decided he would be Dad's caddy and let him play. It was kind and we all were so excited!

We were all so proud after he finished and got together for a group shot! Lola thought her Pee-Paw could have been one of the pros because he was so good!

Here is Dad and Jeff with the Pro. I can't remember his name, but I know his dad designed the golf course.

Dad about to putt for Eagle... JK! But I do know this is hole number 17! A really cool hole!

Jeff being funny! He was a good caddy!

I like this shot and dad didn't let these bunkers stop him from making par!

Very cool- hole 17 again.

What a pretty picture... who was the photographer there? Oh ya... ME! lol

Yes, Nick is peeing. Dad didn't know, but now he does!!

You can actually see the ball in the air!

Nick is standing on a hill y'all.

Mom didn't include Lola in the picture, but she's under the umbrella! Nick's shoes were wood soles so when he pushed the stroller he kept slipping. Scared us all a few times! I buckled Lola in!

How does his swing look?

Oh Dad- the ball is suppose to go on the green! Sand is bad, Sand in bad! Just kidding! You played awesome! Wooo-hoooo!


I have a lot I need to catch up on with posting. Hopefully I can soon! But Lola and I are about to go run errands!!! Bye!


At the pool again! Clay and I took her to the pool this weekend with our little time as a family of 3. We so enjoyed it!

Lola loves chilling with her daddy when he gets home from work! Aren't they so cute? I love those two!

She loves saving those poopy diapers for him too! Surprise dad- I can poop better than you! Watch out!

Lola pulls her hair in the exact spot Clay pulls his! They are both going to have bald spots! Oh no!

I have been putting Lola in her crib here and there and she LOVES it! She looks around and admires her pretty bedding her momma made for her (that's me!)!

Love this picture!

Lola is wearing more and more bows!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lola- Happy One Month!

Lola is now four weeks old which means she is one month! I can't believe I have had her that long and only know I will keep saying this for the rest of my life now. Seriously though, I feel like I have been home with her for one week, except I do feel like I know her so well.

Just in the last few days her awareness has seem to really increase. She watches her mobile for longer periods of times and seems to enjoy it. At the lake she seemed to try and talk, which resulted in cute, funny bird-like noises. She also looks at people more like she is really checking them out and studying their faces. I got to see the wildest thing and would have never believed it if I didn't see it. She reacted to faces Clay was making and it was adorable. I was just rolling in laughter. Very shocked by it. Right now her baby dreams seem to get more intense. I just wonder all the time what is going on in her brain. So interesting.

Okay, just wanted to say happy one month Lola and I'll post pictures soon. Love you Miss. Lou.

I am falling asleep as I reread this so that's not good. Just wanted to add one thing- she eats between 3 to 5 ounces and it's normally on the higher end of the spectrum. :) Thought I may want to know that later.

Family of 3

Clay and I got to enjoy being a family of 3 at the lake. We got to be there a couple of nights by ourselves, well with Lola too, of course, and had a good time. We didn't do much of anything, grilled out, took Lo' to the pool, and went into Tyler, enjoyed watching Lebron, yet had a such a good time just being with each other. It was nice to get out of the house for awhile and the rest of the family joined in on Sunday and Monday. We all had a good time. Clay is half fish and half man though. He loves the water and stayed in the lake most of the day Monday. He was on the boat, wake board, kayak, jet ski, the tube, jumping off the roof into the lake, and who knows what else... he so cute in his life jacket! I enjoyed watching him enjoying the day.

Taking Lola to the pool was so much fun even though it was low-key. The day was cool and really felt nice. She wore one of her bathing suits and I'll have to post a picture when I get on my other computer. My mom's best friend, Carole, bought her a cute jacket for the lake house to go over swimsuits and it came in handy already! She looked way too cute in it and even wore the hood on it! It was perfect! Pictures coming soon. I wish the pool water was warmer because she would have really liked it. She just doesn't like cold water... who could blame her.

What a good weekend with my husband and daughter!!!!! Agghhhhhhh! I said daughter! Speaking of her... she's pooping or tooting one, right now... I hate to change her because then I may wake her... oh what to do, what to do.

