Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

The card I made for my momma' says the following...

"I love you more than purple outfits on Lola. I love you more than loosing twenty pounds in one week. I love you more than a shower after giving birth. I love you more than epidurals. I love you more now that I have my own little girl. I love you more..."

This Mother's Day is special, for obvious reasons, such as I am now a mother! :) But for more reasons as well...

This is the first Mother's Day I can really appreciate the love my own mom has for me. Of course, I know she loves me and she has been my best friend over the last few years, which I love. Yet now I understand how much she loves me and it's exciting to think every loving emotion I have right now for Lola, my mom has had for me too. I am already understanding some of those things my mom did and said simply because Lola is here and it's my job to protect her and guide her. Unfortunately I will be saying to my daughter too, "Life isn't fair sometimes." I swore I never would say it, but I can see now how it's going to be said at times.

A big thanks to my mom for being one of my number one fans in life. (My dad might disagree if I said my number one fan!) I really appreciate the unconditional love. I know my mom's love has prepared me to be a great mom.

I love you mom.

Love Nat


Nonna said...

How sweet! I love my card!!I am so proud of you JoJo. You are a wonderful mommy. Dad and I are so enjoying watching you and Clay with Lola. Proverbs 31 says a Godly woman smiles at the future. Now I understand. Smiling at the future is so much fun! Thank you for such sweet words.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Natalie!! I am so happy you honor your terrific Mom. She really is a Proverbs 31 woman and is a wonderful daughter-in-law!! I hate using that term as she feels and is much more than that to me.
We love her too!