Sunday, May 3, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Nice to be back home. All is well. (Sigh)

Thanks to Nonna and Pee-Paw for coming back from the lake to keep Lola. Nonna already knows her schedule since she has been taking care of me while Clay is at work. After being away from Lola (which killed me) I was so glad to be back home.

Thanks to Gram and Popper for providing Maggiano's tonight too! It was so nice to have a warm meal and feel so full!! Yum, yum!

Having grandparents on both sides that are always willing to drop everything and anything to help or see Lola is so nice. We are blessed!

I am going to have to take it just a tad easier this week. I think the trip to Baylor yesterday and Babies R Us was too much. I had to go up some pretty rough stairs at Baylor, which wasn't a good idea. :(

Thanks for everyone's support and comments. I just love it when people love Lola. The meals have been great to those who have been cooking for us! It's amazing how much I need to eat to breastfeed. I need to work on eating more... that's a funny problem to have! :)

My parents, Lola's Nonna and Pee-Paw (I declared that his name- he's not thrilled-LOL) baby-sitting today...

Here are some pictures of Gram and Popper (Clay's parents) with Lola:

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Jillian said...

yay....i LOVE all the pictures! Keep them coming. You and sweet little Lola are in my constant thoughts and prayers. Love you both very much. Oh and can we change the spelling of "pee-paw". . . maybe to P-Paw or something. Plus P-Paw is way more gangsta :)