Thursday, May 28, 2009

I couldn't choose my favorite!

Lola received a Bumbo (actually 2!) and I thought I would take one back, but I think I am going to love them and decided two may be great to have! Clay and I read about them a lot and all the magazines said they were in the top 10 things to have for your baby. (Along with 9 other things that no one had 100 years ago...) But hey! Part of the fun of a baby is getting a bunch of cute things she probably could live without! Hahaha! I know it's not for a baby her age, but I decided to put her in it, because at one month old she actually has strong neck muscles and loves trying to hold her head up, which you are about to see she is pretty darn good at it! I couldn't choose a favorite picture, so I'll just post them all!

Side note: I am glad my blog is private, because now that I am posting all these pictures of Lola, I feel safer about doing it. Don't make fun, because it is a serious issue, but on Oprah I saw a FBI Agent (or someone like that) come on and say he would NEVER post pictures of his children, even as babies, because pervs use those pictures in unimaginable ways. I am sure it's true- I hate to bring up such a terrible issue, but my blog is private and I feel good about sharing the cute pictures with people I personally know and trust...

Enjoy these!

She doesn't cross her eyes much anymore, but when she does I think it's just so cute and gets me tickled...

"Just chillin' in my Bumbo Mom... No biggie."

"Hey mom, you care if I take a poop in this thing? I'm thinking about it."

"Ahhh, feels much better."

"I'll just prop my arm up on this armrest and sit back and admire this bedding you made me Momma. I really love it. "

"Thanks everyone who reads this blog about me. I wish I could read!"

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