Well I need to post one more post....

2 a.m. Thoughts

Hello. I am up! I thought hours ago I would be dead asleep by now, but ended up with some extra energy, so here I am writing.

I was soaking in the tub after watching Jon and Kate Plus 8 and just really thinking about their situation. I don't know if you watch the show and/or have heard about them in the media, but their show tonight touched on their current situation and marriage. It saddened my heart to watch it. I had to fight back the tears. Clay said that it seemed they really hated each other now and I really thought about that comment. My reaction to him was that they were hurt and their hurt came across as hate now. And I hate that for them. Lately, I have really noticed what hurt can do to relationships rather it be marriages, families, friends, etc... And hurt can translate into several emotions such as resentment, hate, sarcasm, fear, pride, anger, depression, deceit... I feel like I could go on for awhile, but you all get it and probably have seen it and even experienced it. I think it's only natural. Being hurt seems to carry so much more weight than happiness. I wonder why? When something makes us really happy, we don't always stay happy very long, but when something hurts us, we can stay hurt for an extremely long time. I wonder why? And I know that when I am truly hurt, I can have a hard time moving forward. I could not imagine being so hurt in a marriage and then having to decide whether to call it quits or not. Also, when people are hurt by others, the happiness they brought them seems to be dismissed. A lot of people didn't seem to understand Elizabeth Edwards staying with John Edwards and her response to some of Oprah's questions. Yet, even though I don't think I could respond as she did, I respected her in a way for some of the things she said. She said John had been a good husband and father and met her expectations for all these years and made a bad, bad decision that let to an ongoing affair and she didn't think she could immediately dismiss all those good years for this terrible thing he had done. You could tell the relationship wasn't the same and there was a lot of rebuilding and reshaping going on, but I felt like her point was admirable. Happiness should go a long ways, and really much longer than hurt. It's good for the soul. It's something I want to work on. I like the saying, "You can get glad just as you got mad." It's true. Get happy.

After watching the show, I feel for them, and obviously their kids, but them just as much. I really hope they can find themselves again and figure out how to move forward as a family and not as single parents. Hurt sucks, but finding happiness doesn't and isn't impossible.

It was kind of funny to see the show and how the marriage had come to seem like nothing, because over the last month I have just found myself infatuated with Clay again. I look at him and my heart beats for him. I never wasn't into him, yet lately, maybe with having his baby, I just seem in awe. I want to love him bigger and better everyday. I don't always show that either. It makes me want to be a better wife and kiss his face more. :) He makes me happy and I like to ponder on all the times he's really made my heart glad through things big and small. When we dated he would write me the sweetest e-mails, letters, and funny nonsense poems and I just love finding them and reading them like it was the first time I read them. It was one of those e-mails with a silly poem in it that made me realize, this guy really loves me. It's the real deal. I laughed through his rhyming words and got to the last line and found myself in tears because it then dawned on me, "we're not just friends... I am going to marry this cute boy one day."

I'll find it and possibly post it. It's short and cute, but the last line (to me) made his point for some reason.

Clay I love you. You make me happy.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Clayton!!!

Lola and I wanted to say we love you from the top of your head down to the bottom of your toes! We are absolutely thrilled that we get you for the rest of our lives! Enjoy your birthday!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I only have a minute, but just wanted to say American Idol was great... well the show was really long, but I am so excited Kris Allen won! Way to go! I wonder how close it was? I voted 1,000 times so maybe I made the difference. Lol! JK!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

5 a.m. tears...

Well for the most part my hormones don't seem to be as crazy as they were the first week after having Lola... so my 5 a.m. tears are just tears of love and excitement.

