Saturday, May 2, 2009


Exhaustion at its best! LOL!

I just LOVE how she always seems to lock eyes with me and study my face... Lord knows she knows my voice! She loves, loves to be talked to... a great listener.

My little brunette baby- I love her! And I love how she always is doing something with her hands. She loves them by her face!! And interlocked!

She likes the swing! And her little yellow face is getting better. We went to the dr. yesterday and Clay and I took her to the hospital today and great news! Jaundice is looking good and they canceled our appointment tomorrow! Great- I was dreading driving back out there just to have her little foot pricked! She's such a good feeder and I actually really enjoy breastfeeding. It makes me happy and at peace. Weird? And (maybe TMI) I produce enough milk right now for three babies! LOL! That just means milk is being stored for Clay to start taking over at night! Hahaha! By the way- I am only writing on the blog because Clay is dead asleep or otherwise he would have me resting right now. Shhhhh!!!!!

This experience has been incredible so far. Although the "healing" process seems much more difficult than labor and delivery, although I already have forgotten how intense that really was. I was in a zone for 12 hours and God proved faithful. My iPod played Odis Redding. I love Otis Redding! And it worked in making me calm, focused, and very determined... AND very trusting that God had angels laboring with me... two of them I know by name... Clay and Mom (Aka Nonna or Vickie).

She is so sweet and I can't wait to feel better and start getting out with her. Hopefully it won't take long. :)

I'll write more later, but I really do need to lay on my side for awhile! :)

Lola's Mom

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