Thursday, May 28, 2009


My idea I'm going for... (Kind of silly)

So there is this one blog I enjoy that is of a total stranger, but it is really her pictures that caught my attention. They are of mostly of her baby and family and they seem to be better than the average photographer. You can tell it's something she has a good eye for. I haven't really read her blog, but I enjoy looking at her portfolio of pictures. She has this thing called Project 365. I am guessing she is trying to take a picture for everyday of the year. I don't know much about it and wonder how it all got started? But I think I may try and do this. I just think it would be easier with one baby right now and then who knows, maybe I will make it a habit after 365 days of it. I'll have soooo many photos! Who knows if I can do this, but I have been snapping so many photos and don't see myself wanting to stop. So starting today this is my goal. I also would like to become more knowledgeable and enjoy photography as a hobby, so this may help me want to educate myself. I have a really nice camera and another nice camera that is smaller so I can always have one on me. I think I can do this! This and working out! :)
(I'll have to get Kebby's best friend to give me some camera lessons... she is going on vacation with us, so I will have to have tons of questions ready for her! I am sure she will love this! lol)

Drum roll please...
The NEW and SECOND blog!

Here is my first picture and the rest will all be on the other blog. But don't worry, pictures will still be on this blog too, just not all of the Project 365 pictures. The second blog is for invited readers too, since I will be posting so many pictures of Lola. But if I accidentally left off your e-mail, let me know so I can make you an "approved" reader. :)

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