Lola and I sleep on the couch together and when she wakes up for her early morning feedings, it is so cute. I have gotten were I really enjoy waking up to feed her because the time between just us two is so special and so much different from the time I have with her during the day. She is always in a great mood and seems to have so much personality as she wakes from her longer sleeping durations. She smiles and clings on to me with her tiny hands. One morning I woke and she was tickling my chest. It was so funny and sweet. But every time I feed her at this time, I then lay her down to fall back asleep and just stare at her. It amazes me God can create this baby through me (AND CLAY!). As we speak I am holding Lola and still managing to type with both hands... she is making cooing sounds (probably bc she needs to go to the bathroom) and smiling which she does when she has baby dreams, needs to poop, and sometimes I would like to think just because she saw me and recognized me. So at 5 a.m., if Clay were up, he would walk into our den finding me in a trance over Lola with tears steadily rolling down my face. I just love her so much and feel as if a tiny piece of Jesus lay with me on the couch.

Now, onto feedings. I am switching to formula. Hush to the breastfeeding fanatics. Thank goodness my mom is not one... I loved it at first. I felt so great about it, yet it shortly turned to hating it. I have several reasons for switching, and my biggest reason for not switching is to save money... but after weighing the way I felt to saving money, I choose to go ahead and switch. I am doing both breast milk and formula right now, but I am drying up faster than I would have expected. That is probably due to how little and what I eat. So by the end of the week I am sure I will have to be solely reliant on formula. Even though I decided to switch, it's been hard on me. My pediatrician (well, Lola's) was really supportive and actually made me feel a lot better about the decision and seem to agree it was probably the right move for me. Clay wasn't quite on the same page with the Dr., but he said it was my call... darn right! I don't mean to use the whole "I pushed this baby out of my vagina and I have milk leaking from my boobs" card, yet I feel this is an appropriate time to use the card! Luckily I didn't have to... he is supportive... I think. lol.

So me, my husband, and some of my friends, including Stacy!!!, are running the 10k on Thanksgiving. I am really excited about this and hope it leads to me doing a half marathon next. I think Clay is running the half marathon and not the 10K though... ya for him! Stacy might be finally writing a blog now and she may write about her journey through getting back in shape and loosing weight a long the way! I think that is a fabulous idea and really hope she blogs it all! By the way, she is back in town for the summer in a couple of weeks! Hooray!

Well Clay's birthday is Friday and I am totally excited! He'll be 25... such a manly age. Love it...

I'll write more soon. I haven't seemed to have as much time to sit and write and plus this is still one chair that really is uncomfortable!

:) Nat
Thanks to Laura for walking over 2 miles with me yesterday! I couldn't have walked it without our talking! It made it go by so fast!! Yaya!

Don't call CPS on me...

She was only out for a minute or so... :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

You are not crapping yourself...

She is really holding her bottle.

It happened by chance, but still really cute. She loves her hands and constantly is doing something with them. It is so entertaining to see what she does rather it be holding my thumb while I feed her, make hands like she is praying, or throws up a peace sign. Holla' Lola!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Good Luck Kris Allen!

Hello. Well tonight was American Idol night!! And I have just watched it! My family loves Kris and he didn't fail us tonight! I loved his version of Heartless. I voted over 550 times for him through "power" voting... I guess that is what it's called. It only took a couple of minutes, which is all I have with an adorable newborn to care for and love on!! I can't wait to see if he made it in the final two tomorrow. He should. I don't like Danny. He seems forgettable and I can't imagine him being a relevant artist?? Apparently a lot of people like him... but I am for Kris Allen 110%! Tomorrow night is Lost season finale and American Idol results, an exciting TV night... yes, Clay and I are being TV bums... but isn't that allowed with a two week old?? Clay still doesn't like to take her out and I normally don't during the day. Tonight when Clay got home, he took over and I went to the grocery store. It was cute for her to have her daddy time! But I missed her just being gone an hour... haha.

Lola just fed and went down for a nap, so I better grab a bite to eat and do the same. My eyelids start to hurt... I guess that means I'm tired. I slept good last night and even got Lola to sleep again after her 8 am feeding, which meant we didn't get up till 11 am! Wooo-hoooo! I hope that happens again tonight! :)


Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day and #2

Miss. Lou is getting so big! She has her classic frown on her face her... but don't let it fool you- she's one happy girl. Remember my prayer for her... a happy heart!

