Monday, May 11, 2009

Who needs Father's Day...

I just wanted to dedicate a post to my hubby. He has been a fabulous husband the last two years and my very best friend for several years. Seeing him as a Daddy has boosted my love and appreciation for him by leaps and bounds. I find myself even more attracted to him and wanting to make sure he is happy, because he makes Lola and me so happy. Just in a matter of weeks he has started a job in which he has a lot of responsibility and become a brand new father. Those are two things that can bring quite a bit of pressure and hard work and he has handled it like a pro. I was telling my mom how proud I am of him and she was saying that my dad and her were just saying how proud they were too and they see what a great job he is doing at all the things he has on his plate. (Smile.)

Clay- I am seriously amazed at what you do on a daily basis and I couldn't be more proud to be your wife and you to be my husband, and baby daddy. I thank you for being selfless. I also thank you for spurring me on to be a better woman, wife, and mother. Lola and I hope to be a place of comfort and love for you after a day at work. We always look forward to seeing you in the evenings and love the weekends with you. I know Lola will definitely be a Daddy's girl... how could she not? I will love seeing that bond and admiration grow closer and closer between you two.

Thank you again for all you do. You are such a natural at being Lola's Daddy. You are working so hard and it doesn't go unnoticed by your girls. We love ya a ton!

Your #1 Fans~
Lola and Nat

P.S. Your UPS package arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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