Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy One Month Lola!

This is a funny face from a one month old... It makes me laugh. :) Love you Lo!

I can't believe Lo is already one month old. It doesn't seem possible, it only feels like a couple of weeks. It's crazy because when she was born she was already so alert, but over the last four weeks she has become much more alert. She now is starting to smile at people, like me, her daddy, and for some reason my dad! It's not just when she is about to poop! She's more observant of people and other things and looks for longer periods of times now. She is really starting to play with her mouth and tongue. She loves her hands, which isn't new, but now she is moving them a tad better. She sucks on her fingers, fist, or sometimes just her pinky. She makes all kinds of gestures with her fingers too. It's pretty cute. Today for the first time she slept in her room, in her crib, for several hours. It was special to me, because she finally really got to be in her room that I so lovingly made just for her. Clay says it was all for me, but that's not true. She really got to be in her room and enjoy it. She slept so good in her bed and I think I am going to somehow try to let her sleep in there at night. I think Clay is going to put a mattress on the floor so I can sleep in there too for the first week or two. I won't be able to hear her from our bedroom and I also don't know if she'll sleep through the night or not. It's a hit and miss still. She normally sleeps through the night when she is sleeping with me, but she seems to do really good in the crib. Fingers crossed!

I think she now weighs around 9 lbs. She looks so different from two weeks ago! Her hair is still all there and some days it looks really light and others it seems so dark. Her eyes go from green to blue, but lately they seem to be more blue than green. It's a darker blue... a little like her Daddy's. Everyone lately has been saying they see Clay in her. I agree and I think she is just beautiful. Her skin seems to be a great color right now. She is a good eater and tonight actually downed 6 ounces! I give her between 4-5 normally. She loves her bottles really warm, although I don't always do that so she will take them at room temp too. It's so fun watching her get excited by her mobile. I need to get one for the crib. I plan on making the toys that hang from it. I want to make stuffed modern birds out of vintage material. That's my next project for her!

Well four weeks after giving birth almost all the maternity clothes have been packed up, not that I don't need them, but mom has helped me buy some transitional clothes. I hate to do that, but the fact is I need them. I was scared to buy them because I thought it would make me less motivated to get back to my normal clothes, but that's not true. I am VERY motivated and so is Stacy. Check out her cool blog... link to the left! I feel better about myself having some cute clothes that fit now. It's helped me dis the sweats and I have bought some clothes for myself as well. I also bought some shoes to start working out in (my foot is bigger!) at the Nike Outlet. Their prices were way better than most shoe stores! Stacy and I start working out Sunday! I am on strict orders from Clay (and Dr. Laura) to take it easier. I think I did too much last week, but this week I am really, really sore. I have been doing a lot less because I want to be able to start working out Sunday and for the rest of the summer!

Okay well Lola is getting fussy and it's midnight! Clay is already in bed and I may try to sleep in there as well!

Love to all my readers!


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