My sexy baby daddy and my sweet little Lola Lou! The world doesn't get better than this. They are all I think about. My heart belongs to Clay, but instead of that room in my heart for him getting smaller to make room for Lola, my heart just grew much bigger! :) It's a feeling that no one can possibly put into words. That's why I cherish my photos.

I had a wonderful Mother's Day. Clay and Lola really spoiled me and just loved on me. It was wonderful. The cute thing was while I was opening a Mother's Day gift from Lola and Clay, she was smiling away as if she knew exactly what was taking place. That little cutie... she always knows just when to smile. For breakfast, Clay picked me up a waffle at Waffle House. It was really good and nice to keep my kitchen clean! lol! Smart idea.

After a late, late breakfast we visited both grandparents and Lola slept... but she had lots of cute baby dreams at Clay's parents. It was nice to get out for a little bit, but I made the mistake of wearing blue jean shorts... YIKES! Bad idea!! Also, I still get really sore after being up and out like that. It's a bummer, but at the same time it's nice to be outside of the house for a little bit.

Uncle Nick was on his way home from the lake house so he stopped by Mom's to hang out, so he got to see Lola for the first time since the hospital. He came by the hospital often, but hadn't seen her since then! Boy, oh boy, had she changed since then. He thought so too! And now she has gotten a lot bigger! We have a doctor appointment later in the week so I can't wait to see what she weighs. She is pretty much outgrown the Pampers newborn diapers. Haha... not much longer in those.

Poor little Lola is constipated. All day I have been doing all kinds of things to try and help her go. Nothing seems to help yet, so hopefully she will go tonight. That must have explained the fussiness last night. We slept on the couch together when we actually got some sleep, because she was so uncomfortable everywhere else. I hate that for her. If she doesn't go by in the morning I will ring the doctor. She is definitely trying to go... :( (Notice my post earlier today was written at 5 something this morning!) We were both wide awake!

Well, I am going to lay down for a little bit while Clay has our little girl. He is such a good daddy. We are so thankful for him!

Love, Nat

Who needs Father's Day...

I just wanted to dedicate a post to my hubby. He has been a fabulous husband the last two years and my very best friend for several years. Seeing him as a Daddy has boosted my love and appreciation for him by leaps and bounds. I find myself even more attracted to him and wanting to make sure he is happy, because he makes Lola and me so happy. Just in a matter of weeks he has started a job in which he has a lot of responsibility and become a brand new father. Those are two things that can bring quite a bit of pressure and hard work and he has handled it like a pro. I was telling my mom how proud I am of him and she was saying that my dad and her were just saying how proud they were too and they see what a great job he is doing at all the things he has on his plate. (Smile.)

Clay- I am seriously amazed at what you do on a daily basis and I couldn't be more proud to be your wife and you to be my husband, and baby daddy. I thank you for being selfless. I also thank you for spurring me on to be a better woman, wife, and mother. Lola and I hope to be a place of comfort and love for you after a day at work. We always look forward to seeing you in the evenings and love the weekends with you. I know Lola will definitely be a Daddy's girl... how could she not? I will love seeing that bond and admiration grow closer and closer between you two.

Thank you again for all you do. You are such a natural at being Lola's Daddy. You are working so hard and it doesn't go unnoticed by your girls. We love ya a ton!

Your #1 Fans~
Lola and Nat

P.S. Your UPS package arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My baby is growing up...

One week at a time!

Happy two weeks Lola! Your momma' is in love with ya. Your daddy thinks I'm crazy, yet I already can't wait to see if your siblings will be girls or boys or both! Your daddy made a comment about baby #2 which was so cute and should show you what an east baby you are.

Earlier this morning I watched you put your paci back in your mouth after it fell out. What a big girl! We are trying not to put in back in every time and look! It paid off! Now we need to get you to do that every time! LOL

Well you are getting fussy so I need to rock ya!

Love Mom

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

The card I made for my momma' says the following...

"I love you more than purple outfits on Lola. I love you more than loosing twenty pounds in one week. I love you more than a shower after giving birth. I love you more than epidurals. I love you more now that I have my own little girl. I love you more..."

