Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lola- Happy One Month!

Lola is now four weeks old which means she is one month! I can't believe I have had her that long and only know I will keep saying this for the rest of my life now. Seriously though, I feel like I have been home with her for one week, except I do feel like I know her so well.

Just in the last few days her awareness has seem to really increase. She watches her mobile for longer periods of times and seems to enjoy it. At the lake she seemed to try and talk, which resulted in cute, funny bird-like noises. She also looks at people more like she is really checking them out and studying their faces. I got to see the wildest thing and would have never believed it if I didn't see it. She reacted to faces Clay was making and it was adorable. I was just rolling in laughter. Very shocked by it. Right now her baby dreams seem to get more intense. I just wonder all the time what is going on in her brain. So interesting.

Okay, just wanted to say happy one month Lola and I'll post pictures soon. Love you Miss. Lou.

I am falling asleep as I reread this so that's not good. Just wanted to add one thing- she eats between 3 to 5 ounces and it's normally on the higher end of the spectrum. :) Thought I may want to know that later.


~Laura~ said...

yay! happy one month! (probably the fastest month of your life so far, huh?!?.. it only gets worse!) :)
let's hang soon!

~Laura~ said...

um, I commented back to you on my blog.. maybe I should have done it on yours! lol

vickie said...

Happy Birthday Lola....I am wondering when your mommy can lay you down and we all don't fight over who picks you up. Now Uncle Nick is even doing it. Aunt Keb calls me a Lola hog but in fact we all are. We all love you so much. Last night I had dinner with Nick and called to find P-Paw and Aunt Keb had gone to see you...they are sneaky. Don't worry I will see you after lunch. I will call your mommy and ask her if she wants me to stop at the store for her. It works everytime...nonna is so smart! Nonna sure loves you!!