This Mother's Day is special, for obvious reasons, such as I am now a mother! :) But for more reasons as well...

This is the first Mother's Day I can really appreciate the love my own mom has for me. Of course, I know she loves me and she has been my best friend over the last few years, which I love. Yet now I understand how much she loves me and it's exciting to think every loving emotion I have right now for Lola, my mom has had for me too. I am already understanding some of those things my mom did and said simply because Lola is here and it's my job to protect her and guide her. Unfortunately I will be saying to my daughter too, "Life isn't fair sometimes." I swore I never would say it, but I can see now how it's going to be said at times.

A big thanks to my mom for being one of my number one fans in life. (My dad might disagree if I said my number one fan!) I really appreciate the unconditional love. I know my mom's love has prepared me to be a great mom.

I love you mom.

Love Nat

Friday, May 8, 2009

Great Grandparents

Man oh man... Lola is so lucky. She has fabulous grandparents and she also has fabulous GREAT grandparents. Clay's grandparents, Lola's great grandparents live in Mineola and they came for a visit this week to see their great grandchild! And my grandparents, again, Lola's great grandparents, came from Arkansas to meet their first great grandchild. And Lola has also been able to spend some time with her other great grandparents, Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw. Maw-Maw is who she is named after. It is important to me that she knows her, and all of her great grandparents. I try and take lots of pictures. I took pictures this week, yet unfortunately I am still missing pictures of her with Clay's Gran and my Paw-Paw. But her are some recent pictures.

Mom and Dad brought Meme and Papa by, yet they weren't very good at sharing... who could blame them? She's so darn addicting!

Here is Clay's grandpa, Papa, with Lola. Him and Gran were just in love! It's very fun to see, although I still am being a first time mom when it comes to sharing Lola. :) Lol. I'm sure this will get better with each kid... one down, four more to go! Thanks Papa and Gran for driving here just to visit with Lola. She loved the time... and her mom and dad loved the cupcakes! Yum, Yum.

Here is my Papa with Lola. It's funny to see him with so many grandchildren, and now to see him with a great grandchild! Thanks to you two for coming in to meet her!

Here is Meme with Lola. This is my grandmother, my dad's mom. She's a reader of the blog, so she has kept up with the pregnancy. :)

Here is Maw-Maw. Lola shares her name, Lou. Linda Lou and Lola Lou. Maw-Maw got to sing to her the other day, and she knew exactly what song she would sing to her and personalized it by adding her name, Lola Lou, in it. I am sure Maw-Maw had this planned for months. It was very sweet. I should have filmed it.

I have some more videos, but I haven't decided if I want to post them yet. I am taking pictures like crazy, so I'll keep them coming.

And FYI, I am wearing the Moby Wrap right now and LOVE it. It's a lot of fabric and looks a tad ridiculous, yet she loves being in it! I feel like it's much more secure than the sling, and I have one of those too. (I made it!) I am able to finally type with two hands again and she is wrapped up tummy to tummy with me and sleeping like an angel. It's well worth $40. I recommend this. They also say to start them in it young so they like it so that's what I did. And it seems to be working!

Hopefully, I am off to bed if I can sleep... Clay is taking the next two feedings! Yayaya! TGIF! I already slept tonight for awhile and was out cold. Clay left Lola and me in the den sleeping and I had no idea he even left the house for awhile. Haha. It was super good sleep. I cherish it! Yet the bazaar dreams I could do without! Crazy head...

Love Nat and Lola :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Girl

Well my prayer for Lola over the last several months was that she would have a happy heart and be a happy, happy girl. I wanted her to find joy in life and have a loving spirit.

I didn't realize I would already see my prayers being answered during the first few days of her life. My girl loves to smile and interact with people, especially her mom (me).

Here is video of her, and this video is showing her having happy baby dreams. Isn't this adorable? (A little bias, I know.) She'll smile like this as well when I talk to her... and her daddy and Nonna and Pee-paw or Papi as he prefers saw it too! Proof!

Everything is going great and these smiles make any pains and sleepiness worth every minute. Every day I am feeling a little better, yet some days I seem to drag more than others. I can't wait to see how I feel in one more week and then in six weeks. I look forward to working out and being active... and everything else that is okay after six weeks! :) LOL.

Good night... hopefully I can get some better sleep than I did last night.

Hope everyone enjoyed the video- it warms my heart and gets me tickled every time I watch it!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So, Lola slept five hours last night. Amazing! I didn't sleep great because I kept waiting for her to wake up to feed, but she didn't. Finally around 5:00 a.m. she was hungry. I felt bad for letting her go so long, because the doctor said no longer than four hours, but everyone else says do not wake a sleeping baby. Either way, she is happy, so I am happy.

So I thought my dad would be the one to be crazy over Lola, and don't get me wrong, he is. BUT my mother is tons worse. She's so captivated by her. Her and my dad fight over who gets to hold her when they come over. It's pretty entertaining. Since my mom is my mother she doesn't think she needs permission and says she gets to do whatever she wants. She already said her and Lola pinkie promised not to tell what happens with Nonna. I'm scared. Haha. It's fun to see her so giddy over my little girl. It still hasn't all sunk in and is starting to more and more. Seeing your parents with your child creates a feeling that is indescribable. But I still get jealous when someone else is holding her... even if it's my own mom! I'm a dork and a classic first time mom! If I am hurting still from birthing her, then it's my reward to hold her ALL the time! LOL! I do share though. She brings so much happiness and love to our families.

My grandparents (dad's parents) came in from Arkansas today to meet their first great grandchild. I have pictures I'll have to post over the next couple of days. I believe Clay's grandparents are coming tomorrow?? Lola is lucky to have grandparents and great grandparents. We've been taking lots of photos with them!

I can't believe how much Lola changes everyday! Her jaundice has been cleared now and her weight is much better. The doctor was very pleased to see her gain 6 ounces over the weekend. Way to go Lola!

What I love about Lola at one week old:
1. I love her little whimper she lets out when she is hungry. Not much of a crier. She is a happy girl.
2. I love when she feeds how she puts her hands on my chest. It looks so cute.
3. During her baby dreams, nothing warms my heart more than her smiles. It's so odd to see her smiling, but she is. Soon I will video this and play it for y'all. Clay and I get so tickled with all of her wonderful face expressions.
4. I really love how much she loves to be talked to. She listens and listens and you can tell she is hearing you.
5. Clay and I love when she is wide-eyed and then crosses her eyes. The doctor said it's normal as she learns to focus and see better and it's quite cute. I have some great pictures of her cross eyes.
6. I love that Lola's best color is purple. She looks so sweet and pretty in it.
7. And the seventh thing I love (not that there aren't millions more) is how she is so active with her hands. She cuddles them by her face, tries to suck on them, sticks up her middle finger, makes peace signs... she constantly plays with her hands and moves them around. It's so cute. Oh and I like when she grabs her paci. Does that make 8??

Well I need to lay on my side awhile :)

Hopefully I can get to sleep and Clay can take the next two feedings since he is up watching all the basketball games on. I prepared two bottles so if I wanted to sleep I could. I am still making a lot of milk! I guess that's a good thing! All this feeding seems to be a great diet. I am 11 pounds off from pre-pregnancy weight but even if I loose that, I still need to work-out to get to where I want to be. I can't wait to go for a run! Gotta' wait awhile. (I can't imagine walking far right now, much less running!) I would like to loose close to 20 more pounds. I have lost 30 pounds in the last week. Lol! That's nice, but weird to think about! That's a lot of weight. This summer is "Summer of Work-Outs." I'm pumped.

Okay, okay- I got off track- going to bed!

Oh one more thing- Lola and I adventured out on our own today for the first time. We had lunch at CFA and went to the bank. It wore me out smooth and she slept the entire time! It will be a few days before I attempt that again- maybe even next week. I am so dying to do stuff like that, yet I pay the price later... I'll try to keep relaxing at home! :)


Monday, May 4, 2009